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4301 Bryan St, Dallas, USA

Vegan options

27 May 2012

The waitress was very friendly and understanding of food allergies. Bangkok City has many vegetarian and vegan options! But for people with gluten, peanut and soy allergies, the only option on the menu is the vegetable Phad Thai Noodles minus the peanuts. I had this and it was to die for. I will go back for seconds!

202 W Davis St, Dallas, USA


27 May 2012

They have a few vegan specials posted on the board and they change every day. The sauces are very unique and delicious! The yellow bell pepper sauce looks like cheese when they put it on your enchilada and it tastes dynamite!

As a bonus, Bees is also allergy-friendly! The yellow corn and blue corn wraps are the two gluten-free options. If you have a corn allergy and a gluten allergy you would just have to omit the wrap. I have been very glad to make the half hour drive over to eat healthy vegan Mexican food.

2700 Town Center Dr, Ste 136, Kennesaw, USA

Super friendly owner

11 Jun 2012

This was the first time I visited a Loving Hut. The food is Asian. There is a lot of soy in the dishes. I asked the chef to omit the soy due to my allergy. It was no problem. I ordered three things off the menu: The guru curry, holy eggplant and bok choy. All were delightful. :-)

Someone commented that they thought the cable channel selected on the television might scare or offend non vegetarians. I disagree. I do not think my friends would have been offended by the environmental news broadcast or the segment on animal poaching.

Updated from previous review on Monday June 11, 2012

1908 Henderson Ave, Dallas, USA

Not impressed

15 Jun 2012

My wife and I went out to celebrate with a large group of friends. We called ahead explaining that several members of our large party had several food allergies (gluten, wheat,rice, corn, beans, lentils, soy, peanuts, basil, mushrooms, and Ceiliac disease. The waiter assured us that they had many options.

We were all disappointed in our experience. Sadly, five members of our group could only eat salad, french fries and the meager piece of mushroom from the mushroom burger minus the wheat bun. They left still very much hungry and disappointed.

The food at the V-spot is American diner food that has been veganized. The V-Spot is over priced for the amount of food you receive and it is not allergy friendly.

I wish the V-Spot would change their menu and add more raw foods. Also it would be great if they offered wholesome options like steamed or grilled vegetables, brown rice, roasted root vegetables, mashed sweet potatoes and baked potaotes. A lot of people who are vegan have become so due to food allergies or food intolerance.

FYI, Wholesome Foods Bakery offers Vegan, gluten-free, soy-free and allergy friendly baked goods. The V-spot could purchase their products and serve them in their restaurant.

Updated from previous review on Sunday May 27, 2012

800 E Arapaho Ste 120, Richardson, USA


27 May 2012

I went out with a large group of friends recently. They raved about how much they loved the vegan food. The owners are a cute, polite, elderly Taiwanese couple. They were very kind to us. The restaurant specializes in soy-mock meats. This is not the place to go if you are gluten-intolerant or if you have a soy allergy.

516 W Arapaho Rd Ste 112, Richardson, USA

Not soy-allergy friendly!

27 May 2012

On a positive note all my friends love the food. They serve healthy whole grain brown rice, and 4 steamed veggie options but they are expensive when compared to the soy dishes. The restaurant specializes in soy mock-meats. Everything in the buffet has soy sauce on it or peanuts. I have gone here 6 times when I was in the neighborhood and in a pinch for time. Each time the waitress, Paula, was rude and pushy.

2912 Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas, USA

Not allergy friendly

27 May 2012

My vegetarian friends loves this restaurant. It has a very small selection of items they can make vegan. There are no options for people with soy allergies, or gluten intolerance. Beware, the corn-tortillas are not gluten-free they are mixed with white flour. I found out the hard way. All the wraps and nan breads are also made from wheat flour which contains gluten.

1111 International Pkwy Ste 300, Richardson, USA

Yummy vegan food

15 Jun 2012

I tried this cafeteria out a few days ago. I must say, I agree with the previous post. It is a very, very, very casual school lunch-room atmosphere. But it is only $6 for lunch.

There are two vegan Chinese lunch buffets within a 2 minute drive of the International Buddhist Progress Society Cafeteria, Veggie Garden and Suma Veggie. I have also tried both of those restaurants. And I agree with the previous post, that the lunch buffets contain heavy soy mock-meats. While they go very, very, very, very light on the steamed and raw veggies. I also agree that I liked the B.P.S.C. lunch buffet more because there were no mock meats. ;-) But if you want to enjoy vegan Chinese mock-meat heaven try Suma Veggie. They are less expensive than Veggie Garden, the food is almost identical and the owners are super friendly.

5430 Gurley Ave, Dallas, USA

Allergy Friendly

27 May 2012

Kalachandji's vegetarian buffet is very allergy friendly and vegan friendly! They have a very large green salad bar, fresh whole fruit, steamed brown rice, steamed vegetables, steamed greens, a vegetable or lentil soup, and several savory Indian dishes.

I am a vegan and I am allergic to soy, oats, beans, lentils, and gluten. I may not be able to eat everything at their buffet but I can certainly find enough to fill me up.

The wait staff has always been very polite and friendly. The waitress told me that on Friday or Saturday they have almost all vegan foods. I love this place! I have eaten here 13 times!

2796 E Point St, East Point, USA


11 Jun 2012

My spouse, sister and I went to Lov'n It Live for lunch. All the food is fabulous! The soups are divine and I loved the kale salad. Don't miss the strawberry pie it is to die for.

I look forward to going back, every time I visit Atlanta! My spouse, sister and I all have food allergies to a combination of foods: basil, dried herbs, soy, all beans, all grains, peanuts, milk, cayenne pepper, black pepper and eggs. The waitress was very accommodating. I highly recommend this restaurant to everyone on the planet! The organic raw vegan food is worth every penny!
Updated from previous review on Monday June 11, 2012

718 N Buckner Blvd 154, Dallas, USA

Vegan, Gluten-free and Allergy friendly!

27 May 2012

Hail to Wholesome Foods Bakery! Delicious vegan, organic, gluten-free and allergy friendly baked goods! The owners have Celiac and are lactose intolerant. They have flexible allergy friendly menu options to fit all your special diet needs! I love the vegan, soy-free, corn-free, oat-free, yeast-free, sugar-free breads, muffins, buns, pizza crust, muffins and cake. Love this place! It is much better than the breads in the freezer section at Whole Foods. They also make breads with yeast that fit all my allergy needs as well.

Make sure you eat in the cafe. They have delicious cinnamon rolls. You can call a day ahead and pre-order specific allergy friendly options to enjoy the next morning in the cafe. They usually have something I can eat and I have so many allergies!

2118 Abrams Rd, Dallas, USA

Love Whole Foods

27 May 2012

I love Whole Food's Food Bar! I can get a quick lunch or dinner that is wholesome and allergy friendly (soy-free, gluten-free, oat-free, bean-free, peanut-free, and legume-free). I love whole brown rice, steamed kale, steamed veggies, mashed sweet potatoes and the green salad/fruit bar! Sheer bliss!

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