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100 S Fir St, Ventura, USA

Mary's Secret Garden Website

20 Nov 2007


609 Broadway Ave, Santa Monica, USA


11 Apr 2009

I have been to Juliano's Raw a few times since I have gone raw. Peculiarly, their menu indicates that they don't use Agave, Carrots, Kiwi, Bananas, Dates, Pineapple, Navel Oranges, and several other foods, citing that these items contain disaccharides. You do your own research. I did mine, and I don't feel that the presence of disaccharides in these foods merit their omission from our RAW diets. If you maintain a balanced Raw+Vegan+mostly alkaline diet, you WILL have a strong and healthy small and large intestinal tract to overcome indigestion. I tried the Hot Cacao (which for some some reason WAS actually hot, way abover 118 degrees). I was expecting a RAW Cacao drink you know. Since it is a RAW restaurant. The jalapeno poppers were OK. But the red dipping sauce in the middle of the plate needed salt. We asked (3) different waitresses for salt. It took literally 12 minutes before it was brought to our table. Big no no. I tried the fat cheeze melt next. It was pretty good. But didn't merit an $11.09 price tag given its portion size. Had the chocolate bliss balls which were good. And topped off my meal with their 'best ever cheeze cake' which came almost frozen for some reason (had to wait several minutes before being able to sink my fork into it). The best item I had which I failed to mention, was the strawberry smoothie. It was very good. I noticed a pervasive use of buckwheat on the menu. Word of caution: avoid - at all cost - any buckwheat cracker or any item on the menu containing their buckwheat crackers. It tastes awful. The looks, the texture, and the taste of their buckwheat cracker is repulsive. In summation: This is why RAW restaurants have such a bad stigma. RAW restaurants do NOT have to be 'hit or miss'. Moreover, the vibe of the restaurant is VERY L.A. Very cliche. Too trendy. I think people patronize this restaurant because its trendy, and because people want to say they have eaten there. I definitely don't think that someone can ever gloat about having a really delicious lunch or dinner here. I highly doubt it. It was probably my last visit to Juliano's. I definitely would not recommend this restaurant to one of my friends. Sorry guys!

707 N Heliotrope St, Los Angeles, USA

Delicious and hearty Vegan fare!

12 Jun 2009

If you're into grubbing a really tasty cooked Vegan meal you should stop by this place. I tried the pulled pork bar-b-q sandwich that came with sweet potato french fries, their fried pickles, and a fish taco. Everything was delicious! They have their own parking lot in the back. And they are not too far from the 101 freeway. Another nice thing is that they close at midnight. So if you've just got out of a show, movie, or concert somewhere and you're hungry for some delicious Vegan food, you can always drop by Pure Luck. Also, even though I'm not a beer drinker, I was astonished by how many different types of beers they offered on their menu. Unfortunately I live in Ventura ( a good hour's drive away in good traffic ). But if I am in the area, I would definitely go back to try the other options on Pure Luck's menu. I'd also encourage anybody (Vegan, Vegetarian, or anybody else) to try this place out. Pure Luck has my vote!

11943 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, USA

Great Vegan restaurant!

29 Jul 2008

I ate at the Vegan Plate for the first time today. The food was REALLY tasty! My wife and I had the yellow curry, steamed curry dumplings, spicy rice noodles, a GIGANTIC portion of french-fries, and a couple of Kamut pancakes. Everything was very flavorful, to say the least. The prices are reasonable, and we even got to chat with the owner/chef who was very charming. I will definitely be going back the next time I'm in the area.

201 Hamakua Dr, Kailua, USA

Donw To Earth is down right DELICIOUS!

07 Jan 2011

Down To Earth is a boon to Vegans/Vegetarians living in or visiting the island of Oahu, HI. There are three D.T.E. stores on the island. They have a hot/cold buffet that is superb! The only reason I didn't give D.T.E. five stars is because it's not 100% Vegan :(

1604 Pacific Ave, Venice, USA

Good eating experience

19 Jan 2009

Seed is a nice cafe-style eatery in the heart of Venice Beach in Culver City. After reading about 'Seed' in Veg News magazine, my wife and I decided to drive down from Ventura to have dinner with a friend. We ordered Sweet potatoe fries, which were exceptional. We also ordered the regular fries (Pommes Frites) which had an uncanny resemblance and taste to McDonald's french-fries. The Barley iced tea, oddly enough, had a slight hint of coffee. Strange, but it did. I tried the Non-alcoholic Pinot Noir drink that was OK. The Japanese Vegetable Curry (I felt) needed more coconut milk to sweeten it up a bit. The best dish we had was the Southwest Burger, without a doubt. The wheat bun was perfectly slightly crunchy on the outside. The bean & grain burger inside was very tasty. We also had the BBQ Tempeh Burger which we liked, but felt needed more Tempeh. We also tried one of the grain bowls called 'Mango Tango'. The seitan eggless-eggroll included in the dish was very tasty, but a little greasy. For dessert, we tried the Ice cream (Vanilla flavor) that was good. The chocolate chip cookie that we tried was a bit dry and bland. The Chocolate Mousse Terrine was very good. Overall good dinning experience. I would recommend it to others, and will return to sample other offerings on their menu.

333 S Alameda St Unit 310, Los Angeles, USA


02 Jun 2008

Several days ago I discovered this restaurant on HappyCow. I usually read what people have to say about restaurants before deciding on wheather or not to patronize them. So after reading the five (all positive) reviews of Shojin by Happy Cow members, I decided to go to their website and find out more about the restaurant, since after all it being only three months old. After reading the menu on the Shojin website, I decided to take my wife and invite several of our friends to the restaurant on a Sunday night for dinner. First of all, the restaurant is very clean. The decor was very modern with a slight Asian flare. The staff was very genial and catered to our every need. The chef came out to greet us at our table. He was very courteous. Our food was "Wonderful!". We ordered A LOT of food! :) We ordered four diferent appetizers: The Traditional Vegetable Appetizer (Very good! Expecially the Okara!) The Organic Tomato Tartar (Excellent...you must try!) The Nasu Miso Dengaku (Which is sweet egg plant in sweet miso sauce...loved it!) The Fried Garden Seitan "tsukune" (Which was my favorite part of the night. Do your self a favor and get two orders of these. They are soooo goood!) As far as soups is concerned, we had: The Kabocha Pumpkin Chowder (Which was quite good) The Caulliflower soup (I really liked this one!) For our entrees we had: The Grilled Vegetable Curry (Which was good) The Crispy Seitan Cutlet Curry (Which was scrumptuous) The Grilled Vegetable Curry (Nice!) The Seitan Katsu Curry (Also nice!) and last but not least The Barbequed Seitan Plate (Which had this uncanny resemblance to real Barbequed poultry. Yes, the kind you used to eat at barbeques before you turned Vegan! But need not worry. It's 100% Vegan!) Yes, we even had space left for dessert! We had The WalnutsChocolate Cake, The Green Tea "Moss" Cake with Sweet Azuki Beans, The Raspberry Strawberry Sorbet, and a DELICIOUS Chocolate Granola Parfait which is a glass filled with tofu chocolate cream,vanilla ice cream and granola. The presentation of each course was flawless and gorgeous. Oh, I almost forgot about a couple of pasta dishes which were amazing. I really liked them. Especially the pasta dish with its pesto sauce in it. Do not be 'on the fence' about going to eat at Shojin. We drove all the way from downtown Ventura to dine at Shojin, and will DEFINITELY be going back. So treat yourself to some exceptional Organic Vegan fare at this great restaurant!

10820 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, USA

Great new Organic/Vegan/RAW dinning experience!

12 May 2009

I first had the 'Raw Supreme Pizza'. It was really delicious. It is four Raw diminuative pizza slices. But it being a Raw dish, easily satiated my appetite. To drink, I had the 'Cacao SuperfoodShake' which was also delish! The Shake was thick, creamy, chocolaty, nutty, Raw, and yummy! A meal in a cup! My second entree was the 'SunPower Burger'. The burger was also very delicious and Raw! It had an amazing cashew-based 'special sauce' which tasted like the best mayonnaise. I also had the Fresh organic lemonade with agave which was very refreshing! The dinning room is on the small side containing three or four tables if I remember correctly. There is a wide and cozy bench that runs the length of the dinning room adorned with plush pillows. The decor is nice, warm, and simple. The location of SunPwer Cafe is literaly right off of the Universal City/Cahuenga Blvd exit on the 101 freeway. By the way, most of the menu is Raw, which is a boon! Will definetly return to try their other dishes! Nice job Rawsheed!

18625 Sherman Way Ste 101, Reseda, USA


27 Jun 2008

I stopped into Vinh Loi Tofu with my wife and my wife's nephew on on Sunday. Firstly, I was very pleased by how orderly and clean the restaurant is. The chef and owner was very friendly, and made our stay at the restaurant even better. In my opinion, Vinh Loi Tofu is one of the best Vegan restaurants around. The food we had was very tasty, well presented, and spiced just right. If you're in Reseda, you have to stop by this restaurant. They have excellent tofu too. Nice job Vinh Loi!!

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