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46 Purchase St, Rye, USA

Pleasant Surprise

I never knew raw food could be so good.

While visiting friends we looked for a vegan friendly place to grab lunch and Andy's was the best looking option. And it was amazing. You can order a sandwich, or pick from several pre-made items. I got some tasty quinoa salad, marinated mushrooms, kale salad with the best dressing i've ever had (and i don't like dressing at all), and a few other treats.

The thing that really set this apart, as if the food wasn't good enough, was the server. I did not catch his name but he was so nice and so helpful. I can not wait to visit my friends again so i can eat at Andy's again!

7875 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, USA

Completely Blown Away

I finally created an account just so i could write a short review about this amazing restaurant.

A last minute choice on what was our only day planned in vegas, my girlfriend and i were amazed at the meals we had.

As previously stated by others the star of the show was the cheese. It was beyond amazing. I had the best quesadilla i've probably ever had, "real" cheese or not. Also we shared an top notch panini that just was so rich in flavor. We left with a slice of the Red Velvet Cake, being quite stuffed from our meal. We shared this with our non-vegan grandparents in Utah and they, like us were in love with the cake. They kept asking "what did they make it with!?". This cake may have single handily convinced them vegan bake goods could rock oh so hard.

Our trip took us from Utah to San Diego. On our way we made a point to stop in again because we knew we wouldn't be around for a long time (we live in CT). This time we shared a taco salad that was very good. The beef was the most real tasting beef i've had since the real thing. But the stars this day were the desserts. I got a fudge brownie that i heated up later, and it was so rich and delicious. My girlfriend got a dessert but it was gone so fast i can't even remember what she got!

I may not be a good reviewer but this is an excellent restaurant that will recommend to vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters alike!

This site won't let me give this place 5 cows, but it deserves it!

248 Broome St, New York City, USA

Good but could be better.

A little out of the way, but that's not a problem for a place that's worth it. The frosting on these cupcakes were amazing. Not like the store brand generic frosting you are used to. The Red Velvet cupcake was a hit in our group. The brownie and banana cupcakes were also amazing. Although the chocolate and carrot were sort of plain tasting.

The service at Babycakes left something to be desired, a little bit rude. People have off days, but if they had even tried a bit it would have made the price and walk worth it. When we asked for suggestions we were given the plain vanilla and chocolate cupcakes. Is that what they are famous for?

So bottom line is it was good, but it could have been better.

71 7th Ave S, New York City, USA

Love this place

We visited NY on a cold day in January. And The Hummus Place was an amazing stop for some delicious snacks.

The dining area was small and so was the menu. But both sort of added to the quaint nature this place had. Also from the pictues it looks like the other locations are a fair bit bigger.

Like i said the menu was fairly small but everything we got was amazing. We ordered two different types of hummus (the Hummus Mushroom was amazing) and a roasted eggplant appetizer. The hummus was served with warm pitas and it was just what we needed to warm up and feel happy.

I also ordered a homemade lemonade which was just great.

You have got to stop by if you get a chance. The food is warm and delicious. The staff was very nice, although they had a note that they were no longer accepted credit cards as of Jan 11th. Overall a very good experience.

606 Main St, Middletown, USA

One of the best in Connecticut

This is the place that introduced me to the idea of being vegan. Before i was even considering being vegetarian i tried and loved this place. For years i was vegetarian and my family made this place our go to restaurant for special occasions and weekend outings. Now i've been vegan for about a year and it feels so great to have such a wonderful restaurant smack in the middle of our state. The southern fried tofu, the sweet potato fries and the cali melt are all worth the trip.

Also the desserts. They are great. You are missing out if you have not had them.

318 Broadway, Providence, USA

Breakfast was great

We live in CT, about 45 minute drive from providence. Today my friend, my girlfriend and I made the trip to check out Julian's after a friend told us they had vegan breakfast options.

I had a vegan tofu benedict and my girlfriend had the coconut and pineapple pancakes. Both were excelent and solidfied the fact that we will be making the trek to providence for breakfast a whole lot this summer. Thanks!

267 Thayer St, Providence, USA

Worth a drive.

At least once a month my girlfriend and i make a trip to providence (45 minutes) to walk around thayer street and get 2 vegan pizzas. One to eat. One to take home!

everyone is super nice. The food is great. Try the buffalo chicken or philly cheese. I love Pizza. I love Nice Slice.

51 W Main St, Niantic, USA

Thank goodness for ECT

We wanted vegan tacos one day. We didn't want taco bell and a more local "authentic" mexican restaurant failed us on an epic scale (beans in a hard shell, that's it!). So we traveled to our old favorite East Coast Taco where a veggie taco w/out cheese is amazing. Loads of veggies, lettuce, salsa. Just amazing. So fellow veggies, come enjoy some ECT for goodness sake!

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