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4th floor Jaipur Inn Hotel, Laxman Jhula village, Rishikesh, India

great view

One of the best views in rishikesh. Good staff (not all places have a good staff around here). Bookshelf with books you can lend while sitting there. Good food. The music from the bridge-"plaza" below is annoying. Two competing sales boots both play the same video (one song!) over and over the whole day! I brought my ipod last time. You can also bring an interesting friend...

Hjelmsgate 3, Oslo, Norway

Occupied house

There are 3 occupied houses in Oslo that I know of and all of them have a vegetarian place. Spisestedet is one of these 3. So the athmospere is anarcistic and relaxed as you would expect in a place like this. Good food by the way, (this is off one of the poshest streets in Oslo, so they occupied in the right area).

Koning Albert 1 laan, Stationsplein 5, Bruges, Belgium

ok place in the station

Vegetarian-friendly place. My girlfriend checks all the labels and finds the product good. I think it is her favorite cafe in Brugge. I also like it. 3 1/2 cow from me :-) my gf would probably give it a 4 1/2.

DogA, Hausmannsgate 16, Oslo, Norway

Vegan heaven (haven)

I have been here a few times and I loved everything about it. Once I came on a weekday and just took a coffee and watched the river flow by (beauiful park/river view) in a quiet location. The second time I went for lunch on a Sunday. Pretty full of young vegans, some sort of convention? The staff is inspired and knowledgeable, they have their own cook book etc. Funky vegan dishes, good choice in coffee drinks, espresso based and also the bullet proof variety , and probably herbal varieties too. Nothing boring about this vibrant place, good for non-vegans too for your meat free Monday or just a coffee and a cake.
Updated from previous review on Friday November 13, 2015

Updated from previous review on Friday November 13, 2015

Village Tapovan, Laxman Jhula village, Rishikesh, India


Everything is organic in this gem. The view is great, and the food is great. Often served by cute children. This is only a breakfast /lunch-place, not for dinner. They show an environmental friendly movie on Saturday night and serve pizza and popcorn with it! Closed one day pr week, is it thursdays?
This is the only place in the area I would eat a salad.

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