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Reuterstraße 86, Berlin, Germany

cool bar with Spanish flair

Nice place with really friendly staff. They have delicious sweets, including churros con chocolate and cookies which I tried. They had a good range of drinks and some soup I saw other guests eating looked and smelled great.

Wolfgang Heinze Str 15, Leipzig, Germany

Delicious tex-mex with a vegan twist

I got the chance to try the food they offer at a vegan festival in Leipzig and they were by far the most popular food stall.

They offered burritos and tacos with a choice of either with black bean paste or a tomato sauce with soy mince, all with salad and the choice of hot sauces. I went for the soy mince burrito, which was absolutely delicious. It was prepared very quickly and was really fresh.

Madler Passage, Grimmaische Strasse 2-4, Leipzig, Germany

Nice vegan food in an unlikely place!

Since Auerbachs Keller is a famous attraction in Leipzig, I was very pleased to learn that they recently added a vegetarian and vegan section to the menu since I wanted to take my visiting parents there. The options are:

- Salad (vegan)
- Roasted Mediterranean veg with roasted potatoes (vegan)
- A pasta bake with cheese (vegetarian)
- Bakes "market fresh" vegetables (vegetarian)

You can also order sorbet for dessert.

Me and my wife tried both the vegan options and although we weren’t overly impressed, the food was certainly more than just edible and the sorbet was delicious! More than anything, we were simply happy that we were able to order trouble- and worry-free.

Schivelbeiner Strasse 35, Berlin, Germany

Great place to shop for shoes and accessories

I've visited the store a few times and have always been made to feel welcome by the staff. There is a wide selection of products from popular vegan brands (e.g. 'Vegetarian Shoes', 'Macbeth') including shoes, trainers, boots, belts, insoles etc. It's located in a nice area, which also happens to be right next to the vegan supermarket/cafe 'Veganz'. The prices are reasonable and it's worth paying a small amount extra (compared to shopping online directly from the manufacturers) to be able to see the products properly and try them on.

Warschauer Strasse 33, Berlin, Germany

Great selection, handy location

The second branch of Avesu, although slightly smaller than the first, has a great selection of vegan shoes and accessories. There is a good selection of brands (including a whole wall of "Macbeth" footwear) and caters for all tastes. Located above Veganz and next to Mio Matto, it is also conveniently located.

194 Shoreditch High Street, East London, England

Quick and deleicous pan-Asian food

This place is great if you want to pick up a quick, tasty and healthy lunch. Definitely recommended!

Winterbergstraße 1, Bad Schandau, Germany

Worth the walk!

After walking to the top of the Winterberg, we were pleased to find vegan options on the menu! We had a celeriac schnitzel. It was tasty and filling. I also had a white chocolate chai hot chocolate with soy milk which was nice. They have quite a few types and clearly mark which ones are vegan.

Boxhagener Strasse 83, Friedrichshain, Berlin, Germany

Good vegan dining

The hotel that Bistro Bardot is in seems a little out of place in the middle of Friedrichshain, especially when you see how clinically decorated it is and how quiet it is inside the high-ceilinged room where it is situated. Not the best first impression!

The menu was interesting and had a decent variety snacks, starters, salads, mains, desserts. Everything was also in English and was clearly marked as vegetarian or vegan. The vegetarian dishes can also be prepared vegan.

We decided to start off by sharing a platter with hummus, chick-peas, roasted veg, olives and soy 'meat' balls. We were a little disappointed by the size of it (e.g. 3 tiny 'meat' balls, a tiny dollop of hummus), especially considering it cost €15. It wasn't particularly spectacular taste-wise either.

After that I had the saitan kebab (chunks of saitan and roast veg on a skewer), which came with wild rice, a roasted tomato and some guacamole, and my wife had the 'ensalada del mar', which consisted of strips of teriyaki tofu on a bed of seaweed and algae salad. We were both pretty impressed with our mains and thought they were much better value than the starters.

We couldn't resist dessert as there was a warm chocolate 'tart' (more like a brownie mixture based cake in the shape of a biscuit) and crema catalana and they were both delicious.

It was very much a case of big prices and small portions, but we thought the food was quite good quality and we felt satisfied afterwards - and so you should hope after the bill came to €50 (including two pots of tea).

We also noticed they served breakfast, so it would perhaps be a good place to go for breakfast if you're in the area.

I would certainly recommend checking it out for a change if you want to try something new in Berlin, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend it ahead of any of the other good veg*n restaurants in Berlin. Viasko remains our favourite with Lucky Leek being our other favourite.

559 Barlow Moor Rd, Manchester, England

Good, healthy vegan fast food.

Clearly designed for meat-eaters, this place is surprisingly vegan friendly. Order the tofu, and you can choose any "bases" or "sides" (except coleslaw), including but not limited to: sweet potato mash, spicy brown rice, quinoa/bulgur, roasted root veg, brocolli, butter beans, green beans, spinach, hummus, nuts and seeds.

The food is quite tasty and there are plenty or sauces to try. The staff were also knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to advising what is suitable for vegans. The juices and smoothies looked pretty good too.

35 Peter St, Manchester, England

Amazing vegan bar food and beer!

Although the main attraction is the great and (mostly) vegan craft beer, this place is arguably worth going to for the food alone! I had an amazing seitan burger with a a BBQ marinade, roasted bell peppers, deep fried kale and a touch of hummus in a home-made bun. WOW!!!

Tredje Langgatan 8, Gothenburg, Sweden

Good vegan pizza

Really enjoyed eating vegan pizza here with friends! The pizza was a bit expensive, but good

Pflugerstrasse 11, Berlin, Germany

Good Tex-Mex in a chilled-out atmosphere

This place is worth a visit for sure.

Two of us went there for dinner after reading about it in an ex-pat magazine. It's not very big inside and the atmosphere is quite cosy and relaxed. It's great that it's 100% veggie :-)

We both had burritos - me the "Vegan Hit" and my fellow diner the "BBB". I was really impressed with mine and really enjoyed it. It was a really good consistency and had a good mix of beans, grilled veg, TVP, salsa, rice, cashew butter and salad.

The "BBB" wasn't so good. Since the "BBB" comes with sour cream and cheese, you can veganise it for 50 cents extra, meaning they replace the cheese and cream with cashew butter. We also asked for extra guacamole (because we love it!) but when it came, we couldn't really taste the cashew butter or guacamole.

For dessert, we had 'chocolate banana', which was basically a banana covered in melted chocolate then frozen. It was delicious!

There was a lot of variety on the menu so I'd be interested to go back and try the other stuff. The staff were also very friendly and helpful; we actually got the dessert for free because we told him we weren't totally satisfied with one of the burritos.

I would recommend it if you're in the area. I can't say fairly how it rates compared to the many other vegan burritos in Berlin, but I will certainly be going back to try it again!

Kastanienallee 85, Berlin, Germany

Great place for brunch at the weekend

I've been here for brunch a few times and keep going back! It's a buffet with vegetarian and vegan food (clearly marked) including breads, delicious spreads (including an amazing hummus), salads, fruit and a fruity semolina pudding. Drinks are extra and you order them when you pay for the buffet. One thing which is quite interesting is that you can choose what you pay - €5, €7 or €9. This isn't based on what you've eaten, rather what you think you can afford.

I've also been here for drinks in the evening and the atmosphere is amazing.

Wipperstr. 14, Berlin, Germany

The best cafe in town!

I simply love this cafe as they always offer great coffee, a wide selection of tea, amazing cakes and tarts, a wide and imaginative selection of bagels as well as a small selection of hot meals including soup.

The cafe itself is really cool and has a nice atmosphere. The cakes are simply other-worldly and a real treat. Not only do they look great but they taste just as good. You really feel like you have the same range of choice as you would in a Konditorei/Austrian coffeehouse.

It is a little out of the way and off the beaten track but it's certainly worth finding and the surrounding area (Rixdorf) is certainly interesting. It's not far from the station 'S+U Neukölln' (ring line and U7).

Updated from previous review on Tuesday October 30, 2012

Wuhlischstr 31, Friedrichshain, Berlin, Germany

Great vegan ice cream!

I finally got a chance to check out this place and after hearing a lot of hype, I have to say I wasn't disappointed! The ice cream was fantastic and came in exciting, creative flavours.

I went for peanut butter and cranberry along with a scoop of chocolate and it was absolutely delicious.

The only negative for this place is that there is very little room to sit down and enjoy your ice cream. You'd be lucky to get one of the few seats and we ended up eating it on the go.

Schliemannstraße 15, Berlin, Germany

Creative cocktails and delicious baked goodness

I went here with a group and between us we ordered a good selection of cocktails. They were presented well and everyone seemed pretty happy with theirs. It was especially interesting to see veganised classics such as the white russian.

We also tried the Irish coffee and milkshakes (made from ice cream and flavoured soy milk), which was really good.

The baked goods, which are delicious are currently supplied by Goodies (http://www.happycow.net/reviews/goodies-berlin-berlin-20405), who make good quality stuff, but they informed us that they plan to open a bakery in Bremen and have them delivered especially.

It's not huge inside but it was cosy and the atmosphere was nice. As for the price, it wasn't cheap, but then what cocktail bar is? (€8.80 for a milk shake and muffin, for example).

Wienerstrasse 14-A, Berlin, Germany

Pleasant surprise

This place had one pretty average review when I went so I wasn't expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised. The food was freshly made and had a home-made feel. The staff were super friendly and there were three choices of vegan "filling" for tacos, nachos, sandwiches or burritos. They also had a choice of salsas to spice up your meal.

I'd recommend going in the summer and sitting outside. It's quite small on the inside though.

Brunnenstr. 164, Berlin, Germany

Great veggie Vietnamese food

I've been here a few times and have had only good experiences. There's a lot of variety in the menu (including lots of vegan option) and the food taste fresh and authentic.

The restaurant is quite large so could be an ideal location for hosting an event.

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