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5511 N Figueroa St, Highland Park, USA

Tasty Food

23 Jun 2010

When we went here, we must have ordered 6 or 7 items. We live in the Inland Empire and didn't know when we'd be back out in the area, so we opted to create our own sampler plate. It was more like a sampler table with all the food we tried. And it was all delicious. I especially loved the tamales and the mole.

Fort Mason Center, Building A, San Francisco, USA

Nice experience

23 Jun 2010

We walked to Greens based on the advice from the Concierge when we asked if there was a nice vegetarian restaurant nearby. (Maybe it's because I was hungry but it sure seemed like a long walk up the hill from Fisherman's Wharf to get there, and some steep steps down to the restaurant itself -- not quite the quick walk to which she alluded. But the walk back was nice; glad we didn't take a cab afer all.) For us, dinner was excellent. We were seated at a window table with a nice view. Our server was quick and polite, and with the fixed-price menu (it was a Saturday), there were only a few choices we had to make. Dinner was creative and delicious, and the dessert was tasty. The prices were high, maybe higher than they could/should have been, but being in vacation-mode I sort of expected that with the location. With several reviews here of people who were disappointed, I have to give them credit for getting it right the night we were there. We had a nice experience at Greens.

Kuznetsky Most Str, 11, Moscow, Russia

Delicious Buffet

23 Jun 2010

It wasn't until after I booked my trip that I realized this place was only about a block away from the hotel -- what a relief! The buffet was delicious! Although to be honest, I'm not sure that I knew what everything was since all of the Russian I know was from a few weeks of CDs and learning the alphabet after deciding I needed to go to Moscow to see what it was like there. I don't expect locals to speak English since I'm the one visiting their county, and that expectation was met in this restaurant :) Like a prior reviewer, there were lots of das and niets, as well as pointing, smiling, nodding, and giggling with the staff. Not only is the food great, but this is a neat restaurant inside, too. Simple, but with art on the walls and a cool feel to it. When in Moscow, be sure to try out Jagannath.

1295 S State St Ste B, Hemet, USA

Decent frozen vegetarian selection

23 Jun 2010

Although I do the bulk of the grocery shopping at another grocery store across the street, I still swing into Henry's once a week for the frozen vegetarian items we like. Henry's carries the Quorn brand of frozen veggie foods (which I personally prefer over another brand) such as "beef" grounds, naked chik'n cutlets (perfect chicken substitute for chicken parmesan, chicken katsu, Southwest chicken eggrolls, etc. - even Shake 'n' Bake), breaded chik'n cutlets, and chik'n tenders (perfect chicken substitue for stir-fry, orange chicken, or even boneless hot wings.) They also have a nice selection of frozen food by Amy's, and a limited selection of items from Tasty Bite (single-serving boxed heat-and-eat food from India.) For our family, Henry's doesn't carry all of the brands and items we buy from the main grocery store I go to, but it's still worth the quick trip to Henry's to get these essentials. The service is quick, and once when they were running low on one of these items, they quickly ordered more when I asked. It's nice to have these vegetarian options in a Hemet store.

4213 Campus Dr, Irvine, USA

Excellent Fast Food

23 Jun 2010

Eating at the Veggie Grill is great. The food is so tasty and is prepared very fast. The employees are amazing in how helpful and courteous they are. The restaurant is clean, modern, and bright. I only wish there were more Veggie Grills.

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