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4-369 Kuhio Hwy, Wailua, USA


This place was heavenly, especially after striking out at so many other places in Hawai'i. We would have returned many times if we had found it earlier!
We went at night and the atmosphere was great.
The waiter also works the register and remembers who ordered what as you seat yourself and he brings you your food. He was the only staff member not working in the kitchen, and it was amazing that he remained so friendly and didn't forget a thing, even when the place was full!
THE FOOD WAS DELICIOUS! We ordered the pumpkin soup and just couldn't get enough of it. We each had a cup, and then I bought myself another bowl! The samosas were very good, but more like a turnover than a samosa (very dessert/pastry-like). The noodle salad was very fresh and the peanut dressing was fantastic; we only wish they put more on there! The coconut custard in lilikoi syrup was very different: tangy, but creamy; very interesting and good.
The food wasn't expensive either!

531 Divisadero St, San Francisco, USA


Their brunch is amazing! Pesto tofu scramble is unbeatable; Southwestern tofu scramble is really good too; french toast is really yummy, nice and thick, not too sweet, just right; sausage biscuits are kind of dry, but so tasty that it doesn't matter, just dip them in the gravy they come with.
Everything comes with sides (except the french toast) and are really filling.

I can't stress enough how good the vanilla shakes are.

Kuhio Hwy, Moloaa, USA

incompetent rude clerk

My husband and I made it a point to stop here on our honeymoon. We were hoping for a taro burger, as one of the other places we had tried to get one no longer sold them. Moloa Fruit stand, it turned out, did not have them either! We checked with the woman taking our order as to whether or not the veggie burger was vegan. She made a snarky remark, along the lines of "obviously," and we shrugged it off and ordered two. We also ordered hummus, smoothies, and chocolate chip cookies that were labeled as vegan. We packed them in our cooler, and took them on a kayak trip. When we got to our destination and were ready for lunch, we bit in, and realized they were basically rice, a few other grains, and GOBS of cheese! I ate the hummus, which was mediocre at best, and we split the cookie... but I'm not afraid that that may have been mislabeled as well. The smoothies were good, but I would not go there again due to the woman's attitude and tricking us into ordering food that was not vegan. We were hungry for the rest of the day, as by the time we returned our kayak, everything was closed. ):
I would recommend against going here if you are vegan because the workers can't be trusted.

395 Golden Gate Ave, San Francisco, USA


I've been here three times, and always left happy. The sweet and sour chickyn is extremely delicious, but it could pass as a dessert. I've liked just about everything else that I've tried there. Everyone that I've gone with has always had really good things to say about it. The service isn't the fastest, but it's not too bad, and that's usually because they are busy, so what can you really expect? Oh, and try the fresh squeezed orange juice; it's amazingly tasty!

983 Valencia St, San Francisco, USA

good food; all vegan ( :

I've been here three times, and each time the food was great overall. It was extremely busy at night, and we got seated in the back next to the bathrooms... it's a little more private, but also... next to the bathrooms. The hard tacos were a bit of a let down; I like the ones that I make at home better (the "cheeze" on them was just plain cold tofu... boo). The ravioli in creamy tomato sauce is absolutely delicious. The mac and cheeze didn't taste like I was expecting it to, but it was still really good. The donuts are great. The lasagna was alright, not great, but not bad... a little on the dry side. The bbq soy "chicken" sandwhich is AMAZING! It comes with a salad and potatoes, which are also good. I've gotten it twice, and I'd probably eat it every day if I could. Vegetable sampler was okay/good... one of the sauces was pretty nasty, I don't remember any of us wanting to finish it, but the other two were good. Linguine primevera with creamy tomato was sauce was decent, but not great. The vanilla shake was delicious.

3489 16th St, San Francisco, USA

I would give it a 5, but HappyCow doesn't let you

I would give it a 5, but HappyCow doesn't let you on places that aren't 100% veg. ) :

The food is really good. The vegan meatball sub is THE GREATEST! They have separate vegan and vegetarian menus. The staff is really friendly and helpful.
This place is always busy, often has lines out the door (but it's an extremely small place and the food is amazing. You can eat outside if there is a table, or I prefer to get it to go, and take it to eat at Duboce park (eat great food while sitting in the grass and watching doggies play!)

100 Kilauea Rd, Kilauea, USA

dairy free cheese is not vegan

My husband and I went here while on our honeymoon. We love food, and made the trip to this area especially to get vegan pizza... but when we got there, nothing was vegan unless you special order an entire cake, or get a cheese-less pizza, which I can get anywhere really! We were so disappointed! We got them to make us a salad minus the non-vegan ingredients, and a pizza minus the cheese. The pizza wasn't bad, but it was extremely overpriced and disappointing without cheese.

5912 College Ave, Oakland, USA


Most of the food here is pretty delicious. The complimentary bread with dip (I suspect they are supposed to resemble caviar and pate, made with beans) are a very tasty way to be greeted. The menu changes, but both times I went they had black bean torte and mocha midnight cake, which I would go just for those two items alone, and be full and satisfied. The black bean torte is a genius combination of flavors I would never expect to be so outrageously good together, but it is! The mocha midnight cake (not exact name, but close enough) is to die for! It's mocha cake with white chocolate cream and dark chocolate flakes accompanied by dark chocolate and raspberry sauces drizzled over. Orgasm for your mouth. I forget which wine I had there (it was the cheapest organic vegan one), but it was the best wine I've ever had... and the most expensive (I'm a college student).
The prices are kind of high, but worth it, and you actually get a decent sized portion.
A friend an I went there hungry before and just ordered the black bean torte and midnight cake, and shared the complimentary bean spread/dip that they give you, and we walked out full for about $20 each. The appetizer and dessert plates are small, but they somehow filled us up anyway. The dinner plates are a decent size.
Oh and I LOVE the atmosphere.

Kuhio Highway, Hanalei, USA

good food, but very limited vegan options

My husband and I went here on our honeymoon. I was looking forward to ordering the Sombrero, as mentioned in a previous review and on the website, but it was not vegan. It contains dairy cheese as well as fish. They said that they can not make it vegan because it is pre-made, and they cut it out of a larger batch. My husband ordered it and liked it. I had to get the Francesca, which was very good but quite expensive for a pasta dish. The taro fritters were amazing! We agreed that they were the best, by far!
We'd certainly go back and order more taro fritters, but would really only recommend the entrees if you have an excessive amount of money to spend.

P.S. They do take credit cards now.

2360 Kiahuna Plantation Dr, Poipu, USA

Awesome dogs!

My husband and I went here a few times on our honeymoon. We just adored this place! The owner and staff extremely friendly and they just want you to love your puka dog! They will let you sample all of the tropical relishes--and the lilikoi mustard--until you are sure of what you want on your dog.
My husband and I recommend the veggie dog with mild secret sauce (garlic lemon sauce) + pineapple field (pineapple relish) + lilikoi mustard! It's amazing! I wish they sold lilikoi mustard on the mainland!
The relishes offered are: mango, pineapple, papaya, coconut, banana, starfruit, guava, and (typical) sweet pickle.
All dogs cost $7.
They only serve two dogs, one is vegan, the other is polish sausage. Polish sausage is the only thing they serve that is not vegan. All of the tropical relishes and condiments are vegan, as well as the chips.
They only have fresh lemonade and tap water for drinks. But consider yourself warned: the lemonade is made of water, one half (maybe one whole sometimes?) lemon, and a half a cup of sugar! I had the girl make one with only about a teaspoon of sugar, and I could barely taste the lemon; it was more like sugar/water! Although, in their defense, she was new, but she told me that they are advised to use a half cup of sugar in each lemonade.

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