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517 Frenchmen St, New Orleans, USA

Go Early for Great Choices

This place is great but late at night, the menu gets very limited. How can you pass up Nachos made from Tater Tots?

During the day when it isn't crowded, you get a menu with lots of veg options and great service.

It's a great choice if you're going to a club on Frenchman St.

200 Park Point Dr, Rochester, USA

Ample Choices for Vegetarians

We chose this place because it was close to where we were staying but now, having been there, we'd be willing to go out of our way to get here.

The service was friendly and while there are meat dishes offered, we had no problem putting together a great meal.

We had three vegetable appetizers which were all wonderful. As an entree, we shared a lasagna made from eggplant, vegetables, and home made pasta.

They even roast their own coffee and the iced coffee that we had was exceptional.

46 Purchase St, Rye, USA

My only complaint has nothing to do with the food

First of all, this place has great food and a great selection. We shared a plate of about 10 different foods. Each one was great. There wasn't one that we wish we hadn't ordered.

The smoothie that we had was also very good.

The complaint that I refer to in my title is that even if you are eating in, the serve the food in a take out container which is made of plastic. I would have been perfectly content (much happier actually) with a paper plate.

Still, the container has nothing to do with the food which was top notch.

It feels to me more like a lunch place but they are usually open to 8. We got some take out containers of soup and I'll update this review after we've had them.

3635 Prytania, New Orleans, USA

Not as good as I hoped for

You will find good veg options and ample portions. While everything was good, nothing was quite as good as I hoped it would be.

1212 Royal St, New Orleans, USA

I really wanted to like this place but

The two veg. dishes that we ordered were not well prepared. Both of them tasted like soggy overcooked vegetables over couscous. I give them props for making the effort to serve veg. folks but I have a feeling that they do a much better job with meat. I'm glad we made the trip to check it out but there is no way I can recommend that you do the same.

527 Julia St, New Orleans, USA

Outstanding Veg Food

How good was this place? Well I'm pissed that I won't be able to give it 5 stars (they serve meat and happycow doesn't allow meat serving places to be given 5 stars).

This place deserves all five of them, however. The staff was friendly and accommodating. The food was so good that we've already made reservations to go back.

This is one of the places not to miss if you are veg and coming to NOLA.
Updated from previous review on Wednesday May 01, 2013

It is now 2014 and we've been back two more times. It seems to get better each time. The food was outstanding and the service was attentive and friendly.

We are also planning to check out their booth at Jazz Fest. It will be great to get some real veg food inside of the Fest.

Go to Carmo and you will enjoy your meal.

Updated from previous review on Wednesday April 30, 2014

And now it's 2015.

We've eaten there twice so far and it has been consistently great.

The only people who don't love the broken noodle salad are the people who haven't had the broken noodle salad.

I know we'll go several more times before we skip town this year.

1327 St Charles Ave, New Orleans, USA

Veg Paradise

We went there on the recommendation of our host. We went for the Saturday Vegan Brunch and we were thrilled. We ordered enough for two meals. The food was well prepared. We got to meet both the owner and the chef and we were pampered. New Orleans is becoming an easier place to find veg friendly restaurants but this place is a shining star among them. We hope to go back next Saturday.

307 Exchange Pl, New Orleans, USA

We like this place

I read the bad reviews and I'd say if your vegan, stay away. If on the other hand, you are veg. I think you'll be happy.

Yes, they serve meat but we've been there several times and always were able to put together a nice veg. meal.

It is located in the quarter and the prices are higher than some other places but if you are going someplace in the quarter and want as nice veg meal, this is the place.

412 North Ave, New Rochelle, USA

Our Favorite Restaurant

Jolo's has become our favorite restaurant. We never look at a menu. We sit down and let Jolo decide what to present to us. This has always been pure delight. Dinner usually consists of a salad, several dishes selected by Jolo, a smoothie, Jolo's beet ginger tea, and we take home some baked goods. This place is not just for the vegans but for anyone who enjoys well prepared food and friendly staff.
Updated from previous review on Sunday April 28, 2013

We continue to be regulars at Jolo's. The food is always a delight. We always take home an additional meal or two. I can't say enough good things about this place. It is like being an honored guest in someone's home.

2018 Magazine St, New Orleans, USA

Supergreen Burrito is Superb

The mid city location is very close to where we are staying. We ordered the Supergreen Burrito and the Veg Fajitas. We also started with an appetizer of guacamole and chips.

The supergreen burrito was so big that even sharing it with someone, we were full after eating it. Still the food on the fajita place was varied and tasty

When we ordered all veg food we were offered a choice of dairy or none. Although we are not vegan, it was nice to be offered the choice of vegan preparation. It show that they care about the choice that we make and are willing to accomodate.

Both dishes that we ordered were delightful. I would skip the guacamole and chips. The guacamole is not made to order although it tasted fine.
Updated from previous review on Friday May 03, 2013

We went back in 2014. I should have read my own review first. We ordered exactly the same thing and we were offered vegan (no dairy) options. We ordered the Guacamole again and once again, I'd recommend passing. I ordered a frozen drink again, and again it was way too sugary.

Still, the main dish was great and they really try to help you when they know you are veg/vegan. We will be going back!

504 Frenchman St, New Orleans, USA

Good Veg Offerings

I was steered there by WWOZ staff and was quite happy with the lunch that they provided. They offer a good number of Veg/Vegan appetizers. Two of those plus the herb encrusted flat bread made a very filling and inexpensive lunch.
Updated from previous review on Thursday April 24, 2014

2015 Update
Still wonderful. You are likely to get served a lot of food and you'll want to eat it all. There are still many great veg choices. We ordered a combo plate the would ordinarily come with meat but they gladly substituted more veg stuff for the meat dishes. We left happy. Another great Frenchman St. restaurant.

1330 Prytania St, New Orleans, USA

A Delight and a welcome addition to NOLA Veg but..

The food was creatively prepared and the portions were right. Their version of Pad Thai was made with noodles created on a rotating vegetable slicer. They weren't pasta but rather vegetables shaped into pasta. The effect was a light and tasty dish instead of a heavy noodle dish. The cauliflower sandwich was also a treat. We topped of the meal with raw ice cream which is made from bananas, nut butter and agave.
Updated from previous review on Friday April 25, 2014

I hate to write this update but we went back for a second meal. As great as the first meal was, the second one was that bad. We ordered beet capriccio, eggplant po-boy, sweet potato cakes, and coffee. Nothing was very good and we left most of it on the table. The service was incredibly slow. We didn't like the taste of the coffee and it wasn't hot. Our second experience there was quite a disappointment.

I believe that if we had ordered the same dishes the second time as we ordered the first time, it would have tasted just as good but from what I can tell, the quality and taste of each dish is different. I wish my second experience was as good as my first but unfortunately it wasn't

24 N Main St, Tarrytown, USA

Not a veg restaurant but a lot of good veg options

On the several times that I've been there, the were always between 30 and 50 percent of the menu dedicated to veg options. This place will give you food for both the veg and non-veg eater.

Both the Vegetables Wellington and the Veg Shepard's Pie were really good. There is also a special 'Meatless Monday' menu that has interesting dishes which change from week to week.

Because it across the street from the Tarrytown Music Hall, it is a very convenient place to go before a concert.

637 N Carrollton Ave, New Orleans, USA

Freshly Made Paninis

This place was close to where we were staying and we went there for breakfast thinking it was a "breakfast place". It turned out to be a coffee place but they had some panini sandwiches listed.

My experience with most panini sandwiches is that they are pre-made and they only use the panini press to heat up the sandwich. This place was different.

The vegetable panini was made from scratch. As a result it took more time than if they were just heating something up. It was very good. The coffee latte was also good.

As you can imagine, since they serve coffee drinks made with milk and paninis with cheese, the place is not vegan.

Still if your veg. and looking for breakfast, this place makes a good vegetable panini sandwich.

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