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Chuo Ward, Minami 1 Jonishi, 22-1-7, Sapporo, Japan

Really great spot in Sapporo

04 Nov 2013

I really enjoyed this restaurant/cafe. It´s very chill and pretty. The food was pretty good. The couple running it even sell products like vegan meat and ice cream.

I read that people have a hard time finding it. I went with a Japanese friend and it was very close to the subway.
Although I don´t really remember the road, take the Tozai line to Maruyama Koen Mae and ask someone when you get off. It was only a 7-10minutes walk from the Maruyama Koen station, exit 6.

2 Chome-1-12 Makomanaisaiwaimachi, Minami-ku, Sapporo, Japan

Good to have a place like this in Sapporo.

17 Dec 2013

Ashitaya is a small health store, but you will find everything you need (including local organic vegetables) that you don't find in a regular supermarked. I go to Ashitaya to buy my hempseeds and TVP meat. They even have some types of european vegan spreads that are really good.

The shop is located in Makomanai, a 20th minute subway train ride from Sapporo station. It's worth the trip. The only negative thing about Ashitaya is that they sometimes use a long time to restock an item. If you see something you think you might need, I would recommend to buy it then and there.

7, World Cup-ro 12gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

My new work cafe

11 Jan 2016

All cakes and baked items are vegan, but they don't have soy milk for their drinks, which is a shame.
The vegan bakery is located on the U-floor, if you come
early you get fresh baked goods.
Cafe is clean, spacious, friendly and comfortable working envirnonment. Please request soy milk, maybe they will start to offer it!
Updated from previous review on Thursday January 07, 2016

Hapjeong, Seoul, South Korea


08 Jan 2016

They have one vegan dish on the menu (an indian dish), but can make all their drinks with soy milk. The vegan dish is 10000krw and drinks are around 5000krw

Alot of people bring their family dog to the cafe :-) and there are often events at night. The Cafe has a room that can be reserved for larger groups, so excellent for larger groups

North 5-Jyounishi 4-7, Chuo-ku, Sapporo Station, Daimaru shopping mall, floor B1F, Sapporo, Japan

Most of their bagels are vegan

08 Apr 2014

After some long shopping trip at Sapporo station you do need some fuel, and Bagel & Bagel is a great place for that (as you won´t find much vegan food at Sapporo station).

I would say 90% of their bagels are vegan, and the ingredients are written (in kanji) on every type. You can chose the desired vegan bagel bread to be included in your bagel burger or sandwich. They have a vegan vegetable/salad bagel sandwich on the menu, as well as a tofu based patty. I am not sure if the latter is vegan, but it is vegetarian (please ask if it is vegan). Inexpensive, fast and tasty.

Dongjak-gu, Seoul 218 Sadang, Seoul, South Korea

No desserts, but good food

16 Jun 2015

They don´t have the famous ice cream anymore, but they do still have good food (predominately very classic Vietnamese dishes). Their spring rolls are so good! Many of the dishes can be ordered as take away, but I wish this restaurant had more dessert options.

This Loving Hut also has a freezer and a shop aisle where you can buy several vegan products (not only foods but also body products, energy bars. Good selection). This restaurant is very clean, has a cozy atmosphere and offers a variety of dishes. Owner speaks a bit English, so no communication problems.

It´s easy to find. Namseong station exit 3 or 4 and walk straight ahead from the exit until you find it.

127-12 Itaewon dong, Yongsan gu, Seoul, South Korea

Excellent vegan Ethiopian!

19 Dec 2015

Sinbad´s kitchen is a comfortable, spacious and beautiful restaurant in Itaewon. Restaurant has nice atmosphere and decor, so this restaurant is a great date restaurant or taking business partners to.

The staff is quite accommodating and knows about veganism and vegan costumers. One time they were very attentive in changing a dip that was delivered to our table that was not vegan. They immediately went back to the kitchen and made us a tahini based one.

From friday-sunday Sinbad´s serve Ethiopian food, not listed in the weekdays menu, but on a separate weekend menu.
I usually have the traditional beyaynetu plate that consists of several small vegan dishes served on a teff pancake - injera.
The dish is big and can be shared among two persons. If you are hungry it´s good for one - but it costs 15.000KRW, so can be pricey for just one person, but well worth it.
If you don´t want Ethiopian, there are other dishes on the menu (middle eastern).
I have uploaded several photos to this listing.

Dongjakgu Sadangdong 224-51, Seoul, South Korea

New favorite cafe! Fully vegan!

27 Jun 2015

Zero Plan has become fully vegan according to the manager: this small cafe offers coffee drinks, cakes and some dishes. The cafe is so cozy, and the manager is so nice. She speaks well English and seems to prepare the food and drinks with a lot of passion.

I had the oreo brownie cake and a latte, and also received a cookie on the house. Both food and drinks are really cheap in comparison to other coffee shops. And of course they have soy milk. The background music is calm and nice. I really enjoyed it here and want to come back. I can see myself bringing my lap top and working from the cafe.

The cafe has WiFi and offers a 10% discount to costumers who ate at Loving Hut Tiendang (close by) and can show the receipt the same week. The closest subway station is Namseong Station, exit 3 or 4. It was easy to find even tho it´s on one of the sides streets of the main road.

They are closed on tuesdays, but open on:
Weekdays from 11:00-22:00, sat-san: 12:00-21:00
Updated from previous review on Saturday June 27, 2015
I have uploaded some recent pictures.

2-1-2,Miyagaoka,chip-ku, Sapporo, Japan

Great to combine with a walk to Hokkaido Shrine

08 Dec 2015

This cafe is close to the main entrance of Hokkaido Shrine and the beautiful Maruyama Park. The cafe is on the third floor of a small shopping complex: It may be hard to find at first because the building blends in with the residential area, but look for outdoors signs for the cafe.
They offer a lunch set menu, sweets and coffe/tea drinks. I am not sure if they offer dinner sets, as the menu did not have this listed and they close at six.

Cucoon´s Nest is a beautiful cafe where the owner has made effort in beautiful decor and small details.

I had the lunch set (1200YEN) that consisted of salad, minestrone soup, a small veggie patty burger and a bowl of "cheesy" spaghetti. For an extra 300YEN you can have dessert and tea/coffee. The lunch set changes from time to time, so you won´t always get the same things, but I left with my tummy full and satisfied.
I have uploaded some pictures of exterior, signs, food and menu.
I will visit again!

1 Banchi, Minami 4-jo, Nishi 4 - Chome, Chuo-ku, B2F, Sapporo, Japan

Great natural lifestyle shop in central Sapporo

08 Apr 2014

You will find Gobuki Rokuyake in downtown Susukino/Sapporo located in big Lafiler mall, just outside Susukino station. The lower floors of the mall can also be entered from the station close to the Starbucks exit.

This natural lifestyle shop is the only place in Sapporo I have managed to find vegan margarine (which is hard to find in Japan). Also stocks vegan mock meat and a bunch of other stuff.
The staff is quite helpful and nice, but speak no English. I don´t remember quite right, but I think they only accept cash.

Odori Nishi 25-chome, 1-2 Heartland Maruyama, Building 5F, Sapporo, Japan

Unreliable opening hours, but good food.

23 Aug 2014

Whenever I go to this place it is closed for serving.
The cafe is run part time by a mother with small children, so she has often apologized to me for not being able to serve (they run a bento service, so the cafe might be open, just not for customers)at times.

They speak no English, but are very nice people. The desserts are very good and the food is delicious. I would try to get here, if you find you can't get any food, there are two other vegan restaurants in the same area in walking distance (Itadakizen and Aoi Sora).

Touku Department Store 10F, Sapporo, Japan

Will come here again...soon!

30 Dec 2014

I was quite happy to recently learn about this restaurant almost 1,5 years after first arriving to Sapporo. We went here after we found a closed Shindo Fuji (vegan restaurant close to the north exit of Sapporo station) and we were hungry. Hinano is located on the top (10th floor) of the Toukyu mall and I believe we entered the mall from exit 13 or 14 at Sapporo station. We managed to fill our plates twice (and then desserts and drinks) - you can see the pictures of my plates here on this page.

What can a vegan eat here?
Noodles (udon), rice (be careful - the brown rice had meat in it, but the plain one is ok), different steamed vegetables, tempura, edamame/soy beans, salads, pumpkin cream, root vegetables and so much more (I don´t even remember). Drinks included were different coffee and teas, juices and water. Desserts suitable for vegans were the mochis, lychee fruits and hot sweet red bean soup.

I have to tell you that most of the food is healthy and has a "healthy taste" to it. Most of the dishes list allergens as dairy, eggs, soy and gluten. It´s wise to bring a note with the kanjis if you don´t read Japanese.
Hinano uses traditional and local ingredients, so don´t expect western food.
None of the non-dessert soups or curries were vegan.
The lunch buffet was open until five o clock and one could eat for two hours. The price was 1200 yen and included drinks. After five o clock the restaurant changed it´s menu.

I was very happy that the meats and fish were all in one side of the big buffet table, so I could easily avoid them.

Chuo-ku, Minami 2-Jonishi, 23 Chome 1-23, Sutashio 23, Sapporo, Japan

Expensive and uncomfortably quiet

07 Jul 2014

I see people like this restaurant, but I am a bit unsure of it. The food is really expensive (around 3000-4000 YEN per person for a set menu) and you only have a couple of choices on the menu (all set menus). It´s traditional Japanese food, the vegan way. The food may be exiting or too strange for people not used to Japanese food, and the portions are small. You will be served a special tea and not water.

We were the only two guests at that time of evening, and the quiet atmosphere left us uncomfortable: Like we could n´t speak freely. The kitchen is open, and sometimes the owner´s kids will sit in the restaurant and do their homework. Not saying this is a negative, as they were very quiet, but it kinda makes the whole situatuon a bit awkward.
I don´t understand how they manage to run this restaurant with so little costumers.

Minami 2 West, 4-4 1st floor, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Japan

Great place for vegans in Sapporo.

21 Dec 2013

Jyoti serves traditional Indian food, with various vegetarian dishes. The people at Jyoti are well aware about veganism and can veganize the vegetarian dishes.

After we ate our main courses the restaurant served us free dessert (yoghurt), the waitress remembered that I was vegan and served a vegan option instead.
Although people write that the food is expensive, I don´t think so. The service is very good, and it´s safe for vegans to enjoy the meal. This is a good restaurant to bring non-vegans as well. I will go back soon.

Fredenborgsveien 29, Oslo, Norway

Great place in Oslo, very friendly!

01 Apr 2014

Went to the Loving Hut - Fredensborgsveien after hearing much about it. This place must have Oslo´s cheapest vegan sushi - I bought an eight piece avocado maki for only 39NOK.

The staff is very friendly and food came fast. This is a great vegan take-away place, but does have a few places to sit inside (maybe room for eight persons at the same time). The menu consist of a great deal of things from sushi to curries. Check out their website www.veganlovinghut.no
I hope vegans continue supporting this place as it is one of two Loving Hut cafes in Oslo.

near Naebang station, Seoul, South Korea

My favorite in Seoul

14 Sep 2015

Owner is so nice and speaks very good English. She always takes time to talk to the guests and the food is prepared with love. The restaurant itself is clean, spacious and pretty. You could totally do dates here :-)

Serves temple food, but also classic Korean dishes such as bibimbap. Prices start at 7000won and always includes side dishes. Located really close to exit 6 of Naebang station.

1F, Minami 2 Nishi 7 6-1, Sapporo, Japan

Great food and central location for vegans

04 Dec 2013

Lohas is a cozy cafe offering traditional japanese food and raw food. They also have desserts and drinks.
The food is vegan and organic. You can get a mixed plate with different foods for around 800yen. The light and interiour is very cozy, I loved sitting there. Will go back.
As a vegan I am happy to have Lohas near Susukino.

Sapporo Steller Place Center, 6th Floor, Sapporo, Japan

You can eat ALOT of food here

23 Aug 2014

This buffet has a lot of vegan food, but the food is boring and tasteless, in my opinion. But this is a great place to go with non-vegans after shopping at Sapporo Station.
Unfortunately no vegan desserts that I know of (but the jellies might be kanten (agar) jellies, therefor vegan - one has to ask).
When there is a waiting line you have to put your name on the list.

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