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Jaegersborggade 39, Norrebro, Copenhagen, Denmark

Vegan fast food at Nørrebro

Astrid and Aporna serves vegan fast food like hot dogs, burgers, wraps, fries and side salads.

The small take-away restaurant (theres only limited seating) is located in the hip Jægersborggade. Plenty of shopping and dining options nearby.

Burgers and hot dogs are served with a choice of home made relish. I love that it is homemade (contrary to the bread).

The wraps and hotdogs are quite delicious. You get best value for money buying the hot dog. The wraps are small and should be considered a snack as it will not get you near full. More green filling, like salad and cucumber would suit the wraps. If you are satisfied with a small snack, the wraps do really taste exceptionally great.

The burgers are big, but the bread (wholegrain) is often a bit on the dry side and the amount of bread - compaired to filling - is to much. It is actually more like a sandwich than a burger. The bread has improved since the restaurant opened, but it is not quite there yet. I hope the management will consider trying some new (more burgerlike) bread types and maybe offer a regular burger bun with sesame seeds, so the customers have a choice. I prefer the the type of burger buns served at YoYo-foodworld in Berlin.

Fresh cucumber and tomato would really suit the burgers.

The fries are cooked in a special oven without oil. They are truly delicious and are served with ketchup.

Frederiksborggade 26, Copenhagen, Denmark

Ok, but nothing special

Botaniq recently opened after a long refurbishing period. It used to be an upscale restaurant with very delicious vegan food. After the reopening a new concept has been introduced with cheaper mainly lunch-type meals. The food selection is limited to a salad bar, a hot pot, a soup and a falafel sandwich (the bread is hot but the falafel is refrigerator cold - why is that??).

I actually like Botaniq, but find the menu quite boring. It hasn´t yet changed since the opening in the beginning of december. The new concept is centered around lighter lunchmeals, and therfore you go there more often than when it was an upscale restaurant. Therefore the menu NEEDS to change often, as you dont want to eat the same thing EVERY time you go there. The falafel is OK, but nothing special. It would be much more delicious if it was served hot.

Friedrichstraße 103, Berlin, Germany

This place has closed down

Went to Supergood today, only to find that the location had been vacated. The restaurant is closed!

Folkets Park, Malmo, Sweden

unfortunately not vegetarian

Far i hatten is a wonderful place. Located in the beautiful Folkets Park with an amusementpark just outside, people taking a walk, ducks, children bathing in the fountains.
The restaurant is situated in a charming old house and the service is very friendly and the cakes look delicious. However, as a vegetarian, I do not like to eat at restaurants that serve meat/fish. Some contamination will always occur in such a kitchen. It is such a shame that the owners - who are apparently vegan themselves - have chosen NOT to offer a completely vegan/vegetarian menu. I don't understand how one - as a vegan - can prepare food containing dead animals. I simply don't get it.

Such a shame. I will come back however - for the atmosphere and to have a drink.

Christiania, Copenhagen, Denmark

Serves meat

Grøntsagen is a fine place to buy your fresh, organic vegetables. However, they unfortunately serve meat, so if you - like me - don't want to eat food prepared in a meat kitchen, then walk the couple of hundred meters down to Morgenstedet...

local area, Copenhagen, Denmark

Varying sizes

The food at The Raw Tribe is tasty and delicious, especially the cashew creme dressing that is served with sallads is delicious. There is a couple of problems though. The sizes of the servings vary (a lot) depending on who is standing at the other side of the counter. It's not cheap to eat there so when you often get an insanely small portion you just feel stupid. The menu doesn't change often, so the few dishes that are served get a bit boring in the long run. The dishes oftered are deliciuous (the first 5 times you eat them), but it would be nice if the menu was expanded a bit and new staff where conscious about the sizes of the serving.

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