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222 North End Road, West Kensington, West London, England

Tasted pretty fresh

The closest tube station is West Kensington from there walk straight down North End Rd, continuing after the Lillie Rd intersection. It's a fair walk.
Decor is minimalist to the point of being almost merely utilitarian. Wooden floor, tables and chairs. The chairs do the job of being chairs even if they are slightly hard.

I went for the all you can eat buffet lunch. There were about 5-10 items to choose from in a bain-marie including a chickpea dish/ curry, stir fried broccoli, rice, dahl. The broccoli stood out for me as it was still crunchy and fresh - cooked just the right amount. No culinary feats but everything tasted fresh.

The person on the floor was friendly when I went to see her but I had to take the initiative to get the buffet and she didn't check on me and I went without a drink.

Value is fine at GBP7.50 which is decent.

104 Ballards Lane, North London, England

Stock is new

The sign is green.

Good amount of stock including food - dry packaged, supplements amongst others. There is a fridge for cold things. Stock turnover is good here.

Service ok.

Value is fine.

120a Lower Clapton Rd, East London, England

Felt like it was starting up or packing up

The sign for this place is faded/ dusky and I only found it by stumbling upon it. I thought it had just opened because the store was largely bare.

There were a couple of racks and a fridge which were also mostly bare. It is dry/ packaged food and there were some toiletry items too, mostly Caribbean stock. Not sure that there is much organic stock.

It was hard to get any service from the man there who seemed to be trying to avoid me. Maybe he was just shy or he might have been stoned. He said that it was getting more stock in two weeks.

I only saw some prices for some Caribbean toiletries and I have no reference for how much they should cost so can't comment on value.

Hopefully they'll have more stock now.

Bundesallee 104-105, Berlin, Germany

Great grocery store

It is right in front of you as you get out of Walter-Schreiber Platz station.
As you walk in there is a bakery area where you can buy pastries and there is seating in the front. I wish they would keep some things heated.
This is a medium sized grocery store with all major bases covered, including fresh and frozen produce, toiletries, cleaning supplies, wine, glass bottle return and even some clothing and homewares. There is a really good range of stock and the turnover seems fast.

Service was fine.

Value was decent I think, although I didn't do a full shop/ comprehensive check.

This is a very strong four.

11 Vauxhall Grove, South West London, England

*Belated review!* It was a lovely evening

Disclaimer: visited about a yr bef this review...
This is a building which allows a number of different chefs to use it on various days to run their own restaurant. Their website lists which chef is on which day and sometimes the chef provides more information on their cuisine. You need to book so the chef knows what numbers they have. I booked late on the day for a Sunday which was when Anat was on and he was totally fine with it.
We got a bit lost at first, if you haven't been before it might be a good idea to check a map. Once you see the giant hand at the Pleasure Garden you're on the right track and just keep going round until you reach it.
Colourful leaflets/ signs peeked out from a townhouse. Inside it was a rustic/ shabby chic? and charming.
We were early so their waitstaff were just setting and organizing tables for reservations and they let us choose seats at the front window.

Anat's menu was gourmet. We had two choices each for starter, main and dessert. I had a broccoli and a grain I think for main and the person with me had the other option which was a quiche/ pie I believe. I think it was the lesser chosen option as while my portion was normal sized, his was massive. The food was fine. For dessert we shared chocolate balls. They were light tasting. We had homemade lemonade and with dessert, Turkish coffee.

Service was mainly by one very busy but competent woman who was also very friendly and made us feel very at home and welcome.

At under GBP10 for the three course meal, value was fantastic.

From our early arrival it turned in to a lovely candlelit evening with piano music and singing. The whole night we were shown sincere, thoughtful hospitality that made us feel very welcome.
To use the toilet I had to go up about four storeys in the house and find my way to it. This added to the feeling that we were guests in someone's home.

79 Main St, Yung Shue Wan, Lamma Island, Outlying Islands, China

Break from Chinese food and HK island/Kowloon

Signposted on the right as you walk down the Yue Shung Man Main street path, with further outdoor sheltered seating on the otherside of the walk way.
Casual cafe with a laid back vibe, books stacked on one wall with a couple of the day's newspapers available next to a computer with internet access. Staff are pleasant, speak English fluently and are on top of it but not stressed despite being very busy.
Menu is in English and is quite extensive with breakfasts, salads, burgers, soups, mezze plates, pizzas, substantial dishes such as sheperdess pie, juices, hot beverages...It was so difficult to choose!
Ordered the full veggie breakfast with side of hommos and beetroot, lemon, spinach and celery juice. Breakfast was a massive heaped plate with mushrooms, baked beans, scrambled eggs (possible to get them any way you want), wholemeal toast, "bacon", veggie burger (lentil/bean type) and tomato. Wouldn't recommend the "bacon" and the mushrooms were hydrated dried Chinese ones, but other than that, accurate rendering of what would be in a Western cafe. Hommos was good and juice was great, cold too. Not only that, it is largely if not all, organic!
$94 for more Western, organic food than I could finish, renewing environment and free internet use. Totally worth it!

1/F, 9 Lock Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, China

Subcontinentl local's restrnt, good for others als

Press buzzer to be buzzed through the security door to go up to the first floor - floor above ground level.
Restaurant has a dinerish ambience, decor is Subcontinental for Subcontinental people. Bollywood or Subcontinental talent shows play on a couple of screens. Seats about 60. Perhaps the ceiling is low or the colours of the decor collude to create a closed/crowded sense but it is not cramped at all and both times I have visited, ample seating available.
Clientele is families at dinner and work associates at lunch of Subcontinental background. Casual enough for singles to dine in, in which case a waitperson may talk to you a bit. Service is casual, fine, space is watched over - casually - by the manager/ till operator. Some wait staff speak better English than others.
Menu has amongst it some South Indian food and three thalis. Ordered wadas, jalfrezi, biryani rice and lassi and second time a thali. Wadas were okay. Jalfrezi was delicious with lots of fresh vegetables, although there were a few too many onions at the expense of other vegetables. They were cooked through just right though. Biryani was quite good too. Lassi was alright but a bit on the thin side. Thali had was alright but much preferred other dishes.
Fair value at $165 for starter, main course, beverage for one.

Kastanienallee 85, Berlin, Germany

Interesting place

Exit Eberswalder Straße station and head up Kastanienallee, Cafe Morgenrot is a fair way up on the left side of the street.
There is seating on street level and there was someone playing guitar and singing when we went. After he had done the rounds for collection for his music and we had decided what to order from the menu, we were told the food available was downstairs.
We went out the back and down to a basement area. It opened out at one end to a stage/ cinema area with balcony and complete with disco ball. Disco balls seem to be ubiquitous in Berlin. The area we ate in had been furnished with a bar and two long tables with benches. Red paper napkin table cloth, improvised red lighting, graffiti scratched in to the wall and bizarre sculptures/ art completed the anarchist? Marxist? decor.

The menu had just a few light items on it such as soup and nachos but this time we had a choice between pasta salad, green salad, fritters and cooked broccoli which were in big pots/ bowls on the bar. It might have been left over from an event.
I had green salad which was largely made up of lettuce, fritters made with flour and eggs and the broccoli. The food had been there a while and was only vaguely warm but it was edible.

Service was friendly.

At two Euros a plate value was fine.

162 Essex Rd, Islington, North London, England

Good food

Turkish/ Middle Eastern cushion seats and decoration. The seats at the place I was sitting were higher than where my plate went.

I chose a plate from several different Turkish dishes. There were quite a few choices and what I had was good. I had a bottle of juice. They also had coffee.
There were also some cakes which looked very good. I was too full to try any of these though.

It took a little while to get the staff's attention to get served, but turned out fine for me.

Value was good at around seven or eight pounds for lunch.

c/ san pablo 49, 37008 Salamanca, Salamanca, Spain

*Limited review* but I must mention it!

Pleasant dining area with warm decor in yellow. So nice to have a change from green which is so prevalent in veggie restaurants. Dining is partitioned off from windows which face directly on to the street, giving the restaurant a private quality.

Unfortunately I only tasted the chocolate cake on the menu. It was a perfect restaurant chocolate cake - dense enough with enough chocolaty richness in taste, yet light and moist. It came with basil leaf garnish which complemented it perfectly and had hot chocolate sauce which had the right amount of richness. It was all round perfect!

Although the cake was perfect, the service is what made me write this review despite my limited experience. I was in a huge hurry and the waitress really went out of her way to rush the order and the kitchen sent it down as fast as they could! The waitress then packed it for me which was not regular as it is a restaurant. She had to scramble but she did it! Thanks!

I think it came to between EUR5-10 including tip. I was happy with that.

Would be great to go back and have a full meal there..

92 Berwick Street, Soho, London, London, England

Central, cheap for a meal w a few health benefits

On Berwick St in Soho where they hold the market. There is a bit of blonde paneled modern seating inside and a couple of low tables outside. The left side inside has a counter with hot food and cakes.
When I went the market had packed up and the garbos were doing the rounds which we had to compete with to hear ourselves. We were glad to sit outside though as it was quite a hot day.

You get a choice of three sizes of boxes and you indicate to the counter person what hot food you want in it. I chose a small box and it was piled high with food so was ample for dinner. The top flaps of the box prevented anything from dropping out. I presume if you take away they would have to close it and would give you less. Whether eat in or takeaway they use the same paper boxes and cutlery made from wood fibre materials. It's environmentally probably better to wash and reuse plates and cutlery for people eating in.
I had about five different options such as lasagna, bean and vegetable stews, salad leaves and sausage rolls. I got quite a few potatoes in my box. It was quite hearty especially because of the potatoes and was fine.I had vegan chocolate cake with chocolate icing for desert although I was actually full enough after the above. It was alright although I have had better vegan chocolate cake and icing before. I also had a mocha which tasted distinctly coffee like.

Service was pleasant and helpful.

For dinner including desert and a beverage it came to just under GBP10 so value was decent.

157 Heath Road, Twickenham, South West London, England

Interesting restaurant, gives feeling it is unique

Maximum five minutes from Goldhawk Rd tube station. There are about eight tables on the street level floor, the lights are low on this floor. Downstairs is the same amount of space but there are bigger tables and the lighting is brighter. I sat downstairs and the decor looked like maybe it had been put together by the owners/ the best had been made so to say. It was quite pleasant.

I was with a group and apparently there had been some misunderstanding that we would be there. They brought down a variety of dishes and I didn't look at the menu. Of the appetizers one was spring rolls, I was unable to name the others. For main there were dishes from different parts of the world. Again I do not know the names of all of them. One that stood out in my mind was a sort of tostada dish with a bean filling. The food was fine.

That the dinner had been arranged weeks in advance and when we arrived staff found us unexpected meant that the dinner was improvised. Service was a little scrambled due to this as well although they all did their best on the night.

I paid just under ₤20, and for the food, including the amount I received, this was on the high side. I'm not sure whether this reflects prices on the menu, I may have been subsidizing others in the party who ate more than me.

On this experience it is a three but this may be a less usual experience and it may well be better in other circumstances.

306 New Cross Rd, South East London, England

One of a Kind

The front sitting area has warm red walls and old wooden furniture. It makes you feel you have closed off New Cross Rd and entered another place when you step in. There is a notice board with information on events they are holding such as jam sessions. Passed by one of these in progress and it was off the chain!! with standing up piano playing, dancing with tables and chairs stacked to one side! Go out the back and there is a spacey garden with generously spaced, sturdy, wooden garden tables. Toys are strewn around and there is a sort of children's play area too. Was great sitting out there one sunny Saturday morning, with main road traffic audible close by, but not being able to see it and being away from it in a slice of nature/ garden.
When I went, there were young people, probably from the nearby college and families with young and older children. Also the owner's two young children wandering around.

There is all day breakfast which you can assemble from your own choice as the items are all charged separately. There were also a couple of vaguely North African sounding dishes such as cous cous with tomato based vegetables on the blackboard. Beverages include coffees and teas and juices. Changing cakes and slices.
I had a mushroom and cheese omelette with toast and baked beans. The omelette was pretty much cooked just the right amount. There were tiny pieces of eggshell in it though so every now and then I hit a crunch. There was one homemade juice left when I got there that was mint lemonade which was light and yummy. I had the last glass of it. The brownie I had was actually really cake - it was dry and crumbly. Tasted more chocolaty brownies before too. Coffee was fine for London. Had worse and better.

I was served after a bit of a delay by harried but friendly woman who I advised prices to for what I was having from blackboard behind her. Food was a bit of a wait.

Unbeatable value - great for nearby students. Omelette with toast was well under a fiver, juice about one pound fifty, coffee about two pounds or two fifty.

If you are making a detour to stop by, call beforehsand to ensure they are open. Although they stock "Vegetarian London 2008" guide, their hours vary from the ones listed for the cafe in there at times. I have turned up a couple of times and they have been closed/ open when I expected them to be otherwise. The owner gave me an approximation of opening times when I asked so I guess they open when they feel like it.

79 Regents Park Rd, Primrose Hill, North West London, England

Coffee is the best thing

Glass front so you can see on to Regent Park St. There are a couple of small tables on the pavement. There is also a small amount of seating outdoors in the back without view, and inside. Has pleasant decor for summer with floorboards and a blue and white theme. There is artwork on the walls which is labeled with its price.

The menu features regular cafe fare such as sandwiches, soups, coffee and so on. Cheese features in probably about three quarters of the menu.
I ordered the burger which was made of pulses and flavoured with turmeric and cardamom I think. It came in a white pita bread with a leaf of lettuce and a slice of tomato. It was different to what I expected when I ordered a burger. It was a bit weak I think. The coffee is quite nice and they have soy milk.

Service was okay.

Lunch and coffee came to around ₤7, which is a reasonable average price but the food was not on par...

Torstraße 124, am Rosenthaler Platz, Berlin, Germany

The beverages are the most expensive thing here

When you exit Rosenthaler Platz station you will find it next to an internet cafe. It is opposite St Oberlitz Cafe and has a purple and white sign.
It is a small shop, with a bar and one table for sitting at. It had a crepes stand just outside it when I went in winter.
Convenient place to drop in for a quick bite or to get a drink.

There is a large range of smoothies and juices which you can choose. There are also fizzy drinks. There are a couple of soups and some pre packed salads and a few other small things to eat. I had a smoothie, a guarana fizzy drink[spelling?] and soup with broccoli and potato in it. They were fine.

Service was friendly if a bit slow at times - I think the person behind the counter had recently started and was learning the ropes.

The food was decent value. I found the beverages, including the soft drinks tended to be more expensive than the food in actual terms and were a little on the expensive side.

I think it's a three and a half.

240 Kensington High Street, Kensington, West London, England

Grocery shop and quick lunch food

Food shop with a few tables there so you can sit and eat.
There is a section with lunch style items to eat such as Laura's Idea and Fresh! Naturally Organic. Grocery food items with a bread section and a mini fresh fruit and veg section. They have put up a little sign showing some of the nutrients in different items. Also some other household items such as cleaners available.

66 Electric Rd, Tin Hau, Hong Kong Island, China

Tasty food, tasteful decor!

Restaurant clearly signposted in English as you approach. Dim sum counter to the street existent.
This is a fairly small, quiet restaurant - not due to lack of people - with tasteful decor. Clientele is groups and couples, suitable for singles also. Wait staff is pleasant, speak no English.
Menu is in English. Good quality food, fresh and delicious.
Good value at just over $100 for a set menu for two consisting of decently/ healthily sized portions - not heaping portions.

52 St Giles High Street, London, England

Handy, pretty decent cafe

Near Tottenham Crt Rd tube station, behind Charing Cross Rd - on the other side to the side with Soho Sq.
The counter is on ground level as you walk in, there is seating on this level too. There is a downstairs area too. I haven't been down there, it may be a bar. There seating toward the back, near the counter is a bit dark. You need brighter to read.
Other diners were predominantly couples and some small groups. It had an open vibe - no outsider vibe if you're straight.

The menu is cafe fair with things such as soups and salads. There are some good looking cakes in the counter.
I had soup with bread and salad. The soup and bread were alright. The salad from the counter was quite good.

Service was pleasant enough.

Value fine at around ₤6 for the above.

This is a pretty strong four for now for me.

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