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Pilestaede 32, Copenhagen, Denmark

Nice place, good food

29 Sep 2013

40 Degrees Raw is a nice little place right in the city center of Copenhagen.

I've been here only once but I would love to come back. I went for a warm dish - a delicious risotto with organic brown rice, mushrooms and white truffle oil and a good fresh juice with beetroot, apple, cucumber and ginger. The raw chocolate cake I had for dessert was good, but not special.

Indeed the place is tiny but they did their best to make use of the space. There are some kind of wooden stairs with seats and tables along one of the walls (creating different levels) and some small high tables with barstools along the windows. Not very cozy, but nice at least for a quick bite. The staff was very friendly, too.

Lange Herentalsestraat 23, Antwerp, Antwerpen, Belgium

Mixed Feelings

27 Mar 2013

Quite a busy place very close to Antwerp central station. Very nice staff with immediate understanding what "vegan" means.

I went for samosas and a dosa with coconut sauce and lentil soup and a green tea.

When I got my meal I found that the coconut sauce had been replaced with coriander sauce because it turned out not to be vegan. I would have preferred to be asked before serving because I already had coriander sauce with the samosa and 2 meals with (a bit bland) coriander sauce was a bit too much of coriander.

The dosa and the samosas were good, the lentil soup contained a big peace of okra (?) with a wood-like consistency, I chewed a bit on it and then let it disappear discretely in my handkerchief. The rest of the soup was ok. The tea (coming in a tea-bag) was one of the standard brands over here, not great. And it was served when I was about finished with my meal.

All-in-all I have mixed feelings about this place, but I will give it another try when I get back to Antwerp.

5 Gertrudes St, Riga, Latvia

Nice, inexpensive, good

22 Jun 2013

"Ajurveda Kafejnica" is located on the upper floor of a traditional, two-storey wooden house. It is quite spacious and nicely decorated in an oriental / Indian style, with a big Buddha statue in the main room.

The kitchen is mainly Indian, with some local influence. The food - to be selected from the bar- is inexpensive and good, with vegan options. I had a yummy vegan curry with fresh vegetables and served with (I think) buckwheat, and a freshly made carrot juice. The vegan dessert of that day was already gone, so I had to skip the dessert. Since the main course was quite filling, I did not regret this too much.

The staff was very friendly and helpful. I really liked the place!

Overtoom 409, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Nice place, great raw vegan crème brûlée

31 Aug 2014

This is one of the few places in the Netherlands where you can get vegan raw food. I like the place and find the main courses I had so far quite OK (although they did now "wow" me like he food I had in some raw food restaurants abroad).

The one thing I truly love is their vegan "crème brûlée". It is deep-frozen so at times they can't defreeze it while you are there, but in that case it's even nice to eat half-frozen, like ice-cream. It can also happen that it is served in plastic because they did not put it on a plate while it was frozen and they can't put it on a plate after it is unfrozen. The other dishes are freshly made so it can take some time until they get served. They have nice juices and smoothies and fresh coconut milk.

The staff is friendly and helpful.

The Hub, 309 Avebury Blvd, Milton Keynes, England

Vegan menu. Friendly staff. But the food...

12 Mar 2016

At first sight, this place makes a very nice impression - modern, light interior, very friendly staff and a separate vegan menu with various different options and starters, mains, sides and even desserts.

Maybe my food choice was just a mistake. I had a "tagine of Porchini Mushroom, Cauliflower and spinach with soft polenta" (originally listed as "soft honeyed polenta", but they left out he honey for me, not sure why there is honey on a "vegan" menu). The polenta was some tasteless mash and the tagine was a mix of olives, some tough to chew spinach and various veggies. It is difficult to describe the taste, but there was mint and vinegar among it. I found it a very strange mix of flavors and not tasty at all. I took a picture (already uploaded) from the most favorable angle - this dish did not look good, either.

My dessert was "baked figs with basil and strawberries". This was not too bad although the figs did not have too much taste.

Another thing which put me off a bit that evening was a strong smell of fish in the air.

If I lived in the area I would probably give this place a second chance, but since I just spent a few days in the city and there were several other restaurants with vegan options close by, I decided not to come back.

I hope there will be more reviews here, and hopefully other people's experiences at this restaurant will be better than mine.

65 Moonmuang Road / Mun Mueang Road, Chiang Mai, Thailand

A classic in Chiang Mai

30 Nov 2013

"Aum" is a nice restaurant with friendly and helpful service and great food. I really liked the place and I would get back to it soon - if I still was in Chiang Mai.

"Aum" has all day breakfast and an extensive menu with several vegan options (which are not labelled). The menu is mainly Asian, many classic Thai dishes (veggie version), but also e.g. sushi or some Indian food. In addition they serve some western food, like veggie burgers & chips. Tempeh can be added to any dish on request. Among the beverages available at "Aum" are fresh fruit and vegetable juices, Thai herbal tea and "hill tribe coffee". "Aum" does not use MSG.

I was here only once and I had a Thai curry which was fresh and really yummy, and a fresh coconut juice (the latter is nothing special in Thailand, but it is one of my favorite drinks).

The atmosphere is cozy, relaxed and alternative. There are lots of second hand books upstairs on the second floor, I believe they are for sale, but I did not ask. In any case especially the second floor looks very inviting.

The location is very central, close to Taipae gate and easy to find.

They have also deet-free natural mosquito protection for sale. I did not check that out, but it might be worth doing so.

Harstenhoekweg 4, Scheveningen, The Hague, Netherlands

A nice surprise

03 Sep 2014

I thought by now I knew all the veggie places in The Hague but then someone listed this one here on Happy Cow. I had never heard of it and I was quite curious.

Today I made my first visit - knowing this is not some high-end restaurant, but a squatted place. What I found were very friendly people and great food. I had one of the best vegan pizzas ever. It's hard to believe that they can do this at such a low price. Of course, the food is mostly not organic (can't be for this price), but the veggies are fresh from the market. They have good beer, too. 4 cows, this is really value for money!

Mendlovo Namesti 10, Brno, Czech Republic

Not a Review ;-)

11 Aug 2012

This review is not a review ;-) . I intended to visit "Avatar" on my last day in Brno. According to info provided by the restaurant (also next to the entrance door), the restaurant was supposed to open at 11 a.m., that was when I arrived (I was that early because I had to catch my train to Vienna). Nobody showed up except for another customer, we both waited for 15 minutes and then we left. There was a menu of the previous day attached to the door, no hint on vacation.

The house itself and the menu at the entrance looked quite nice and inviting. A pity! If I ever come to Brno again I will definitely try again, but not without verifying the opening times. I will rate this restaurant with 3 cows because I can't leave this page without voting, this won't be a serious assessment of course...

Корпус 4, Chistoprudnyy bulvar, 12-2, Moscow, Russia

A great (upscale) place

23 Jul 2013

So far I have been to this place only once and I must say, everything was just perfect. Even the weather - so I could sit outside on the veranda which was quite nice. I had a salad with green asparagus, a yummy seitan dish and for dessert vegan "blini" (=traditional Russian pancakes). All this was delicious.

They have plenty of vegan options for all courses. Some are modern vegan adaptions of traditional Russian dishes, like the "Vegetarian Pilaw" (with rice, eggplant, zucchini, sweet pepper, carrot, onions, garlic, "cherry" tomatoes, greens, oil, spices) or "Vareniki" (a sort of sweet ravioli) with cherries. The extensive menu card has its own section for raw food.

Very friendly service as well.

The place is not cheap of course, I paid for the above 3 courses + mineral water + coffee a total of RUB 1,150.- which is about USD 36,- / EUR 27,-. In some European countries this sounds like quite a very reasonable price, but for the average Russian this is quite a lot.

Tverskaja Street, 5/6, Moscow, Russia

Pelmeni + Vareniki ;-)

26 Jul 2013

I had heard a lot about "Avocado" in Moscow, so my expectations were quite high and I went here right after my arrival in Moscow, together with a non-veg colleague.

Around 9 p.m. we called ahead to make sure there would be space and food for us. We then arrived around 9:30. The extensive menu card (I believe it is exactly the same as at Avocado Cafe - Chistoprudny) was very impressive. Loads of vegan options, also quite some raw food ones.

My colleague was not very lucky with her choices, I believe she made three tries until she found something which was actually available. Maybe because it was late. And I think she was not overly thrilled by what she got at the end (I don't recall exactly what is was). I went for a raw borshtsh soup and a vegan pilaw. The pilaw was good, but not spectacular, and I did not like the borshtsh too much - it was very watery with a lot of raw leek / allium on top.

So, my first experience was not really as great as expected. But after this I returned twice because the menu card looked so great, the people were friendly and the atmosphere was cozy - and the place was not far from my hotel (+ just a few minutes walk from the Red Square). Both times I got really great food: for example wonderful vegan pelmeni and vareniki (2 traditional Russian dishes, both ravioli-like, vareniki are the sweet version) and great fresh salad. So it looks like our first evening was not representative. I will sure get back here on my next visit to Moscow!

Arnhemsestraat 33, Amersfoort, Netherlands

Nice lunchroom also for vegans

08 Sep 2014

Beans & Bagles is a famous Dutch chain with branches all over the country. They all have exactly the same menu and similar decoration. Often B&B is the only place for vegans to go for breakfast or lunch. Some branches have a vegan muffin which is presently being rolled out to more and more places, and a branch in Amsterdam is presently testing a vegan bagle, both in addition to the regular menu.

It does not happen too often that I visit branches of the same chain and order the same food two days in a row. But when I arrived in Amersfoort it seemed to be the only place for a vegan lunch - again. The day before I had visited a B&B in another city.

The staff in Amersfoort was extremely friendly and did quite some effort to find out what was vegan and what could be veganized. They used an internal document listing vegan-and non-vegan food as a reference and showed it to me. This branch did not (yet) have the vegan muffin but next to the two vegan bagles from the menu the staff checked what else could be veganized (they offered, e.g., an avocado bagle). They even checked if the chocolate coffee beans which came with the coffee were vegan (they were not).

I ordered - same as the day before - a hummus bagle, but this time I was informed that the various bagles themselves were all vegan except the glutenfree one and I did not just receive one default "vegan" bagle (as I did in the other B&B branch after I said it is important to me that the bagle itself is also vegan). So I could select the sort of the bagle (plain/sesamy/ oathie...).

The bagle was nicely arranged with hummus, salad and sundried tomatoes and had some cucumber slices in addition to what I had the day before which just made it all a bit fresher. Somehow it felt as if everything was arranged with love which felt a bit different in that other branch.

I wish they had more vegan options and vegan labeling in the menu but still this is a place which makes vegans feel welcome.

Plaats 21-23, The Hague, Netherlands

Waiting for the Weed Bagel

03 Sep 2014

Bagles & Beans is a Dutch chain opening more and more branches all over the country. They put an emphasis on organic products and sustainability and have quite a few vegetarian items. For vegans, they are often the only place to go - be it because there is no veggie place in town, or because it is early in the morning and there is no vegan breakfast available anywhere else.

All Bagles & Beans branches have the same menu (available in Dutch, English or German) plus sometimes something additional, presented on a flyer.

All branches have great soya cappuccino, fresh juices and two vegan bagels - one with hummus, sun-dried tomatoes and rucola plus a sweet bagle with banana, cinamon and maple syrup. Some have a vegan superfood muffin (this branch has it) and in Amsterdam the vegan "Dutch Weedbagel" (yes, it has to do with the famous "Dutch Weedburger") has recently been introduced in one B&B branch, hopefully it will be rolled out to the other branches as well.

Unfortunately the veggie "tuna" from the "Vegetarian Butcher" is not vegan (yet).

The bagles themselves come in different flavors, not all of them are vegan (better ask, the staff has an internal flyer with all ingredients and can look it up in case of doubts) and vegan items are not labelled on the menu. I aked the staff to make sure that the bagle used for my "hummus bagle" would be vegan and I automatically got the "oatie bagle" which made me think that it was the only vegan one (it was not, I learned later in another B&B branch). When I got it I realized that the "oatie" is really not my favorite bagle, but the hummus was good. The muffin, which was served warm, was quite nice.

This branch is located centrally and has a beautiful interior.

For now I'll give them 3 cows because I think the vegan options are still quite limited, but I will probably change this to 4 cows once I hear that the "Weed Bagel" arrived at this branch. And I hope B&B will start to label vegan + vegetarian items in the menus some day...

Westblaak 147, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Vegan High Tea

01 Feb 2016

Nice trendy place with a lot of wood and big wooden tables. They have sugarfree, glutenfree and lactosefree items. Unfortunately vegan items are not labeled. I am not sure how many vegan items they really have on their menu (maybe not too much), but some time ago my friends and I had the raw high tea - vegan version on demand - and it was really very nice. Great food and friendly service in a nice environment. I hope they will expand their vegan options (and label them), if they do so I believe they have the potential to become another hotspot for vegans in Rotterdam.

Veenkade 19, The Hague, Netherlands

Nice veggie lunchroom in The Hague

14 Aug 2012

Baklust is one of my favorite hang-outs in The Hague. If it is for lunch - for example for a soup and a filled hearty pastry or an empanada with salad -, or for one of the great cakes and a (soy) cappuccino, I love to pass by whenever I visit the city center. There are quite a few really delicious vegan options, and one soup and one cake of the day are always vegan. I also love the bread, and the chai (made with rice milk).

The staff is very nice and helpful. Sometimes it can take a while until someone comes to take your order, but the general atmosphere in this restaurant more than compensates for this. Just bring some time ;-).

Pokrovka Street, 4, Moscow, Russia

Not for vegans

20 Jul 2013

I went to this restaurant because it was listed as "vegan-friendly" on Happy Cow.

They have a daily meal, some salads, cous-cous, sandwiches and other small stuff as well as desserts.

I asked someone from the staff if they had anything vegan, when I felt that I was not understood I added: "without anything made from milk in it". The guy looked a bit puzzled but I believe my Russian was understandable enough (plus a Russian guest who did understand me explained again what I wanted). I had the idea that this was not a language problem, but rather that the concept of veganism was not really known.

After checking the menu for some time the guy came up with 2 salads. I was not into salads that day so I asked if there really wasn't anything else for me. They got someone from the kitchen who then told me that there was one little piece left from some type of vegan energy-balls with chocolate and nuts. I bought it. It was a tiny round black thing which I did not find tasty at all, and it stuck around my teeth for some time.

I asked Happy Cow to remove the "vegan-friendly" info for this restaurant and they did this.

This might be a good place for vegetarians and maybe the two vegan salads are tasty, too. I might give them a second chance when I am around. However, as a vegan there is no point of coming here just for the food - you can have salad nearly at any other restaurant in Moscow.

Drahtgasse 3, Vienna, Austria

Vienna: Local Food - Vegetarian / Vegan Version

12 Aug 2012

"Bio Bar von Antun" is one of my favorite places in Vienna. Normally I am not too much of a mock meat fan (they indeed do have a lot of soy, seitan & co), but what I like here is that this restaurant gives an opportunity to the visitor to try local food - vegetarian or vegan version, that is. Talking about the guests, there are also many locals coming here, some of them on a regular basis.

I found quite a lot of vegan options. Here's where I had my first "Wiener Schnitzel" - made of Seitan. It was very tasty, I would love to take a meat eater here to find out how close this is to the original ;-) . The "Schnitzel" was served with risotto and a salad, the price for all of this was EUR 13.90 which is fair.

The place itself is really nice, if you sit inside the building or outside on the terrace. You can come here for a big meal or just drop by for a (soy) cappuccino. The staff is friendly and helpful.

Prinsengracht 60-62, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Good old Bolhoed!

28 Jul 2013

Good old Bolhoed! Since I moved to the Netherlands about 13 years ago I come here every few months. It is definitely a charming place - with the charm of the 70's and early 80's. Nice and cozy with nice colorful decorations. It makes me feel like times didn't change since then, they even take "cash only"...

I love to say hi to the Micky the cat who I believe has been here forever. Am always happy to see that he is still around. The vegan cake has always been good and I like to have one piece of it along with a soy cappuccino. Perfect! Especially during summertime when you can sit outside at the canal.

The location is great, anyway, and in walking distance from Central Station.

For the rest: I have seen friendly and not so friendly (but never rude or grumpy) staff, fast and quite slow service, great and not so great food. Those are the variables.

Yesterday was a day of superfriendly and fast service and not so great food, in my opinion. I didn't have cake, but the vegan dish of the day consisting of various different components, all on the same plate. As usually, it was quite a big portion. The part which was really good was made of seitan cooked with red wine. But it was just a small part. There was a cooked corncob with loads of margarine on it which did not melt because the cob was cold (not sure if that was the intention). There was half of an eggplant baked with 2 slices of tomatoes and one slice of lemon (with hard peel) on top. This was cold, too and quite tasteless, apart for the lemon slice. There was some dark mass (olives with black beans?) which was a bit salty while the rest of the components (apart from the seitan) was quite bland, for example the salad, I don't recall exactly what the remaining components were. The dish did look quite good, though, I uploaded a photo here. For dessert I had a brownie. Not good, not bad...

But I am convinced: next time, or the time after, the food will be great again. I will be back...

Frederiksborggade 26, Copenhagen, Denmark

Fancy + delicious

29 Sep 2013

Vegan food at its best! Firefly Garden serves surprising, fancy and tasty combinations like "Pointed cabbage and spring onion 'stir-fry' served with asparagus, pepitas and rhubarb, vanilla and ginger relish" or "Beef tomato steak with red pepper harissa, marinated chanterelles, cucumber and fava bean salad, raspberry mustard and kelp chips" or "Ravioli with tomato and chanterelles, served with zucchini, goose berries and sage". Some of the dishes are raw and most ingredients are organic. The food looks fantastic, too. I had a polenta dish accompanied with different sorts of vegetables and a raw "liquorice 'cheese cake' with berries and beetroot". Amazing food and actually quite filling, thanks to the polenta. They also have wonderful fresh juices. The interior is modern and the staff is friendly and professional.

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