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459 N Harbor City Blvd, Melbourne, USA


02 Aug 2013

Even if you're not sure about Vietnamese food, do yourself a favor and visit Maria at Asian Gourmet. This is a small, family-owned and operated restaurant that offers the most delicious, conscienciously prepared food you will ever taste. Make sure to tell the server you are vegan when you order and they will alter the sauce to ensure it's vegan.

There are very few items on the menu that she cannot make vegan. The crispy rice noodles are amazing (although it has eggs), the Bun (salad with glass noodles, sprouts, etc.) is light and delicious. If you prefer a stronger flavor and don't mind a little kick, the Vietnamese Curry and spicy Thai Salad will leave you wanting to return.

The only drawback is that they are slow. I often order, then go next door to Nature's Market to shop for groceries and return just as the food is getting to the table. But, the reason for the wait is that everything is prepared fresh, which is very much worth the wait.

I wanted to give them five cows, but the system will not let me because it's not all vegan. With that many vegan options, it definitely deserves the full five cows, so disregard the rating and consider it as five cows!

Update: 8/2013: Nature's Market no longer next door, but they have sped up their service considerably. Food is still AMAZING
Updated from previous review on Sunday July 20, 2008

814 N Hwy A1A, Melbourne, USA

Super Cheap, Super Fast

08 Jan 2012

I've been going to Big Island since I moved to the beachside 12 years ago. I now live 20 miles away and we still make a trip at least every other week. The servers are friendly, food is super fast, and I can stuff a family of 4 for $20! My kids, being no-frills kind of girls, get a "black and white no cheese" (which comes in 3 sizes) and a side of chips with enchilada sauce for dipping. My husband and I will either split a nachos (which can fill both of us who like to eat) or each get a huge burrito (the veg. "Cabo," of course) with rice (your choice yellow or white), beans (black or pinto), lettuce, tomatoes, guacamole and we add mango salsa, which is yum! Get it wet for extra flavor, but you can request to leave out the dairy (sour cream and cheese) and will not miss it.

Also, try the BBQ Burrito for an interesting twist. It does come with coleslaw, which has dairy, but you can easily replace the meat with beans.

Only drawbacks are that they are closed on Sundays and they do not offer whole wheat tortillas.

710 N Mills Ave, Orlando, USA

Can't be Trusted

23 Oct 2012

I went in there a while back and was told that the gluten-free cupcakes were made with agave. Originally, I was just going in to accompany my friend, since I don't eat sugar. But, when she said agave, I couldn't resist walking out with an entire dozen. After that, every time I was in town, I had to make a stop and get more agave cupcakes. Each time, someone would chat with me about using agave in gluten-free b/c it keeps the cake from falling apart.

A couple of months ago, I went in and asked for an agave cupcake only to be told that they have never used agave in their cupcakes. I told her that it had been a while since I had been in and that perhaps they haven't been using agave since she has been there, but she insisted that she has been working there since the bakery opened and they have never used agave. Very deceitful. I will never return to a place that can't be trusted.

57 Washington St, Santa Clara, USA

What a Treat!

02 Aug 2013

I took my kids there while on vacation and we all loved it. They offered us a sample of the day's special and I didn't even look at the menu after that. My crepe was filled with fresh spinach, tomatoes, feta and cheddar cheeses and was divine. My kids split a strawberry, sweet cream (more like cream cheese) crepe which was drizzled with chocolate and they loved it. Coffee was strong and delicious. Vegan pumpkin muffin was good, but not quite like the creeps. All was prepared fresh . My kids loved such a treat for breakfast and I loved that they did not go too heavy on the sugar.

40 Wall St, Asheville, USA

Outrageously Delish

06 May 2008

Wonderful ambiance plus delicious gourmet foods have made this one of my favorite restaurants. My only complaint is that I ate too much.

2101 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, USA

Religious Promotional Programs a Bit Overwhelming

14 Mar 2012

The food was average, service was slow, but the worst thing was the television programming constantly sending religious messages (from all sources, including Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, etc.). Honestly, I do not want to be preached to when I go out to eat. To say it was creepy is an understatement. As much as I love to support all-vegan restaurants, there is no way I'll ever return. [edit by staff - see tos]

548-2 Lawrence Expressway, Sunnyvale, USA

Not Quite There

02 Aug 2013

I've been twice. There is potential, but each time we've been, we've left disappointed. On the bright side, they have great selection. However, the flavor is weak.

My kids are life-long vegetarians, a choice we made out of compassion. So, imagine how horrible we all felt when the veggie chicken they served was molded to look just like a real chicken breast. It was revolting to look at and just a poor choice for a vegetarian restaurant. However, when I complained to the waitress, she just smiled, nodded, and walked away like she could care less. That made us vow to never return.

1290 S Bascom Ave Ste A, San Jose, USA


02 Aug 2013

For a small place, they have a great selection. There is something to suit everyone and they were very acommodating with substitutions. The breakfast burrito with veggie chorizo was amazing and the chai latte was the best I've ever had. The only thing I didn't care for was the crepes. They were very hard and too sweet for my taste. My kids loved the fruit smoothies with Stevia-sweetened boba pearls.

116 N Lexington Ave, Asheville, USA

Vegan Heaven

06 May 2008

My only complaint is that Rosetta's is not a chain with plans to open in my hometown. Simply the best chili cheese fries (made with their homemade nutritional yeast) I've had since college!

Great as a late night spot, but busy all the time. We were there at 3 pm on a Monday and it was nearly full.

Employees were friendly, atmosphere very artsy and laid back, wonderful desserts.

Don't be put off by the entrance. We almost kept driving when we pulled up to this tiny entrance on Lexington because it looked very run-down. But, then we noticed Rosetta's tiny door (next to very run-down surroundings) led to a colorful and clean upstairs we didn't first notice.

After dinner, I was very impressed with the earth-friendly food containers they provided.

Wow! This is vegan food that the heartiest cernivores would die for. No appologies needed. I would consider returning to Asheville only for Rosetta's food.

606 N Wickham Rd, Melbourne, USA

Out of This World Scrumptious!

08 Jan 2012

We have been going to Taste of India since they first opened in Melbourne and have never found another Indian restaurant that can even come close in taste and quality. I even overheard an Indian customer comment to his server that he couldn't find food this good on his latest trip to India! Even though I haven't visited India, I can believe his statement. It's just that good!

If you go for their lunch buffet, you can enjoy about 3/4 of the food as a vegetarian. However, if you are vegan, it's probably best to order off the menu, since they use butter and cheese in most of their dishes. On their menu, they have an entire huge vegetarian section, for each appetizers and entrees. And, they will take special requests for vegan and allergies.

The servers are all wonderful and super professional. Some are a bit shy b/c of the language, but most are very friendly. The manager is fabulous and can answer any question you may have. Super professional and super nice.

They are so good that they now have four locations throughout Florida (Tampa, Brandon, and W. Palm Beach, as well as the original in Melbourne).

520 E Durante Ave, Aspen, USA

Great Little Hideaway

07 Aug 2014

No frills fresh food with an original twist, friendly service, and reasonable prices. It's not easy to find and you may be deterred by the line that often comes out the door, but it moves very quickly and the food is definitely delish.

My daughter, who loves pad thai, got the Thai wrap and thought it was awesome. It came with black beans, rice, marinated tofu, peanut sauce, all wrapped in a chili flour tortilla. I enjoyed the Mr. Potato Head, but plan to try the Thai wrap on our next visit.

Smoothies are also yum and made fresh!

2500 N Highway A1A, Melbourne, USA

Scrumptious Food/Outrageous Prices

06 May 2008

First time trying The Jungle, we paid $60 for breakfast (two adults and two young children who had kids meals). Normally, at nearby conventional restaurants, we pay $30-35 for a comparable breakfast. Granted, organic is pricey. And, I would not have minded paying $40-45 for our meal. But, $60 (before tip) was outrageous.

That said, the food was nothing short of amazing! They do need more vegan options.

450 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, USA

Amazing Food

30 Mar 2015

Popped in for a late dinner and my entire family was thrilled with this cafe. The food was tasty and well made and the decor was casual and fun. The only drawback was our incredibly slow server. I even had to walk up to the counter to let her know we were ready to order.

I was hesitant to eat so late since that usually means I don't get much sleep. But, their food was light and healthy and I slept like a baby that night.

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