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"Really great spot in Sapporo"
Sapporo, Japan on 04 Nov 2013

"Good to have a place like this in Sapporo."
Sapporo, Japan on 17 Dec 2013

"My new work cafe"
Seoul, South Korea on 11 Jan 2016

Seoul, South Korea on 08 Jan 2016

"Most of their bagels are vegan"
Sapporo, Japan on 08 Apr 2014

"Great to combine with a walk to Hokkaido Shrine"
Sapporo, Japan on 08 Dec 2015

"Great natural lifestyle shop in central Sapporo"
Sapporo, Japan on 08 Apr 2014

"Unreliable opening hours, but good food."
Sapporo, Japan on 23 Aug 2014

"No desserts, but good food"
Seoul, South Korea on 16 Jun 2015

"Excellent vegan Ethiopian!"
Seoul, South Korea on 19 Dec 2015

"New favorite cafe! Fully vegan!"
Seoul, South Korea on 27 Jun 2015

"Nice shop (some food aswell)"
Sapporo, Japan on 14 Oct 2016

"Will come here again...soon!"
Sapporo, Japan on 30 Dec 2014

"Expensive and uncomfortably quiet"
Sapporo, Japan on 07 Jul 2014

"Great place for vegans in Sapporo."
Sapporo, Japan on 21 Dec 2013

"Five minutes away from Asakusa metro station"
Tokyo, Japan on 07 Nov 2016

"Great place in Oslo, very friendly!"
Oslo, Norway on 01 Apr 2014

"My favorite in Seoul"
Seoul, South Korea on 14 Sep 2015

"Great food and central location for vegans"
Sapporo, Japan on 04 Dec 2013

"You can eat ALOT of food here"
Sapporo, Japan on 23 Aug 2014

"Love coming here!"
Seoul, South Korea on 13 Jan 2016

"Happy this place has food"
Sapporo, Japan on 16 Aug 2014

"Best vegan kaiten zushi I ever ate!"
Sapporo, Japan on 08 Apr 2014

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