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450 Union Square, New Hope, USA

Not Impressed

i am sorry that this review is so negative...

Looking at the menu, and the elegant way they describe the food had me thinking that it was going to taste that way also, but that wasn't my experience.

To be fair, i only had 3 things there for lunch ~ 1)Tempeh Reuben, which was ok. but tasted like vinegar and the little bit of salad next to it tasted like vinegar also with some olive oil. Both didn't have a very satisfying blended taste. 2)Sweet Potato, Bean and Rice Burrito for lunch. That was a little better but nothing to write home about. It was a little oily. Also came with a little salad.
3) Tofu/ Spinach/ Potato Burrito for Mother's day. That was the worst. The spinach was very sandy and it just made the whole thing very unnappetizing. i told the owner/manager about the sandy spinach and he quickly walked away to tell the cooks but did not offer to replace mine or my husband's. The whole wheat burrito shell was also nauseatingly oily. Plus all the flour items have gluten in them with no other options, it seems. To top it off i saw the owner/manager light up a cigarette which was the last straw for me, especially at a vegan restaurant. i will not be going back.

i have had much better food at small family owned health food stores. Sorry.

6304 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, USA

Great Find

Wow, what a last minute find. My husband and i went to see Amma, the hugging saint, (amma.org), and i did a search and found this. i wish there was a restaurant like this in NJ. It was very good. The decor is lovely, yellow/orange with sunflower paintings and sunflower things everywhere, very cozy yet uplifting. i didn't like the uncomfortable hard-back chairs though. i had the "Macro Plate" which was good but could have used a little more rice and beans and the curry sauce was a little spicy. Also there was some water on the bottom of the plate. But it was still good. i also had the Tofu Pumpkin Pie and at first i thought the orange sauce on top tasted "cheap" or something but after the first bite i realized this was a very interesting, effervescent, tasty combination. It was small but i would order it again. My husband had the Macrobiotic Tofu and it was really good-not spicy.

One other complaint would be the unfriendly waitress.

Well i wish we ordered more so i could review more things, so, until next time...

1449 Boardman Canfield Rd, Boardman, USA

Pretty Good

Well, we thought it was good but not perfect. i did like the very thick veggie burgers but i suspect that they are made of TVP which is not that good for you. Also the burger rolls are kind of like commercial rolls possibly made with wheat flour which i don't believe is good for you. i feel they can improve on the rolls to make them more natural tasting instead of commercial tasting. But maybe because of the area they are trying to make them commercial-tasting. i got the Asian Wrap that someone on here said was their favorite but i thought it was just ok. Also the Peanut Butter/Choc. cake could have been tastier, as well as the hot chocolate. Even still, when i am travelling thru Ohio again i would stop there because it's the only vegetarian restaurant around, it seems. It's good enough but could be better. They also ought to make everything gluten-free. The atmosphere is nice.

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