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Long Men Lou, Nan Lian Garden, 60 Fung Tak Rd, Kowloon, China

Zen experience

04 Jun 2014

The restaurant is at the north end of the famous and beautiful Buddhist garden in Diamond Hill. A walk in the quiet garden before dinner calms the mind. Dishes at the restaurant are thoughtfully designed and prepared in Chinese vegetarian style. Food is tasty and innovative. The service is excellent and helpful. The place is bright (not much atmosphere,) clean, efficient with a large window toward the park under a waterfall. No liquor is served here, as usual, as in all Buddhist restaurants. There's a nice dark "beer" made from malt you could order.

On one occasion I had a banquet of three large tables on the second floor of this restaurant and the chef designed a special menu for the celebration. This was the best vegan banquet feast I had anywhere in Hong Kong. Very well thought thru, elaborate and meticulously prepared. The cost came to about $400 per person.

There's also a fabulous teahouse in the park that is very exclusive but the lowest price for an individual order of tea (the selections of which are superb) is more than HK$100. Yet you are invited to sit in a splendid room, with almost no other guests, surrounded by exquisite ceramic paintings and superb service. A few dim sum choices are available and they are exquisite and delicate and inexpensive. A Zen experience indeed.

Updated June 3, 2014

Shop 135, 3/F, Pioneer Centre, 750 Nathan Road, Kowloon, China

Best vegetarian restaurant I've been to in town

05 Apr 2010

Gaia has two more sites besides this one at Pioneer Centre. They are 502 Hennessy Road 8th fl in Hong Kong and Shop 2005, Miramar Shopping Centre in Kowloon. Their menu is rather extensive, very clearly photographed, and not "contrived". You can always tell the waitress to use less oil, less salt, less sugar and the chef will do it for you. I liked their "lamb" stew a lot, to go with a bowl of rice.
On the other hand, their lunch plates at $37 was hastily made (the mass produced sauce was gooey and starchy) and substandard. Non-vegan stuff like eggs or milk items are clearly stated. On the whole, a very good restaurant.

Shop C, G/F, 124-128 Portland St, Mong Kok, Kowloon, China

A popular vegan restaurant for sweet desserts

10 Jun 2014

The menu is also in English detailing the ingredients.
Sweet desserts that are "chef's specialties" are highlighted. The "soy skin" / barley soup is particularly good (see photo) as are the usual red bean soup, dumplings in ginger soup, tofu fa (soft tofu with sugar), the sesame soup etc. The owner puts gradular and liquid sugar on the table so the client could augment the level of sweetness to his/her own taste. All desserts are made with a slightly low level of sweetness for this purpose.

Though it's known for its unique sweet Chinese desserts, Jade provides a small menu of savoury dishes including noodles, congees and rice. The ubiquitous Chinese vegan "roast meats" is available here.

39 Fuk Lo Tsun Rd, Kowloon City, Kowloon, China

Very clean, thoughtful place.

04 Jun 2014

Food: portion and ingredients are generous (please see photo) although I hadn't the chance to try many different dishes I tend to believe that they don't skimp in their products. The only negative is that some dishes came out very oily. One to really avoid is the stir fried rice noodles (炒河粉). Very greasy.
But their mushroom fried rice is absolutely fine and delicious! Not greasy at all.

Place: What caught my eye is that there's an exhaust fan on the shopfront drawing air out. Next, there's a floor fan turned on near the cash register, circulating air in the room. Two cassette type air conditioners on the ceiling. This shows the management's concern for air quality in the dining room, a small detail.
Cleanliness: the table "cloth" looks like cloth and is easily cleaned. The floor is "carpeted" dark green and very clean. For a common Chinese eating place what's unusual is that they provide a full box of tissues on each table.
These are tiny details that give you a clue as to how they approach the running of a food place. And they get high marks.
Kowloon City has its own flavours as a place. Buildings are (still) low, lots of sun shining in. Shops are varied and many are decades old. People are very friendly, lots of Chiu Chows. The place is bustling day and night.

Updated today June 3, 2014

Level G, Festival Walk shopping mall, Kowloon, China

Not known for vegetarian food but...

06 Jun 2014

As a vegan and eating out, especially with friends, I have to make note of which restaurant is friendly or not! I've encountered one in Macau where the waiter reacted as if insulted when I asked if they have anything vegetarian (forget about vegan) and he said "We don't serve vegetarian food!" I ended up having a bowl of steamed rice and a segment of boiled cabbage that they didn't both to season. Ignorance demonstrate itself in people in so many ways.

Agnes B is certainly not a meatless restaurant for it serves nice French food which uses all sorts of animal parts. But (on account of my pestering) they returned their ratatouille to their menu with which I take with pasta. This is the one and only entrée I order from them each time I sat down there. With a very nice salad and a glass of wine. Their breads are hot and fresh and the meal is always satisfactory, in fact first class. I could ask for a pasta with garlic and olive oil and they do a good job too. Aside from these two items, the rest are not vegan.

Such are the present conditions vegans have to tackle at this time and age in HKG.

Ocean Terminal, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, China

Great salad bar at lunch

04 Jun 2014

One of the best salad bars for a vegan, good value for the money. Very fresh, varied, totally nourishing. A wonderful place for a vegan lunch at a reasonable price, about HK$300 for two without coffee or tea.
Updated from previous review on Monday April 09, 2012

Prince's Building 25th Fl, 10 Chater Road, Central, Hong Kong Island, China

High end restaurant

23 Jul 2011

This is a well known high end restaurant popular for its beautiful setting and huge open terrace on the top floor of Prince's Building in Central. It's certainly not a vegan or vegetarian restaurant but a new vegetarian menu is now introduced that's sumptuous. The kitchen is also very accommodating and sensitive to client diet needs but it's quite expensive. Food is excellent as is service. An item worth trying is their DOSA, spinach/mushrooms or ratatouille etc. wrapped in a very thin crust, but I need to confirm with them whether the thin crust contained egg or milk and will update.

Ground floor Marco Polo Hotel, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, China

Vegan friendly

13 Jun 2014

This little cafe serves very fresh, conscientious dishes.
Not many vegan choices, but those that are vegan are very tasty.

I usually have their avocado/tomato sauce/sun-dried tomato/herbs/greens sandwich on thick French bread. This is sumptuous. Else you can have the vegan pasta dish. Both dishes cost about under $80 each. A fresh mint tea goes very well with either.

I must add that the cafe uses butter to cook the mushroom in the sandwich. Although it's all vegetables, a vegan client must tell the waitress ahead of time not to use butter and they usually complies. I've pressed them several times to be careful with this, to serve with sensitivity to a client's dietary preferences.

Service by three youngsters, very courteous and helpful.

Updated today, June 3, 2014
Updated from previous review on Tuesday June 03, 2014

392 Tian Ping Rd, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China

Modern vegan

08 Aug 2012

It's rather daring for an entrepreneur to run a high class restaurant serving strictly vegetarian food at par with the best gourmet restaurants. Greenology does a good job at it. Though meant as nouveau cuisine the quantity isn't compromised and the taste excellent. This is a nice place for the gourmand or the compassionate couple who wants a rare treat once in a while.

Nanputuo Temple, Xiamen, China

A place to visit in Xiamen!

03 Apr 2009

This place makes possibly the very best Chinese vegetarian dishes anywhere in the world I've been to. The materials are fresh, the taste is never powerful, the dishes are never showy, but the combination of different tastes and the creativity in designing the dishes is simply delightful. One feels the cook really cares about the food he prepares. One doesn't feel stuffed after the normal round of dishes (usually 8-10) are all savored. Michelin should give it at least 2 stars for the excellent cuisine, because the ambiance though very pleasant may not be what the French think it "should be." The restaurant is quite large is space and the decoration is modern, private, lighting is muted and cozy. The service is efficient. This is a place no vegan should miss on a visit to Xiamen!

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