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Luis de Vargas 4, Seville, Sevilla, Spain

good vegan options

13 May 2012

lots of vegan options, healthy, interesting food, and good ecological wine. The vegan dessert option wasn't very good, however

Pintor Fortuny 25, Barcelona, Spain

good food

13 May 2012

not that many vegan options, at least for dinner, but good vegan desserts

Zahringerplatz 11, Zurich, Switzerland

Good but I wouldn't go out of my way to return

24 Jul 2010

Good but not extraordinary food. Some vegan options. The server we first got was very nice but did not speak English, so we got a second server who seemed always in a bad mood and did not give a hint of a smile once, which was actually rather entertaining. They had one vegan cake when we went there, which was interesting but I'm not sure if it was good enough to get again.

Plaza de las Descalzas 3, Granada, Spain

cool place, uninteresting vegan food

13 May 2012

I've only tried the vegan food here, and it wasn't bad but nothing exciting and not cheap either. However, it is a nice place to hang out and drink coffee with oat/almond milk--they have couches and wifi

555 11th St NW, Washington, USA


28 Mar 2013

Nothing exciting

8 Calle Huelva, Side Street, Sevilla, Spain

good vegan tapas

13 May 2012

amazing hummus! probably the best tapas bar for vegans in Sevilla. Nice place--sometimes at night you can overhear flamenco shows

C/Cardenal Casañas 7, Ciutat Vella, Barcelona, Spain

Amazing breakfast

13 May 2012

you can order brunch for 6.50, and you get to try pretty much everything on their breakfast menu, and it's enough food for two people. Also probably the only vegan breakfast in barcelona

Calle Granada 40, Almeria, Spain

best option for vegans

13 May 2012

very good food--not a ton of vegan options but probably the best restaurant for vegans in Almeria (although Sin Lin Teteria is a teahouse nearby on Avenida de Vilches that serves some good, though very heavy, vegan food, and you can get milkshakes made with soy milk). Good ecological wine, and the tempeh shoyu tapa was phenomenal. Tapas are small, of course, so if you want to fill up they have great salads (which are more interesting than they sound)

Cuesta del Realejo 10, Granada, Spain

great veggie tapas bar

13 May 2012

Good vegan tapas and good ecological wine. Satisfying light dinner for 4 euros, including drinks (2 euros per drink, comes with tapas). Staff is friendly and happy to accommodate vegans

Calle Santiago 2, Granada, Spain

one more reason I love Granada

13 May 2012

This is my favorite place to eat in Granada--they have by far the most choice for vegans, and even have a good selection of vegan desserts. Lots of interesting world fusion flavors, and good ecological wine.

Calle Golfo 3, Seville, Sevilla, Spain

good vegan options

13 May 2012

good latin-themed food, but rather expensive

Sihlstrasse 28, Zurich, Switzerland


19 Jul 2010

Wide selection of flavorful food, with plenty of vegan options. It was a very nice change from traditional Swiss food, where veganism is a ridiculous concept. It's also nice that you pay by the weight of your food, so you don't feel obliged to pile up your plate like in all-you-can-eat buffets.

Via delle Ruote, 30 r, Florence, Italy


24 Jul 2010

A reasonably priced self-serve restaurant (average less than $10 per person for dinner and drink). It looked closed from the outside but we opened the door and found a cozy, informal little restaurant. You choose from a menu with many clearly marked vegan and gluten-free (senza glutine) options. Order and pay at the counter (the cashier spoke fluent English), then grab a tray and utensils to bring to the queue at the opposite counter, where you hand your order to a man who will immediately serve pre-prepared but fresh and tasty food. They even have some tasty vegan pastries.

Via Giacomo Leopardi, 2r, Florence, Italy


19 Jul 2010

The food was excellent, 100% organic, nearly all vegan, and reasonably priced. The staff all spoke good English and could not have been nicer. The menu changes each day but always has various piatti misti, dishes that are perfect for trying a bit of everything, including one that is just vegan and one that's just macrobiotic. We ordered the grande piatto misto, which served two people, but since there were three of us we ordered another dish from the menu that the waiter recommended. Everything on the piatto misto was good, but the dish the waiter recommended was ridiculously good and we were glad we had extra. We raved about it so much that the waiter brought out the chef, who happily explained to us how he made it. The healthfood store that the restaurant is attached to is also fantastic and completely organic. It's very tucked away which can be a bit hard to find but it also isn't too touristy, unlike many restaurants in Florence.

514 Front St, Santa Cruz, USA


25 Jul 2010

This is my favorite restaurant. It is also my carnivore dad's favorite restaurant. Every dish is so rich and interesting and full of flavor. We've been coming here long enough that they remember I'm vegan and tell me if there's something I can't eat or that needs to be altered. You could not imagine our disappointment when they stopped being open for lunch, but dinners are also great.

Cuesta de Abarqueros, 3, Granada, Spain

good but expensive

13 May 2012

good, interesting food, and good vegan options, though rather pricey.

925 NW Davis St, Portland, USA


31 Jan 2012

The sweet carrot and avocado raw soup and the lentil stew were both incredible and reasonably priced. Almost everything is vegan except some things which have honey.

Bahnhofplatz 15, Zürich, Zurich, Switzerland


25 Jul 2010

The food was good, but most of it wasn't extraordinary. When we came in the restaurant was empty, which made the atmosphere rather awkward. It's a good location, but I'm not sure I would come here again, especially with Hiltl not too far away.

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