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Kabashima-machi 8-5, Nagasaki, Japan

Not great selection; good vegan bread

02 Feb 2009

This store is pretty small and the woman working knew almost no English, so we showed her a card we had made that indicated in Japanese that we did not eat animal products. She helped us figure out what we could buy, which included a loaf of yummy artisan bread, some rice crackers, a chocolate bar, and a jar of tomato sauce. There didn't appear to be any vegan prepared foods, and when I asked about the bento boxes I believe she indicated that none were vegetarian. This store is around the block from the Comfort Hotel, near the Ohato tram stop.

20 Lower Mulberry St, Danville, USA

Very satisfying

27 Jun 2009

I ate at Brews N Bytes twice this spring. This cafe is in the first floor of a house, and is very homey. The portions are large, and both times I ate there, the soup of the day was vegan and both times it was absolutely delicious. The staff is friendly and the food comes quickly. Vegan items are well-marked, and there were many options to choose from.

Virginia Beach area, Virginia Beach, USA

Outstanding vegan cupcakes

10 Feb 2014

I've had vegan cupcakes from five Hampton Roads bakeries, and I feel Blue Castle's are the tastiest and definitely the best decorated. Some vegan cupcakes give you a sugar crash, but these don't do that to me. My favorite flavor so far has been chocolate peanut butter. These cupcakes are appropriate for any occasion, and I've seen them at casual events and also at fancy events with very elegant designs.

Domus Hyakumanben 3F, 28-20 Tanak-monzenmae, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan

Made us wish we could live in Kyoto!

02 Feb 2009

We didn't know what to expect, but the lunch we had was fantastic. We tried the gyoza (potstickers--pretty good), the tofu steak (excellent!) and the soymilk ramen (out of this world!) The staff was incredibly friendly. We also bought a bunch of vegan baked goods--cookies, an amazing banana-nut muffin, and granola-type bars. They have an interesting and varied menu. It's right near Kyoto University, and it was good to see that lots of students were eating at the cafe. We would have loved to eat there more if we had time!

near corner of Av. Italia and Centenario, Montevideo, Uruguay

Pleasant veg experience

08 Feb 2008

This was the first of the La Vegetariana chain that we tried. It had a decent buffet with pleasant seating options. The food is plain and filling, but don't expect much in the way of seasoning. Also, many of the options contain egg, so vegans have less to choose from, but there's still plenty there for a healthy, satisfying vegan meal. One of their specialties is Milanesa (a breaded "veal" (seitan) cutlet or schnitzel), but this is made with egg. You can ask the chef to make you a special portion of Milanesa without egg in the breading, and they usually do it for no charge. I liked the Milanesa with their tomato sauce, or just with salt.

5820 N Classen Blvd Ste 1, Oklahoma City, USA

Must Try the Tiramisu

01 Jul 2012

All the dishes we tried were fantastic (and we ordered a lot of stuff!) but the tiramisu will haunt our dreams forever--a perfect tower of many layers, accompanied by mocha ice cream (the most perfect I have ever tasted). Amazing what they can do with raw ingredients. The restaurant is very classy and well-decorated, and the server was as friendly and helpful as could be.

570 Nakano-cho, Teramachi-dori, Kyoto, Japan

Wonderful experience

02 Feb 2009

We went to Mikoan more to meet the cats we'd read about than anything, and were delighted that we also had a terrific dinner. The restaurant was at the end of a very narrow alley, but HappyCow's directions were perfect. The restaurant is homey and cluttered with knickknacks, and you sit at a bar facing the woman preparing the food. My husband and I ordered the veg set meal, and in an amazingly short time we each had a huge tray of dishes set in front of us. Aside from the soup, we each had totally different dishes, so we shared everything. So tasty and healthy! Salads, pickled vegetables, gluten chunks, hot vegetables... my husband liked the soup so much that he ordered an additional bowl. We were also thrilled to meet cats Toro and Hana. Toro is a chubby guy, and Hana is a sleek, outgoing charmer. At some point an older woman came in (the mother of the cook?) and sat down. We asked the cook how much the cute cat fabric tissue-holders cost that were sitting on the bar, and she had the older woman bring over her sewing basket and show us the different components that she was in the process of making to show us that they were handmade. The meal was a terrific value so we were happy to support them by buying a cat tissue-cozy (for tiny packs of tissues). Definitely a must-do when you're in Kyoto!

Oike-Dori, Kyoto, Japan

Huge variety of yummy dishes

02 Feb 2009

We told the friendly proprietor that we were vegan and he went over every dish in the buffet with us to point out which ones were vegan (about 80%) and which contained fish or fish sauce. There were many, many wonderful options (at least a dozen) including salads, stir-fries, fried items like potato puffs and gluten chunks (my favorite!), hot and cold tofu dishes, soups (including a really tasty soy cream of potato soup), and fruit desserts. They had brown rice and white rice. We stuffed ourselves and were very pleased with the variety. The only disappointment was that none of the cookies available for purchase were vegan. The atmosphere was very pleasant, and we sat next to a glass window overlooking the back garden. Obanzai now does have an English sign out front, and is about halfway up a sidestreet off Oike-Dori. They open at 5pm for dinner. Highly recommend! I would give them five stars if allowed--they are extremely vegan-friendly.

146 Baldwin Ave, Toronto, Canada

Yummy Baked Goods

01 Jul 2012

We came across Sadie's by accident while on the way to Hibiscus for ice cream and just had to buy some of the baked goods. We got a cinnamon roll and an oreo donut, and both were delicious. Next time we'll have to try their ice cream and juices.

12581 Jefferson Ave, Newport News, USA


01 Jul 2012

I've eaten at the Silver Diner in the BWI airport twice and had good experiences, so I expected the same in Newport News. I walked in here a few months ago and asked what the vegan options were, and they had nothing to offer me, so I had to leave. If they want veg customers at this location they'll need to improve their menu.

Patio ST, 106-0045, Tokyo, Japan

Pretty good food; small portions; friendly staff

02 Feb 2009

Nice atmosphere, somewhat trendy and hip; the staff was friendly and spoke some English. We enjoyed what we ordered, although the portions were tiny, and we were disappointed that they had run out of several menu items. Very close to the subway stop.

385 Broadview Avenue, Toronto, Canada

Can't Miss the Crispy Chicken

27 Jun 2012

Ate here for lunch today, and loved almost everything we ordered. We started with crispy chickun nuggets, which were as crispy as described and were tasty. We then had the asparagus and spinach soup, which was good but tasted a little grassy. For entrees we had a portobello burger and a chickun burger. Both were yummy, but the chickun burger was especially delightful, and had the same fantastic breading as the nuggets. The avocado on the sandwiches came in one big square chunk each though, so we sliced them up so they would cover more of the patties. Really, really tasty. The server was very friendly too.

238 Augusta Avenue, Toronto, Canada

Cute, Tasty

01 Jul 2012

We went there for the ice cream and tried three flavors: almond chocolate, pistachio, and coffee. I liked them all, but it wasn't the best vegan ice cream I've had. I would have preferred more coffee flavor in the coffee ice cream. The place is cute and the staff were friendly, though.

273 George Street, Sydney

Wholesome and Perfect

07 Feb 2010

We didn't know what to expect when we read that this was a "fast food counter," and were very pleasantly surprised to find gourmet, ready-to-eat cold options and hot meals as well. We tried to sample some of everything--tofu fritter, polenta slice, rice ball, rice paper roll, wraps, the caramelized onion tart & salad meal (heavenly!), a daily soup special, and baked goods like the muffins, friands, and marabbas. Everything was fresh, yummy, and filling. Our only conundrum was wanting to try too many things, which can be costly.

There was a bar with 4-5 seats, so we were able to sit down and eat. It's in a great location, not far from Circular Quay. A bonus--there was a LUSH store a few feet away.

We wish this chain would come to the US--I could eat there every day.

412 North Ave, New Rochelle, USA

Perfection on a Plate

11 Oct 2011

We ate here three times last week when business brought us to the area for two days. We ordered the largest sampler plate each time (which let us choose 5 items each), and everything was delicious. We especially loved the ginger chicken, the kale salad, the barbecue chicken legs, the mac n cheese, and the spinach dish. Everything was flavorful, and though we ate a lot of food it didn't leave us with a heavy feeling--just a feeling of balance and satisfaction. We also tried the fruit smoothies, which were perfect. The owners were kind and welcoming, and we enjoyed the music and the ambience of the place. Wish we lived nearby! (FYI this restaurant is within walking distance of the Radisson hotel--very convenient for travelers.)

1369 Yi, Centro, Montevideo, Uruguay

Veg oasis in a sea of beef

08 Feb 2008

This was the second La Vegetariana we tried, and we ended up going back almost every day. It's an excellent value for all-you-can-eat, and they accept credit cards.

They had a large salad bar in addition to their hot buffet, with interesting leafy greens and most other fixings that you would want. One mistake I made was that I thought that the brown liquid in a bottle next to the oil in the salad dressing section was vinegar, but it was soy sauce.

The hot food is plain and filling, but don't expect much in the way of seasoning. There was always one chafing dish full of boiled root vegetables, and usually another vegan hot vegetable dish (leeks with lentils is one memorable one). Many of the more interesting dishes contain egg, so vegans have less to choose from, but there's still plenty there for a healthy, satisfying vegan meal. One specialty they make is Milanesa (a breaded "veal" (seitan) cutlet), but this is made with egg. You can ask the chef to make you a special portion of Milanesa without egg in the breading, and they usually do it for no charge. I liked the Milanesas with their tomato sauce, or just with salt.

They also had very good noquis (gnocchi) in red sauce at this location. In Uruguay it's traditional to eat noquis at the end of the month.

They also had excellent fresh-squeezed orange juice, which you could order by the glass or by the jug (the little jugs served 2 people).

This La Vegetariana is very centrally located and is convenient to many hotels.

The only thing I didn't like about this restaurant were the bathrooms: the toilets did not have seats, and were pretty scary in other ways too.

3916 Virginia Beach Blvd, Virginia Beach, USA

Donuts Are SO GOOD

02 Jun 2012

My Vegan Sweet Tooth makes the BEST vegan donuts--both the apple cider donuts (with cinnamon/sugar topping) and the chocolate donuts (with icing/chocolate sprinkles) are divine. The chocolate peanut butter pie is also ridiculously good, as are the cinnamon buns. But hands down, my favorite is the donuts. They're a great value, too--perfect for sharing with coworkers.

Ginza Kosaka bldg 7-9F, 6-9-4 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Good food but very expensive

02 Feb 2009

We had a very nice post-theater dinner at Nataraj--they have excellent vegan dishes (loved the ones with gluten/seitan), and the portions were good-sized. The atmosphere was very pleasant. My only complaint is the cost--dinner was 8,100 yen for three people.

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