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364 Roy St, Seattle, USA

Heaven on a plate!!

So, I ate at Bamboo Garden for the first time approximately 2 months ago and I was BLOWN AWAY. I wasn't a fan of the sweet and sour pork or the general chicken (tastes kind of like a fritter, or doughnut.) Too greasy, but I fell in love with the almond chicken!! The service was spectacular, the staff was friendly and helpful. If you are looking for a variety, definitely get the combination plate. They don't require a 2 person minimum, so I got one thing and my honey got another and we shared. FANTASTIC. The free parking is also a great bonus. I'm telling you - this food is so good, I think about it when I need a good "junk" food night - or snuggling and watching a movie. You will not be disappointed. My mouth is watering just thinking about it now. ALSO, I got some to go the other day and the food was just as good. I reheated the almond chicken in the oven and it was fantastic and crispy. YUM!

1800 Willamette St, Eugene, USA

HOLY CRAP! SOO delicious!

So, I'm from Seattle - hence the name. We don't have Cafe Yumm up here and I DREAM about Cafe Yumm in Oregon. My mother-in-law lives in Eugene and I have to eat here every time I come by. I've only tried one thing but it was so good, I don't need to try anything else - the smoky Yumm bowl, vegan with avocado. I literally could live on this. I also buy some of their sauce and take it home. I put it on sandwiches, dip veggies in it, as a sauce in burritos, anything. SO good, if you haven't eaten there - do it soon! They will only let me give 4 cows because it's not vegetarian, but I would totally give it 5.

4757 12th Ave NE, Seattle, USA

I had the vegan reuben

I stopped in there a few months ago when I was craving a reuben. The sandwich was good, but it had too much Field Roast on it. This is not a slam on the restaurant - this was just my first time having Field Roast and I realized I didn't like it. Not the restaurants fault - my fault. But, I took the Field Roast off and ate the sandwich without it and it was actually quite delicious! The bread was crunch - extra sauerkraut (my favorite.) I'd definitely go back and I would just ask for a little Field Roast. I was pleased enough to go back any time. I was treated very well when I came in, I ordered on the phone and just had to pick up the food but the guy at the counter was very nice. A little more expensive than I was expecting but worth it.

909 Pike St, Seattle, USA

GREAT food, Tatiana is amazing!!

I ate their twice while I was working in the area. The hot dogs were a bit on the pricey side, but you get a LOT of food. I had a wonderful conversation with Tatiana (the owner) about how she opened the place. We talked about books and she recommended which hot dog to try. I told her that I love garlic and she recommended the Mama Tatiana, jewish dog that comes with vitamins! I thought it was very cute. The hot dog was very garlic-y but very delicious. After I left, I kept thinking about eating there so I went the next day. I ordered the Greek Dog, comes with hummus, cucumbers, onions. A complete plateful. She is open until midnight, even on the weekends. I was so pleased eating there that I would happily go back. I told her that I was vegan and was completely happy knowing she would make it vegan. I think this place would be better, if it had more space. She is always playing a movie.

3510 Fremont Ave N, Seattle, USA

Decent treats, WONDERFUL staff!

I went in there for the first time after I had been ITCHING to go. A vegan bakery? Come on! So, I went in. Most of the food did not look too appetizing so I asked the girl behind the counter to help me and she completely made the experience. She walked me through everything, let me "sample" the cake before I bought a slice, and made me a delicious variety tray. I only wish that I could remember her name. The cake was okay, better if not refridgerated. The treats were a bit hit and miss, the turnover was good and the macaroons are to DIE for!! I will good back, but I won't wait with a watering mouth. Maybe for a good Sunday breakfast.

810 Charnelton St, Eugene, USA

Very good, happy with my order

I stopped in there right before Valentine's Day and ordered the sweet and sour shrimp. SO FLIPPIN GOOD!! I was so happy with my food, I can't even express how delicious it was. We have good chinese vegan up here in Seattle but nothing compares to the sweet and sour shrimp. I'm going back around Memorial Day and will be getting some of this - right away! The staff was a bit shy and put-off but still very nice. Quick service too.

2110 N 55th St, Seattle, USA

Holy Happy Cow!!

Okay, so I just tried this place today after reading the reviews. I have not been impressed with the Mighty-Os that I have found at Whole Foods - they seem very very hard and hard to get down. BUT - the skies parted and the angels sang as I tasted a bite of my Vanilla Nut (cake donut topped with chocolate frosting and nuts.) OH MY GOODNESS!! It was so good. Then I bought the apple fritter (not necessarily a fan of apple fritters to begin with and this didn't change with trying Mighty-O's brand,) the Chocolate/Chocolate (FREAKING amazing,) the French Toast (not too bad) and the Good Ol' Fashioned (haven't tried yet.) I think that I am now addicted to the Vanilla nut...plus, I LOVE cake donuts (especially plain!) I will be back...These donuts taste just like I remember donuts tasting before I went vegan. Delish!

450 Willamette St, Eugene, USA

Not the best food, not the worst

When I ate at Morning Glory, I felt like I was eating at a place that gives vegans a bad name. I ordered the breakfast sandwich and what I got was a mess that tasted like a salt lick. I also ordered the pancakes, which were a disappointment. I don't want to bash the restaurant, but I was not too satisfied with my menu offering. I could have made better food at home, but I wanted to experience all vegan food in Eugene. I won't be back to this restaurant.

5500 University Way NE, Seattle, USA

OH MY GOODNESS...so freakin delicious!

I ate at Pizza Pi for the first time about three months ago after getting a recommendation from a barista at Tully's. We ordered the white lightning pizza, the cheesesteak pizza and the cheesesticks. The cheesesticks came out first and I think they are the best food I have ever had. So good, I wanted to just eat those. The garlic/mayo dipping sauce is incredibly addicting. The white lightning was okay, but I could tell they used canned potatoes and (as a personal preference) I'm not too fond of them. The cheesesteak is heaven on a pizza pan. I'm not a fan of Field Roast but this pizza is so good. I kept having cravings for this food so I came back, ordered the cheese sticks, the cheesesteak, the sampler AND a calzone. The number 2 calzone to be exact. HOLY CRAP. So freaking good. I would recommend this to ANYONE. I bought the calzone for lunches that week and they were delicious after being re-heated which is rare to find. The shrimp was delicious and the ranch is to DIE for. I am so happy with this restaurant, I'm going there tomorrow because I can't hold back anymore!

117 E Division St, Arlington, USA

Great food, interesting atmosphere

We ate there today and we were very happy with what we ordered. There was a Magic The Gathering event today, different crowd. The food was spectacular! The vegan avocado/pesto burger was fantastic, had a very barbecue flavor to it. The wait staff was very friendly. We are definitely happy to go back and eat there again. Be careful of eating any menu item with Morningstar - very few of their items are vegan. I know for a fact the sausage patties have egg whites in them. Good food!

5270B University Way NE, Seattle, USA

Pretty awesome store!

I've only been here once and I was a little surprised. This was recommended to me by a barista at Tully's and I was expecting a bigger store. However, with that being said, it took me about 10 minutes to stop looking at the labels and then take a collective sigh of relief that I could eat ANYTHING in the store! I picked up some donuts (delish!) and a copy of VegNews. Hey, it was my first time - I was a bit overwhelmed and just left Pizza Pi! I will definitely be going back for vegan MARSHMALLOWS!! I also will be going back tomorrow to pick up the next issue of VegNews and to get some seriously delicious food - such as prepared sandwiches!! I also bought a subscription to VegNews and will be checking out their clothes. GREAT store...

801 NE 65th St Ste C, Seattle, USA

Awesome experience

I ate at Wayward for the first time a couple of months ago and I was highly impressed. The food selection is huge, you can find pretty much anything you are craving and the staff is SUPER nice. I have gone in a few times and I don't look like a vegan in this area...not to say anything bad. But it's the U-District and the people who were there are more earthy than I was but the staff didn't treat me any differently and were very very helpful with the selections. The Philly - AMAZING and the breakfast sandwich - AWESOME! I love going to Wayward but the problem is that it is right across the street from Pizza Pi so it's a hard choice!

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