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507 S 6th St, Philadelphia, USA

great vegan addition to Philly

04 Apr 2011

First, let's just be honest...this place is soooo much better than what used to be in this location.....okay....now on to the review:

Good vegan pizza. The haymaker and nacho are very good. They also have a very good seitan cheesesteak. Nice people and vegan treats availabe. Also, they use biodegradable (sp??) plastic ware. Of course, you should bring your own silverware and "reduce" but its nice that they are thinking out of the box. Vegan coleslaw is a tasty treat and fries are very good as well.

17 E Front St, Red Bank, USA

Thank you for 100% vegan!!

04 Apr 2011

This place in Red Bank has multiple options, depending on what you want. I think the live salad is the best, but the bar-b-q tempeh wrap is good as well. The nice thing about getting a sandwhich here, is you get a tiny, but tasty, side salad. The salad dressings are very awesome. Love the thousand island, lemon dressing, and apple-cider vinegar. Wish they had a few more unhealthy things. Wouldn't mind a good basket of onion rings, fries, etc... But they have a small kitchen. Hopefully they will be successful and eventually expand to a larger place (if that is what they want).

1000 Main St, Belmar, USA

Mostly Good

04 Apr 2011

Here are the good and bad things about Kaya's:

Good: You can get some of the best vegan food here! Their vegan burgers are great, their vegan sandwhiches are great too and awesome onion rings. Mostly nice staff.

Not as good: Once in a while you will get a bad waitress. We had one the other night that was beyond rude and we come there often. That night we couldn't get bread, water refills, sauce for the side, anything! It was busy, but if she had flirted less with the all male table and paid more attention to us, we might have gotten better service, but she was horribly rude.

Other: YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY EAT HERE! The staff is USUALLY very nice!!! Most people that work there are nice and helpful. I'd like to see if be all vegan since dairy is such a horrible cruel thing. And yes, some things are pricy, but you usually get a nice big serving so take it home if you can't finish it. Don't let some of the negative reviews on here scare you away, some of them must be from people with a hidden agenda. And don't let the angry owner's reply's keep you away either, just go enjoy the good food! If you do go on a Fri or Sat night, good idea to make a reservation as they can fill up!

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