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1262 Wellington St, Ottawa, Canada


I dropped in late on a Friday night (only open until 8 and we got there a bit after 7). Great vegan quotes on the walls (nicely framed). The menu is undergoing changes, but the vegan options hadn't been listed. I tried the savoury mushroom spinach on a buckwheat crepe (all the vegan options at this time are on buckwheat, and possibly all crepes are the traditional buckwheat recipe). I asked for it without the daiya cheese, because although it is tasty, I'm not a fan of it, so the owner substituted a small amount of oil and balsamic vinegar. It was a delightful crepe, I was very pleased. The next crepe I tasted (since I shared with a friend) was the thyme and tomatoe. It was tasty, but I found the thyme mixture (zatar for anyone who is familiar with it) a little too intense for my ideal. But, I was delighted with the house special crepe with the vegan chocolate sauce. Blackberries, strawberries, bananas with ample chocolate sauce. I was also very happy to find a great vegan hot chocolate - made with choice of almond or soy. Two thumbs up, I will be back very, very soon!
The bill for the two of us was about $40 including tip. And we stayed until at least 8:30pm (a full half-hour after closing time, and there were a few other stragglers there also). There was no pressure to get us out the door fast. The service was nice, the people kind. They have vegan chick'n if you want any dish done with chick'n instead of chicken, and the restaurant is shortly going to change his pesto to be vegan!

1380 Clyde Ave Unit B, Ottawa, Canada

Tasty Asian

The fresh vegetable spring rolls for hors d'oevres were served whole, which set the situation up for double-dipping. It may have been due to the fact that they were overwhelmed that evening due to a positive review in the Ottawa Citizen.
I would have preferred the rolls to be cut, and also served with a mild peanut sauce, but it was tasty and satisfying beginning to the meal.
I had the vegan chicken pho. The medium size was ample and tasty. The broth was clear and light (not too salty!), and was definitely a vegetable broth as the restaurant claims. However, there were no bean sprouts or basil leaves, so it was low on actual vegetables. Perhaps this was also due to the sudden influx of diners that night.
My dining partner ordered the shanghai noodles and seemed to quite enjoy them.
The place was clean and the ambiance pleasant. I have recommended it to several people already and I will be going back (soon).
Updated from previous review on Thursday September 11, 2014
Went back again, and the service was much improved. The atmosphere was more relaxed and the pho was served with bean sprouts and basil. I ordered stir-fried vegetables which were tasty and added to the vegetable composition of my meal.
Updated from previous review on Sunday September 14, 2014

1015 Wellington St W, Ottawa, Canada

Disappointing experience

We have had some great pizza (now available on Sundays only) from this restaurant, but our last experience was a complete disaster. It was a special occasion (birthday), which just landed the day before a major endurance event we were competing in. We had made reservations and they had asked about food allergies, etc on the phone, then asked again when we were ordering. A little frustrating waste of time, but that was just the beginning.
Beware: the tacos are not tacos, they are leaf wraps!

If you are doing an endurance event, you need to carb load. Beware: There is nothing on this menu that satisfied either of us. We paid for our two appetizer-sized meals and went to another restaurant to meet our needs (at half the price).
I'd been there before for brunch, and a light breakfast is fine, but if you are serving bird-sized portions for dinner, don't expect people - even die-hard vegans - to come back. Much less omnivores.
Sorry, but this restaurant has to do a lot more to meet an acceptable standard. I can't believe they are still in business. The only thing I'll ever get from these guys is pizza (and they are small, compared to Vegan Rapide in Montreal).
Not to mention, the bill was done wrong, and when I asked for it to be corrected, I got a more expensive bill (from a different table!!). It did get sorted in the end, but it took a long time to get the bill corrected due to understaffing on that Friday night.

1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, Canada

good campus food

My friend and I were at the Brewer's farmer's market on Sunday and decided to finally try out the "Vegan Cart" across the street at Carleton U.
We had a little difficulty finding the right cafeteria, so make sure to look at the Carleton U map before you go (it's actually fairly close to the O-Train stop, but not one of the nearest buildings). Actually, it was a fun adventure, given all the new development on campus. When you find the commons, you will see a Tim Horton's and think you are in the wrong place, but if you go to the 3rd floor, you will find the cafeteria. In there, the Vegan cart was not labelled as such. It would have been nice if there was a label system so you could tell what items were vegan, but we asked a food prep worker, and she happily escorted us to the station and explained that the salad bar is there on weekdays after 11am, but not on weekend (or perhaps it arrives after our dining session, as we were there for a late lunch). The 4 chafing dishes (hot mains) at the station held a different entree. It is self-serve and all-you-can eat. There was a Jambalaya with kidney beans and a lovely looking red rice, a sweet curry (not a dessert, as it was full of vegetables), lemon corn with herbs, and an unlabelled dish that I would call a mildly spicy Shephard's pie. Not sure if it was mashed turnip, parsnip, potatoes or a combination of the above, but it had quinoa in it, a few beans and overall very tasty. Neither of us could taste the lemon in the corn.
There was a salad bar, and the balsamic vinaigrette was medium-thick, which I liked. We were told it was vegan. There were two trays of greens, some chopped tomatoes, cauliflower, and broccoli to choose from. Also some toppings, like shredded carrot and sliced olives. There was some quinoa tabouli and a chickpea salad that looked vegan, but since we weren't told whether it might have honey or something dairy based in it, we did not sample it. A green dot would be helpful.For lacto-ovo-vegetarians it was probably suitable.
For beverages, I think there was some orange and apple juice, but there was also a corner with refrigerated soy milk and chocolate soy milk. For dessert, there was fruit in a couple of areas of the cafeteria. I wasn't sure how to wash the plums or peaches, so I stuck with other fruits.
All in all, the meal was filling, pleasant, and tasty. All my needs, as a vegan, were met. I'd encourage others to give it a try. It's a convenient place to dine when in the neighborhood.

4088 rue St Denis, Montreal, Canada

Asian option

Having marketed itself as fine dining, I was a little disappointed. The water was tap water with quite a profound odor and taste and the napkins where disposable. The ambiance was dark but the staff was attentive and very helpful.
The appetizer (fresh spring roll) was excellent. The meals were all tasty - on person had a green curry, one the pad thai, and the other the duck. One person accepted rice, and was surprised to see a $3 charge on her bill, although I had seen it on the menu. My dish was the pad thai, and it was sweet. I was thirsty later, and I'm not sure it was because I couldn't drink the water or because in typical asian fare there is salt and sugar in the dish. The portion looked small, but I was absolutely stuffed even after skipping lunch to do a 50K bike ride.

168 Old Chelsea, Chelsea, Canada

Brunch not vegan friendly

I went there for brunch and there wasn't anything vegan on the limited brunch menu. I'm sure they could make the oatmeal vegan friendly, but the menu relied heavily on dairy/eggs. The food, otherwise, was savory.

78 Hinton Avenue North, Ottawa, Canada

Near Tunney's Pasture, GCTC (Theatre)

This restaurant is oriented to the government employees working nearby, and the hours of operation reflect that. Even before becoming vegan, I was disappointed that meat is on the menu. It's been a while since I've been there, but I recall they use a lot of eggs, so if you are vegan, make sure everything you order is in fact vegan. The owner is enthusiastic about vegetarianism and the business has a sustainability attitude and will even deliver lunches and cater your event/s. A small discount for those who arrive at the restaurant by bicycle. The food is delicious, so I don't think you will be disappointed.

354A Preston Street, Ottawa, Canada

Mock meats

Great that its a 100% vegan restaurant, but almost every dish has a meat or dairy analogue, hence is highly processed. Lunch all-you-can eat weekday buffet is cancelled. Tied to a fringe vegetarian/vegan religion, but you are never approached to join or harassed. I wish the restaurant has a GMO Policy, because I suspect the tofu is genetically modified. I also find most dishes spicy, even though they aren't labelled as such. On my most recent visit, the food was tasty but a bit oily. The noodles are always tasty. Service seemed a bit slow, but is usually prompt. Service is always friendly. I don't recommend sitting near the door in winter.
Updated from previous review on Friday January 27, 2012

2525 Carling, Ottawa, Canada


From what I can recall, my impression of the place is that it is mainly a supplement shop. You could get a few other things there like soaps, etc., but no fresh produce and I don't recall much in terms of actual foods.

426H University Centre, Ottawa, Canada


The last I can tell is that they closed shop in early 2011. Has anyone heard otherwise?

634 Somerset Street West, Ottawa, Canada


We showed up without a reservation for an early lunch (11am) and the restaurant was mostly empty, so we were seated without a problem. The table had crusties on it, so the waitress came and wiped my side down, but not that of my guest. I ordered the zen burger with poutine. The tomato and pickle were fresh, for sure, and I was so pleased to get a whole wheat hamburger bun. The bun was huge, hard to get your mouth around (although I could do it), and I couldn't find any flavor from the burger. I eventually gave up and ate the burger separatly, but I couldn't detect flavor. There were some lightly deep fried onion strips on top, and eating them individually I could almost detect some flavor. The poutine had a lovely texture, but nothing resembling cheese curds, which is great for me as a vegan. If I had been a meat-eater, I would have been completely irritated. Just a token amount of daiya (one might say miserly) which I liked. However, it was over the top salty. I must say, the staff took excellent care of me, when I inquired about spiciness, and were able to leave that out of everything that might have spiceiness in it (maybe that is why the burger didn't have any flavor? But a burger really shouldn't be spicy).
My guest had the zen burger also. It fell apart in her hands. Her salad was excellent.
Given the name is Zen, I would have thought the ambiance would be simple and peaceful. It had an element of that, but also the feel of a busy downtown nightclub/franchise, with disorienting patterns from floor to ceiling and at least 3 different styles of lighting. I'd give it a 3 happy cow, but because it is overrated, I'm going to give it a 2. It is fantastic to have a resto where you don't have to worry about the vegan eligibility of ingredients. That said, I'm in no rush to go back. I'll make my own poutine...it will taste better and I'll try it on a bed of greens to balance all the heaviness.

357 Richmond Rd, Ottawa, Canada


I'm undecided about this restaurant for a number of reasons. It has barely been open, so part of it may be the rush to get the restaurant off the ground.
Menu - very small print, bring your magnifying glass. Also, the drink menu looked exactly light the food menu, so one of us got a drink menu instead of the food menu.
I found it hard to figure out what meals were vegan and which were not, until I found the littlest green dot ever.
When I do beans I at home, I consider them done when they are soft. I have to say, the chickpeas were still very crunchy (al dente would be a bit generous). I didn't have any digestive upset, so I'll leave it to the reader to decide if they think the chickpeas were cooked or not.
Being vegan and sensitive to some ingredients, there was only one or two dishes I could eat. I ended up with a tempeh wrap, and it was actually excellent in taste and texture. The plate was warm, but the sandwich was not, which I thought was odd (disappointing) for a winter meal in Ottawa. I'm pretty active, so I found the portion size about 1/2 to 1/3rd of what I would normally eat, despite extra calories from the soup and $5 tart (not on the menu, which is why I'm reporting it here).
The ambiance was noisy, I didn't enjoy the music, but that was okay. It was the sound from the expresso machine and perhaps blender.
Definitely, the best tempeh I've ever had, so the place has potential. I hope they do some soundproofing.
One friend got to choose from brown or white rice, which is great to have the whole grain available.
The service started out oddly - the first person who greeted us was saying something about getting seats (did I mention the place was noisy?) when all I could focus on was these super-red lips moving on a very white face, as though she were a mime. The next person said something a little odd and I feared that it was going to be a yoga-cult experience, but the service did end up being great. I will go back again when they have had a chance to tweak their business. I know how hard it is starting a business, so kudos to them all. We need vegan and veg resto's in Ottawa.

989 Wellington St West, Ottawa, Canada


I had their quinoa bowl. They said that and another item were not spicy, even gave me samples to test before I ordered. The quinoa tasted not as hot, so I ordered it. In the end, it was very spicy for my very low tolerance, so I did not enjoy it. It was, however, nutritious, and the touch of cilantro on top was a flavourful touch. The donut hole didn't have a donut quality, but it was okay. Drinks seem expensive, but very healthy. There is take out, and that also seems very expensive, such as $7 for a small amount of raw vegan sushi (what I consider snack size). If you are on a budget and have a large or substantial appetite, this is not the place to go. But if you are looking for high quality raw foods (or even some cooked ones) and don't mind paying for what you get, this will be a big hit.

198 Main St, Ottawa, Canada

Yummy, but has gone downhill.

The selection is not too big, so you don't overfill your plate. Ingredients are not listed, however, unlike The Table. They no longer recognize the NCVA card (veggie discount card).
Bad experience today...I hadn't been in over a year, and someone took me out to the restaurant. I was delighted. Filled my plate, my friend was paying for both meals, and as I was reaching to open my wallet, to replace my card, I set the tray on counter behind the cash. It fell to the floor, to my shock and horror. Broken plate, glass, and all the food spoiled. The restaurant staff came to clean up the mess, but did not offer an apology (it was a mutual error, in my mind) or any sort of concession. There was a large lineup. My friend took his food to a table, and I asked if I could bypass the line, as my friend would be eating alone. They said no, but I could ask the people in the lineup if it was okay to go in. I said I wouldn't do that. So, back in the lineup, this time, I paid for my own meal. When I finally found my friend, he had not touched his meal, unexpectedly waiting for me. I am certain his food was cold. I feel the restaurant lacks compassion. Our dining experience was not a good one, and I wouldn't wish this replay on anybody.
I also noticed that there are proportionately too many deserts (two counters full, compared to one counter of salad and one counter of hot food), but the counter space seemed full of things for sale, whether it was olive oil or whatever. It's looking more cluttered with marketing for this and that (olive oils, juices, drinks, bread, pesto) rather than a more simple approach that I remembered. They were also making veggie juice when I was there, but I didn't see a fresh juice option on the menu, so that was weird.
Overall, the food is great, and if I hadn't had this experience, I probably would have been happy with the place. Oh, they didn't have napkins today, for whatever reason, so staff had torn strips off a paper towel role to use.
Updated from previous review on Friday January 27, 2012

1230 Wellington St, Ottawa, Canada

A Standby

Been to this restaurant many, many times. A relative thinks its the best restaurant in Canada, although I have found the heated foods not hot enough. Creative and healthy selections, and introduced me how to eat kale (mashed potatoes, sesame salad), parsnip (mashed, savory pie), and other foods. Generous discount if you show your National Capital Vegetarian Membership Association card. I love the wood tables/chairs. The deserts are wonderful but there are so many you could easily overdue you budget (financially and calorically speaking). You do have to pay attention to the ingredient lists if you are vegan, but useful for those who have food sensitivities. They use a self-serve water cooler that purifies the water, so it tastes much better than tapwater. They have a bulletin board in the entry so you can find out what is going on in town.

6206 Sherbrooke St W, Montreal, Canada

Good pizza

I have been ordering from Vegan Rapide since it opened. I think the pizza isn't quite as good as it used to be (has the crust gotten thinner?). However, I am still a loyal customer. You can get desserts, but beware these are packaged in clamshell containers - and what is nasty for the environment ends up being nasty for animals (recylcing logo 6, but not sure if it is cost-effective to be recycled in Montreal). They do offer sandwiches and also you can get a side of fries. They are good fries, but very greasy!
If you want daiya cheese on the pizza, you can get that, but I find they are better without. Even the meat-eaters I know like this pizza.

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