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195 Bank Street, Ottawa, Canada


11 Oct 2011

This is a great place for take-out. They have a some vegan options, which unfortunately I didn't even get to try all. The vegan pizza is one of the best I have had, with lots of veggies and spices. Also try the pumpkin muffin and the coffee from the coffee dispenser, which is much better than the fresh coffee you will find at a coffee place. (they have an espresso machine but it wasn't working that day). Friendly staff and nice atmosphere.

Wipperstr. 14, Berlin, Germany

a MUST for lunch

28 Aug 2012

Not too far if you take the subway from the city center. Very nice atmosphere, quite a big place for a lunchroom. Unfortunately they didn't have quiche at the time, but the bagels are very good, I had the 'Salami-Saté' Bagel and it was great. The cream cheese was a bit too sour for my taste though. Also try the cakes and pies.

1522 1st Ave, New York City, USA

One of the best vegan restaurants in NYC!

29 Aug 2012

The food is great, the atmosphere is great and the staff is very friendly and knowledgable. Since we had such a good experience we went there for lunch soon after and it was really good as well, especially their smoothies.
Try the Lentil Rings, Waldorf Salad, Medallions au Poivre, Seitan Piccata. The Pistachio & Pepper Dusted Tofu is always a good choice in any of the Blossom restaurants/cafe's. Portions are generous.

2157 Mackay St, Montreal, Canada

Great food, bad service

11 Oct 2011

The food was really good, I had the Crepes Sauvages which where very tasty and the fresh smoothies are good too. If you're already full from the main course I would not recommend the un-cheesecake since it is quite heavy, but very nice nontheless. I would have rated the restaurant 5 cows was it not for the poor service; there where only 3 tables to be waited but after the main course we were totally forgotten by the staff, as were our neighbors. Then, when we finally got our bill, they had charged us with the drinks we ordered but they forgot to bring us, no apologies from their side and it was a hassle to correct the bill. So that kind of spoiled my experience there.

Nostitzstr. 33, Berlin-Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

Best vegan apple pie

28 Aug 2012

Great vegan pies, cakes and desserts. They also have salads and savory snacks but didn't get to try it. The apple pie with vegan whipped cream was the best I ever tasted.
Nicely decorated and in a good neighborhood.

709 Chemin Lucerne, Montreal, Canada

Don't bother

11 Oct 2011

You really have to go out of your way to get to this place, about 20 minutes with the subway from downtown Montreal and it's in the middle of nowhere. Then the only vegan thing on the menu is a plain wholegrain bagel and if you're lucky the soup of the day. I thought there where many vegan and vegetarian options because of the 5 out of 5 cows this place got but that was just from one review; tuna and salmon are not vegetarian.
Updated from previous review on Monday October 10, 2011

Mainzer Strasse 18, Berlin, Germany

28 Aug 2012

Wanted to go there for brunch on Saturday and as one of the reviews stated that it was totally packed, we arrived there at 11.50, 10 minutes before what we thought was the opening time. However when we got there it was already completely full and we couldn't make any reservations for later. Obviously they open earlier than 12 'o clock but it's not mentioned anywhere. So, that was traveling for an hour for nothing.
Otherwise, the place looked nice and if I get the chance I will try to go there again.

47 Clarence St, Ottawa, Canada


11 Oct 2011

My boyfriend and I ordered an Avocado/Tofu salad about half an hour before closing time. We sat down and after 20 minutes (we were the only customers there) we were told that they had ran out of ripe avocados for the day. We asked if they already prepared the rest of the salad, which they had, so we decided to have the salad without the avocado anyway. Then after another 10 minutes we got a plate with some salad, cucumber, tomato and a very dubious piece of crusted tofu. It wasn't good and I'd rather they told us that they couldn't serve us the salad since they ran out of ingredients. At least the staff was nice about it and didn't charge us the full price.
They don't have too many vegan options either and the place is in a shopping mall, which I thought wasn't the nicest location to eat.

5500 University Way NE, Seattle, USA

Casual place for great pizza

14 May 2013

Don't expect a restaurant where you can dine for hours; you order at the counter but they will bring it up to you. It's a casual small place but quite nice nonetheless. Nice staff also.
The pizza is great! The white garlic sauce they use on some pizzas as a base is delicious, if you're going for one of those you should definitely have a medium sized or bigger pizza. The 'Mediterranean' pizza was really nice, all the ingredients worked really well together.

1429 12th Ave, Seattle, USA


14 May 2013

On our visit to Seattle we enjoyed our food at Plum so much we went back the very next evening.
It's in a nice building with a nice interior although it seemed a bit crowded with too many tables. There's more than enough staff though so there's no waiting around. In fact, sometimes they were too fast with everything so that we got our entree when we hadn't even finished our appetizers yet and while I was still eating my entree they asked if I was done (which I was clearly not) so they could take my plate . The prices they ask for their food seems fair as it is really good, but then the service doesn't live up to that. That being said, the staff was really nice and friendly.
As for the food, everything we had was incredibly tasty; the avocado rolls as an appetizer are very good but also quite filling. Their handmade pastas are good and the burgers are also great, especially the fresh herb grilled seitan steak which comes with the yam & beet chips (which you can also order as an appetizer) served with their dill aioli, the best aioli ever! Desserts are very nice except for with every dessert we had they either were very skimpy with the scoop of ice cream it came served with (the rhubarb-plum tart with in this case 1/3 scoop of cardamom ice cream), or either they forgot an ingredient listed on the menu altogether (chocolate tart with a berry sauce, but the sauce was missing). Rhubarb-plum tart was amazing though.
But I would definitely recommend anyone to go there!

64 Oxford St, Toronto, Canada

So so

11 Oct 2011

The sandwiches are nice but very overpriced for what they are, nothing too special.

24 Pell St, New York City, USA

Not as good as it seems

29 Aug 2012

Since it was listed as a great vegetarian Chinese restaurant in many travel guides, we went there. The staff weren't very nice or didn't understand much English. And then the food.. If you try anything fried, you will only taste the grease and not the food, it was totally drenched in oil. The other things we ordered weren't particularly good either.

In a place like NYC, I regret having spend my time there instead of any of the other great restaurants.

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