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119 Barangay Tipakan, 4217 Lipa, Batangas, Lipa City, Philippines


Alive! is a tantalizing five star splurge at a fraction of the cost of other award winning establishments. The food is organic, vegan, raw, and mostly grown on site. It is fine dining in a heavenly atmosphere. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is different everyday, and every meal takes days in advance to prepare because it is raw. The food is prepared with loving care, and tastes amazing because of it! There are a few cooked dishes that are also very delicious. The coffee, herbal teas, and wine are all organic and harmonize beautifully with the meal. I would suggest the five course meal for around $35 USD or P1000. The drink menu is extensive and spectacular. It is by far the best food in the Philippines, the healthiest cuisine around, and the best food I've ever had!

Lower Terrace, La Azotea Bldg, Session Road, Baguio City, Philippines

Great Ambiance, Delicious Food, Love the Events

I love Azotea Greens! I have been a big fan of their food when they were just a kiosk, and I now love to hang out in the new restaurant on the lower terrace of La Azotea Building. It is a changing art gallery featuring local art, music and culture. And it is a cozy, warm, and inspiring space often a hangout for local artists working on their art in the restaurant, a place for friends to meet, a great place to study and surf the internet. I also like the events that are held here. It is MORE than just a vegetarian restaurant as they contribute to the cultural diversity and charm of Baguio.

Did I mention their awesome food? The vegetarian and vegan-friendly food is really tasty and unique, made from home grown recipes of Pinoy and Asian dishes. My favorites are the drumsticks, curry, choplets, and pad thai.

I also like saying hello to the owners when I am there. It feels like I am a part of their family, and the delicious food is offered with love and welcome.

Azotea Greens is a must, when you are in Baguio!

Wisma Merdeka 2F Food Court, Jalan Tun Razak, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Delicious & good value!

I visited in Feb 2012, and I was addicted! I kept going back again and again and still dream about that food!

There are 2 vegetarian food stalls. Because I'm vegan, I ate mostly at the buffet. The chinese lady was so nice. The price was very good, and the food is chinese, malay, etc. It was so good!

Lot G-02, Ground Floor, Wisma Bukit Bintang, 28, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Healthy Clean Organic Vegan Delicious

Food was really good- organic, clean tasting, healthy, and oh-so-tasty! I have returned again and again on this short trip to KL.

My favorites were- Homemade veggie burger with homemade whole wheat bun, Cha Sui Bao Dim Sum (rice flour bun with mock sweet bbq pork), cafe latte. Everything else is good too, but these were my favourites!

Service is good, but some staff may not understand English too well.

Maybe I'm too western, but I wanted ketchup with the awesome veggie burger and they don't offer it. (So we went across the street to a convenience store and bought a bottle, hehe)

They sell organic vegetables and products there like- vegan yogurt, buckwheat, raw nuts, nutritional yeast, fresh raw cashew butter. Some local, others imported. Very good for someone living here.

They close at 9pm not 9:30pm.

98-129 Kaonohi St, Aiea, USA

Now with Vegan & Gluten-free Options in Cafe

It's a vegetarian health food store with a salad bar, hot food bar, deli with burgers/wraps/sandwiches, organic produce, frozen items, baked items (vegan options too), toiletries, makeup, vitamins.

I am vegan and I had the veggie burger made vegan, coconut macadamia vegan mylkshake, thai red curry and yellow curry. I really enjoyed the curries, though a bit pricey at $9.99/lb. If I was big eater I might spend $20 for lunch! The mylkshake was also very ono (delicious)!

It's not as big as other health food stores or cafes, but it's a good option if you live west of honolulu to avoid heading into the daunting traffic in town.

350 Magsaysay Ave, Baguio City, Philippines


Health 100 is a great place to meet other friendly vegetarians and health conscious people. The food is delicious and affordable, and the atmosphere is clean and comfortable. A typical meal consists of brown rice with 2 choices of viands (entree), such as beans, vegetables in coconut milk, stir fry, tofu, or gluten with veggies. Or try the fresh salads and vegetarian pasta dishes. What I like the most about the food here is that it concentrates on vegetables, instead of meat substitutes, like most Filipino vegetarian restaurants.

Drinks: coffee, soy coffee, house iced tea, fresh squeezed juices, yogurt fruit shakes. Bakery: carrot loaf, power loaf, apple pie, vegan chocolate cake, granola, cookies. Restaurant is vegetarian, and many items are vegan friendly. I love the vegan chocolate cake and other baked items!

Paseo Verde, Level 3, Ayala Center, Cebu, Philippines

Well Stocked Store

pretty good stock of supplements and health food items with some vegetarian/vegan necessities for me such as nutritional yeast and flax seed. It is a medium sized well stocked store, compared to other Healthy Options in the Philippines.

But they carry everything from organic peanut butter, snacks, organic juices, Bob's Red Mill organic line, organic toiletries. No frozen items.

Tormis St., Sambag I, Cebu, Philippines

Vegan Karendaria

They offered 6+ dishes, 1 soup, white rice, 1 juice, and vegan cookie. We tried 5 out of the 6 dishes and really liked the potato curry. I also liked the vegan cookie, though it was a bit dry.

Unless you go to Southwestern or live near here, it is a bit difficult to find. However, it is good that it is right next to Shiv Dal Roti (vegetarian).

This is a typical Filipino karendaria style place. The food is already prepared and you can pick which dish you want. There is no a/c so it may be warm or hot. If you are not used to traveling in Asia and eating street food, please be warned, and take probiotics to avoid any possible intestinal issues.

There were signs that said they offered other items, but apparently they don't make them anymore. And they did not have fresh soymilk or tofu, as described in the info about this restaurant.

Abanao Square Mall 2nd floor, Abanao St, Baguio City, Philippines

Delicious, Fast, Affordable

The vegetarian food at Heaven on Earth is exceptionally tasty that will satisfy any vegan as well as meat-lovers. They have Filipino dishes like adobo, sisig, pinakbet and many others. They offer vegetable dishes as well as veggie meat dishes.

They are located on the 4th floor of Abanao Square (mall has a giant LCD advertising screen on it), centrally located in Baguio off of Session Road. They can also do catering, which is really convenient when throwing a healthy party.

Budget meals cost P55 (about $1.25 USD) which includes soup, brown mountain grown organic rice, and 2 choices of viands. That's a really good deal for such delicious food. They are currently a kiosk as the mall is being renovated, and the service is fast, since the food is already prepared. It's addicting and has me going back again and again.

It is easy to convert your friends to eat healthy and become vegetarians when Heaven on Earth offers food that is sooo good!

Aznar Street, Staff, European Bldg, Urgello, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Indian Vegetarian Karendaria

Unless you go to Southwestern or live near here, it is a bit difficult to find. However, it is good that it is right next to Healthy U (vegan).

This is a typical Filipino karendaria style place. The food is already prepared and you can pick which dish you want. There is no a/c so it may be warm or hot. If you are not used to traveling in Asia and eating street food, please be warned, and take probiotics to avoid any possible intestinal issues.

The owner was friendly when we visited. We ordered some snacks (merienda) like roti (flat bread) served with ketchup curry (a unique indian-pinoy creation) and potato curry samosas. The roti was different from others I've had. It was fair. The samosa was really spicy, maybe a bit too spicy because it had large chunks of hot chili peppers in it. I did not get a chance to try the curries, which looked good.

290 Chalan Palasyo, Agana Heights, Guam

Vegetarian Community Meetup

Simply Food is the oldest vegetarian restaurant and store on Guam. It has been a beacon for vegetarians and a great place to meet other vegetarians. There are daily specials and a regular set menu. The food is delicious, affordable, the staff are helpful and friendly. There are vegan options, just be sure to ask for it. My favorites are the salad bar, mushroom loaf, thai curry, and mexican wrap. The store is stocked with frozen foods, canned items, spices, herbal teas, vitamins, and the discount food shelf. Ordering items in bulk will give you a discount. They also have a frequent buyer discount card. Though this is a SDA establishment, I have not been preached to at all, and I have met so many vegetarians here.

119 Brgy Tipakan, Batangas, Lipa City, Philippines


An organic, raw, vegan, and award-winning resort, The Farm is my favorite place to visit in the Philippines. The food is amazing, the grounds are gorgeous, rooms are incredible, and staff are overly gracious. The master villa is very exclusive with its own pool and gate, with floor to ceiling glass walls looking into the tropical jungle below. The spa and restaurant is award-winning, and well-deserving of their annual awards. The medical wellness is staffed by MDs devoted to prescribing detoxification and other wellness therapies instead of drugs. There are many places on the grounds for exploring and quiet contemplation in nature. Join the many daily activities (included in the rate) such as yoga, power walking, mandala creation, raw cooking class, afternoon tea and raw treats, just to name a few. I find myself coming back to The Farm time and time again because of it's cuisine, beauty, and hospitality.

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