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Southern Foreshore, Belize City, Belize

Don't miss this place!

19 May 2015

According to beautiful "Chef India", they are RAW vegan, nothing cooked. The description is accurate tho that they do only have one item a day on the menu which always changes. My Aunt and I went there May 13th, 2015 right as they opened at noon. If you also arrive just at opening time, be prepared to wait as everything is made fresh right there on the premises.

We had vegan "tuna" sandwiches with homemade "bread" with wonderful, fresh ingredients and some plantains. Delicious! We also had fresh watermelon juice and a green/veggie drink. So, so,good!

I highly recommend going here, for the food, and because India was so incredibly nice!

531 Divisadero St, San Francisco, USA

Totally yummy!

09 May 2006

Ok, so, honestly, while working a conference in SF last month, my colleague and I couldn't wait to go to this other restaurant that will remain nameless, (but it starts with a M, and ends with a m), so when we went, the atmospere was almost scary, but what was really awful was how rude the gal at the front desk was.....like we weren't even there. So, we left. And remembered Herbivore. Fate is funny, isn't it? We found our way there and proceeded to eat ourselves silly. The food was spectacular! The chocolate cake, oh my goodness!! I wish they'd deliver to LA! As good as the food was, it was the gal who helped us that just sealed the deal. She was so nice, funny, and she 'talked' to us!! Imagine that. We had a great time with her! That (obviously) makes all the difference in the world, doesn't it? I wish I could remember her name, 'coz she deserves recognition, but I hope she'll know. Wonderful food, wonderful VEGAN food, wonderful vibe. Could you please open an Herbivore in LA? Please??!! A MUST for anyone visiting SF.

2525 S King St, Honolulu, USA

I go every time!

02 Dec 2008

Down to Earth is the coolest! Every time I'm in Waikiki, which is often, I always go to Down to Earth to stock up on all my vegan fixins. The whole store is vegetarian! Can you believe that? So nice.

My favorite at the salad/food bar is the mock chicken (tofu), it's delicious! Not far from the beach hotels, you can actually walk, but if you get a lot, you'll need to drive! Great place, a MUST if even just for lunch, but especially if you have a kitchen/kitchenette to stock.

A tad bit pricey, but what isn't on the islands?

2, Derb Zawak, Riad Zitoun Kedim, Medina, Marrakech, Morocco

Thank goodness!

03 Apr 2013

So happy to find a vegetarian restaurant in the midst of so much cruelty in the Medina. (Djemma El-Fna). Food was really good and they have a nice selection. Very calming ambience. Slightly hard to find but well worth it. I just really need to say again that I was so happy to find a place to eat here where I didn't have to worry about what was in my food. I think they may have had one non-vegan meal but the rest was vegan.

2965 5th Ave, San Diego, USA

So yummy!

26 Nov 2012

I was in SD for only 2 days and went to Evolution both days. I got the Mushroom Swiss Burger with "bacon" strips added, and my non-vegan friend got the "Bacon" Cheese burger and LOVED it. Said she couldn't tell the difference. The people there were warm (even tho it was raining!), inviting and just really nice. Sara in particular, who made this amazing Pumpkin "ice cream" that she said she made "with love". So cool.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday October 19, 2010
Went again 11/23/2012, didn't stay, seems a bit grittier than before. Not a comfortable setting at all especially for my disabled Mom. No friendly smiles, no warm welcome....so disappointing we didn't even stay to eat. Maybe under different management?? Just didn't feel right.

2381 E Windmill Ln Unit 18, Las Vegas, USA

Great Place!

08 Sep 2006

I love that with all Las Vegas usually is.......I can still find a raw food place to eat healthy! The times-they are a changin'! :) Wonderful salad bar, and the "cooked" lasagna! Yum! Nice atmosphere, and warm, friendly service.

2990 N Campbell Ave Ste 120, Tucson, USA

So good!

18 Nov 2013

Vegan French Toast!! I'm from L.A., and I don't understand why it's so hard to find a vegan breakfast let alone Vegan French Toast, but I found it in Tucson, Arizona and boy is it good!!

Organic multigrain bread dipped in cinnamon batter, hot from the griddle with pure maple syrup. I ordered that with a side of the "Country Scramble" with veggie "ham" added with some hot chocolate. Delicious!!

I am here on business for 3 weeks so I know I'll be here again! Thanks for bein' here Lovin' Spoonfuls!

4600 W Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, USA

Oh. My. God!

09 May 2006

WOW!! Like the review by "Vegan Pig" before me, I wanted to get locked in there overnight too! At first I was slightly disappointed until I realized I had misunderstood when I asked which selections were vegan, and thought that the 4 trays they pointed out were my only choices......imagine my delight when I was corrected and told that those 4 trays were the ones that WEREN'T vegan! All the rest were there for me!! Trays and trays of donuts, Vegan donuts!! Ohhhhh, I was in heaven!! It was so great! All the ones I ate were delicious! Even my non-vegan friends loved them, said they couldn't tell the difference! And of course I had to bring some back for my vegan friends too. Boy was that hard to do. (To not eat them myself!!) The owners were so nice! I thanked them over and over again, both days I went, and rolled myself out of there! Gotta do this place folks! Vegan or non-vegan, delicious donuts, wonderful feeling, and lots of business too, which is great!!

3914 30th St, San Diego, USA

Seriously yummy!

26 Nov 2012

Was only in San Diego 2 days and went here both days. Ordered the sweet and sour "pork" first and "beef" with mixed veggies the next day. Delicious! Mom got the Cashew "chicken". All so yummy! Definately going back there! And....the chocolate cake was the best I've ever had. Really, it's that good.

Our waitress was nice, explained the menu since we'd never been there before, patiently answered our questions.....food came out quickly and hot, great experience all around. Wish they'd open one up here in Redondo Beach!

Parking can be tricky, go around back, there's some parking there.S

The beach, behind Baden Powell House, Accra, Ghana


19 Jan 2012

After being so incredibly excited at seeing so many vegetarian restaurants in Ghana I was a bit tempered by actually trying them.....The Rising Phoenix was just okay. Mixed vegetables with rice was all that was available the day I went. Not bad, good actually. Luke warm sodas were also offered.

There was no inhibition about smoking at all! Lots of people smoking weed, which was SO weird! I didn't really care, but it was almost too much. I'm glad I was forewarned here though or it would've been such a shock!

Except in the hotel where I stayed, it doesn't seem like there's very much emphasis on Customer Service, certainly not at this restaurant as the only gal I could see that was actually working did not acknowledge us at all at first, let alone a welcome. She was busy talking to another patron, but finally took our order and about 40 minutes later, yes, 40 minutes we got our food and left.

Very out of the way, very hard to find, even though I was with a person FROM Accra. At least I got some food.

110 2nd St, Hermosa Beach, USA


19 Jan 2012

I LOVE The Spot! I've been eating here for years so I thought I would write a review. Ate there today actually! My favorite dish is the Dear George on rice which is steamed veggies and tofu smothered in Savory Sauce. OMG! The Savory Sauce is sooo good! You can buy a container of it there and at the local Whole Foods too. The Spot Salad is awesome too. The portions are seriously generous and the menu is quite extensive.

I love going to a place where they know my name and make me feel so welcome. The location is beautiful, and right after dinner you can go take a walk along the strand to see the sunset.

I'll echo an earlier poster and remind you to take lots of quarters for the meter. Don't forget! Hermosa is notorious for tickets!

If you're in LA for a visit, or a local, go to The Spot! You'll be happy you did! :)

720 Allied Way, El Segundo, USA


25 Jan 2008

So good, oh my gosh, the food is delicious!! I've been there twice already and it's only been open 2 days! My favorite so far is Papa's Portobello burger! The staff is friendly, so helpful and the restaurant is right near my house so I'm afraid I'm a regular already! Yummy!

Soi 24/26 Sukhumvit Rd, Emporium Building Food Court, 4F, Bangkok, Thailand

Pretty good

12 Sep 2015

Firstly, I had an incredibly hard time finding this place. It is indeed in the Emporium building in the food court, but it's really far in the back. Almost as far as you can go. And only ONE person out of me asking about a million people who worked there knew of it by name. So frustrating! I was also sad walking by live and clearly distressed crustaceans on ice. Really depressing. But I finally found my way there.

Today, 9/12/2015, there were 10 dishes to choose from. And none of them are marked as to what they are. Was happy because I knew they were all vegan, but it would have been nice to have them labeled. Because of this I don't know the name of either of the dishes I got. One was really good, but the noodles, at least for me, were way too spicy!

Very reasonably priced at 70 Bhat for two options with rice.

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