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Kanalstr 70, Lübeck, Luebeck, Germany


10 Aug 2009

This place is easy to reach on foot when exploring the historical centre of Luebeck. Vegan dishes are rare and the tofu sandwich I had was not very spectacular. The vegan soy milk shake was great though! For such a big place it is surprising that the toilet is shared with the neighbouring shops. To visit the toilet you need to pick up a key from one of these shops.

16 Town Hall Street, Sowerby Bridge, UK, Sowerby Bridge, England

One of the best, ever!

09 May 2012

One of the best places I've ever eaten as a vegan! It's so great that the entire menu is vegan, so for once there is no hassle asking the waiter which dishes are suitable for me. The dishes were absolutely delicious, affordable and very surprising and inventive. The softdrink called Dandelion and Burdock, which was previously unknown to me as a Dutchman, was a very tasty surprise too!

331 Great Western Street, Rusholme, Manchester, England

a hidden gem!

09 May 2012

When we first arrived at the restaurant and saw the run-down extorior of the building, we could've sworn that it had been empty and closed for at least 3 years. Luckily, we didn't allow ourselves to be put off by this and trusted the good rating from this site. It looks quite alright on the inside. Due to a temporary unavailability of any staff but the owner, the place was officially bookings only. But since we were the only ones there and there were no bookings for the evening, the friendly owner kindly accommodated us.
The menu offers an overwhelming choice of vegan meals, although some turned out to be unavailable.
Most important of all, the food tasted delicious! After a starter and a main course, we were so stuffed that we couldn't eat a dessert anymore. But the owner was so kind to let us order some vegan cheesecakes as a take-away. These surpassed even our highest expectations!
If you visit Manchester, don't miss out on this place! But ring them before your visit to make a reservation.

Nicolaas Beetsstraat 48, Enschede, Netherlands

Truly unique

12 May 2011

Het Paradijs is a restaurant like no other. The huge venue is a work of art with many plants, imagery from many religions, ponds with turtles and overhead wooden walkways. Very peaceful. They can accommodate large groups, but it's always easy to find a quiet corner somewhere.

Schulterblatt 16 (West Schanzenviertel), Hamburg, Germany

good snack place

10 Aug 2009

The Schanzenviertel neighbourhood in which this restaurant is located is a very lively and laid back area and shouldn't be missed in a visit to Hamburg. Had a veggieburger and potatoes at Hin&Veg. The potatoes were a bit too fatty, but the veggieburger was so good it made me order a second one.

13 Rue du Plat, Lille, France

Very healthy food

29 Apr 2014

This restaurant is part of a health food store and the dishes served are indeed very healthy. Could have used a bit more salt for my taste, but salt was provided on the table. Affordable vegetarian menu (which was vegan as far as I could tell) with a generous bowl of soup and a big plate of quinoa based food. The waiter spoke English and was very friendly and fast.
Be aware that it's only open for dinner on Fridays.

35 bis, place Rihour, Lille, France

Very healthy food

29 Apr 2014

This restaurant has vegan options marked on the menu, but they are only a few. You basically get a salad with some slices of bread and you pay more than €15 for it. I wasn't charged for an extra basket of bread, though, and all together it was enough to feed my appetite and was very tasty and healthy. The waitress serving me spoke English very well, but wasn't completely informed about what vegan means. I would have liked a dessert, but there were no vegan options.

25 Rue de l'Hôpital Militaire, Lille, France

Solid Indian food

29 Apr 2014

Lille has many Asian restaurants, but most do not have a lot of vegetarian options listed clearly on the menu. Maharani is similar to Indian restaurants in Holland and Germany, with a special category on the menu for vegetarian dishes.
Even though you have to pay separately for the rice with your curry, the total price is still quite on the cheap side for Lille. Service is very fast, English is spoken and the food tastes very good.

Landwehr 63, Hamburg, Germany


10 Aug 2009

Completely agree with the earlier review! This is a very unique Indian restaurant, because they also combine tofu with tradional Indian dishes. Yes, it's not the cheapest restaurant, but compared to prices in The Netherlands it's definitely not expensive.

Stradone Porta Palio, 29, Verona, Italy

Resourceful and healthy snacks

17 Aug 2013

A kind of veggie snack bar with a strong emphasis on healthy food. Although the extensive menu on the wall seemed to suggest otherwise, the only choice of foods were the dishes that were in the display counter. The number of options was limited, but many were vegan and the lady behind the counter was very friendly and passionate to explain the dishes in surprisingly good English.

The dishes were very original and resourceful, great if you'd like some inspiration for your cooking. Some dishes were focused a bit too much on being extremely healthy, and could have used a stronger taste, in my opinion. Considering that many Italian foods seem to contain an overdose of sugar, though, this was sort of a welcome change.

Although mainly focused on lunch, the place was open until 20:00 and the amount of food was sufficient for an early dinner.

Donaustr. 14, Ingolstadt, Germany

(Mostly) veggie restaurant in city centre

17 Aug 2013

Although serving some fish dishes, this is mostly a vegetarian restaurant (and cocktail bar), right in the city centre of Ingolstadt. Both indoor and outdoor seating areas have a nice atmosphere. There is a wide choice of foods, like burgers (with fried potatoes and salad) and Mexican taco variants. Vegan options are clearly indicated on the menu and are plenty. My burger tasted excellent. The fried potatoes were really nice as well, but a bit on the fatty side.
You have to wait a while for the food to arrive, but it's worth the wait.

Klenzestr. 53, Munich, Germany

Tea house with gorgeous vegan meal

17 Aug 2013

This tea house is mostly focused on offering many types of tea, but it's a 100% vegan/eco restaurant in disguise. Only a single dish is served each day, though. The only choice you have is whether you'd like a small portion or large portion. The meal was healthy, varied and extremely tasty, however.

Besides tea, the choice of drinks is limited.

Bahrenfelder Str. 212, Hamburg, Germany

Lunch in Altona

10 Aug 2009

A good place to eat when you're in the Altona region of Hamburg and are looking for some lunch. It's too bad that there are very few seats in this place. I was one of the lucky ones. The pasta with tofu that I had was lovely and the staff were friendly.

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