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711 NW 27th Ave, Miami, USA

Delicious and Healthy

28 Mar 2012

I have only eaten here once, but I will definitely be going back to this restaurant. I had the mushroom with pesto, and it was fabulous.

This place isn't inexpensive, but it is topnotch!

933 E University Dr, Ste 112, Tempe, USA

Great Vegan Cheesecake

30 Apr 2011

After having my main course at Tsom, which is one door away, I came over to this restaurant for dessert. Their cheesecake is excellent.

Between these two restaurants, vegans can have a full meal, from start to finish, that is most satisfying.

Calle 19, Ave 3, Casa 156, San Jose, Costa Rica

Worth the Effort to Find!

28 Feb 2012

We had a very difficult time finding this place. It does not have an obvious sign. It is located in the patio of a hostel, across from a park. So, you won't easily fnd this place. Make the effort; you will find it well worth it.

Veg and vegan items. Just ask, and you will get good suggestions, and reliable information.

Loved the mushroom burger (vegan); my friend, who is not veg, had the bean hamburger, and loved it. Even the salad ingredients have the flavor that let's you know that they came from their own organic garden. Various vegan muffins and pastries for dessert. Finished with coffee with almond milk.

The place even has a good, laid back vibe, with mellow (and not too loud) music.

6 Third St, Dover, USA

Very Good

17 Jun 2014

I only had one chance to visit, but I am glad that I went there.

I had Tofu Teriyaki in a spinach wrap. The taste and texture were quite good. I also had one of the many juices available, and that was great.

I would definitely go there again. They are a newer business, which is why there aren't many reviews. Don't let that eep you from going there.

933 E University Dr Ste 115, Tempe, USA

Great for Vegans

30 Apr 2011

Best lemonade you will ever taste. Had the tortilla soup and pineapple burger. Both were excellent. I would absolutely eat here again.

13802 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, USA

Excellent and Affordable

27 Apr 2011

Had the Mongolian "beef," lemonade and mango tapioca "pudding." Excellent! I am fully vegan. Would absolutely come here again!

2240 N Scottsdale Rd Ste 8, Tempe, USA

100% Vegan, 100% Excellent!

29 Apr 2011

Stopped by for dessert. Next time, I plan on making it a full meal.

Clean, green atmosphere (local produce, real wood spoons instead of plastic), friendly, inexpensive casual, 100 percent vegan. Daiya brand cheese used. Lots of "comfort food" (pizza, faux meat, etc.) Served. A great place for starter vegans.

Leave room to finish your meal with a Tsoynami, a vegan equivalent of a Dairy Queen Blizzard.

1 Mill St Ste 138, Burlington, USA

As Good as the Reviews Claim

24 Jun 2014

The reviews that give this place an excellent rating are all accurate. I had the BBQ Jackfruit wrapped in a spinach tortilla. The texture of the Jackfruit was excellent, and the BBQ sauce was great. Even their coffees (I had a latte) with choices of milks (almond, soy, others) and added ingredients (chocolate, maple, others) are luxurious and delicious.

The facility is a unit that is located in a large converted mill along a river, but it looks like it was just built yesterday. Everything is spotlessly clean, and that even includes the bathrooms. Also, they have outdoor seating overlooking the river, which was great for bringing the pooch along with me for my outing. It is an informal facility with casual dining.

I was only in town for the day, but I would absolutely dine there again to try out more items.

917 Simonton St, Key West, USA


24 Feb 2013

I had an Italian stew, a special of the day that I selected from their blackboard with their daily specials listed. Not sure if this is the kind of thing that is regularly on the standard menu. My meal was quite delicious. I would absolutely eat here again.

So, why only four cows for the rating? The only thing to be careful about is that there is a store attached to the restaurant part of the business. (You walk through a doorway to go from one area to the other, and it is clear which area is which.) At a quick glance, I saw items that use animal ingredients (vitamins with capsules made from animals, etc.) in the store. So, don't automatically assume that the items in the store area are also vegan. Let me emphasize: ALL ITEMS IN THE FOOD SERVED ARE VEGAN, AND IT ALSO STATES THIS ON THEIR MENU. Just make sure to check or ask about any purchases you are considering that come only from the store area. No worries about anything in the restaurant area.

159 1st New Hampshire Turnpike, Northwood, USA

Good, Clean, Reasonable, Outdoor Seating Available

08 Jun 2014

While in New Hampshire, I discovered this little cafe style restaurant. It is casual, reasonably priced, and has outdoor seating, which was great, because I was able to dine while accompanied by my pooch. I tried the lasagna, which was pretty good. I also had a soup, the name of which I can't remember, but it resembled a corn chowder with veggies in it; very delicious. I also had an iced chai drink. I have never really had one before, but I very much enjoyed it. Surprisingly, I thought that my peanut butter-chocolate brownie dessert was just okay; I would skip that on future visits. I did bring home some cookies and a pudding, but I have not yet tried them. I want to try to go to Susty's for their Sunday brunch, which will give me the chance to try a lot more items that looked good.

7645 Merrill Rd Ste 201B, Jacksonville, USA

Great Vegan Food, Freshly Prepared

15 Sep 2013

I often stop by Jacksonville while traveling on I-95 before entering the vegan desert that lies north or south. Since this place was highly rated, I gave it a try.

Great homemade (that's what they told me) pita, seems to have lots of vegan choices. They have a couple of tables for outdoor seating, which helps when you are traveling with your vegan pooch.

I would definitely stop here again.

2502 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, USA

Worthy Attempt That Misses the Mark

28 Apr 2011

Only five vegan items on the menu. They will "remove the cheese" to make other things vegan but wanting of flavor. They get bonus points for using sustainable, locally grown items. Moderate price. I probably would not return.

73 NE 167 St, North Miami Beach, USA

Great Local Vegan Food in Miami

25 Aug 2011

If not for Happy Cow, I would never have known of this place. It is in a small strip center on a very busy road, surrounded by other businesses that drown out its low key appearance.

I called ahead of time to check on hours, and to see if there is outdoor seating available. Since they have outdoor tables, I was able to bring my vegan dog (eats special, nutritionally complete vegan dog food) along to let him sample a few bites of the fare. Animal friendly is a definite plus, in my book.

While waiting for my friend to arrive for dinner, I was able to observe the inside of the restaurant. Two words that come to mind to describe what I saw are: "simple" and "clean." I was able to observe staff cleaning while awaiting the arrival of customers, and it is quite evident that the staff cleans and maintains everything properly. There are some tables inside, but this is a small business with friendly staff and an onsite owner. I consider this another plus.

Although the sign on the restaurant uses the word vegetarian, everything in the place is completely vegan. Vegans: no worries about ordering anything.

We really enjoyed favorites mentioned by other reviewers like the Philly Cheezesteak and the velvet cake. However, other items like their smoothies were tops (so good that we each had two). If they have the tiramisu when you dine there, get some!

I will definitely go there again.

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