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Östra Hamngatan 19A, Gothenburg, Sweden

Great good-value buffet

13 Nov 2010

We visited Andrum twice in the evening recently. It was really quiet both times but seemed to be packed when we passed it one lunchtime. The boards and instructions were confusing (and I understand Swedish) but once we'd figured out the buffet we really enjoyed it. Hot dishes are included so I was sooo spoilt for choice. The staff didn't harass you or run up and offer help while we were staring at the menu but I wouldn't say they were unhelpful - when asked, they were pleasant. Cake choices were great for vegans too. They shut at 8pm Sunday and when we arrived at 7pm the girl seemed panicky and had started clearing some things up because they shut so soon though?!

Earl Street, Coventry, England

Great food, good servings

23 Apr 2013

We ate here for a lunch and then a fry-up breakfast during ice hockey finals weekend and had a great meal for both. There were lots of options for the lunches, meaty/veggie/vegan, and service was quick and friendly. They were happy to do a vegan fry-up (though only veggie was listed on the board) for breakfast too.
Great to have a decent vegan-friendly cafe in Coventry that does healthier meals than I've had in previous years!

Fleminggatan11, Kungsholmen, Stockholm, Sweden

Adorable place!

26 Jun 2009

Great little place, very cute with some indoor and outdoor seating (maybe seats 10 inside, 4 or 6 out?). Good selection of foods, all well-presented in a display case and then served usually with a lovely salad. Great value for money and excellent service with English spoken. Papers provided on each table; very quiet in the cafe. Also has a small selection of things to buy, household and food.

Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany

Excellent little place - especially for cakes!

27 Jan 2011

This is a lovely cosy little cafe with a very relaxed, friendly atmosphere. The food and drinks were lovely and fresh, it has an espresso machine, and loads of handmade cakes that are *delicious*. Unfortunately they ran out of the cake we loved so we couldn't take any home so we got a free little cookie - it's that sort of genuinely nice place with lovely staff.

Annankatu 29, Helsinki, Finland

Fantastic cosy restaurant

22 Aug 2011

A very relaxed Chinese restaurant, quite compact inside but seats quite a lot; some tables are longer bench-style ones where you sit with others, but it's really well laid out. The staff were really friendly and knowledgeable and the service was efficient, and the food excellent and generous portions. The satay tofu was fabulous! A great place to go if you're with non-vegans; also the menu has icons for each meal saying what's in them, so it's very easy to be fussy as well as vegan (e.g. no chili/pepper/etc) - very clever.

56 Allison Street, Digbeth, Birmingham, England

Fantastic shop for everything

07 Mar 2009

I haven't been for a year or so but I remember how great this shop was. I'd reiterate everything in the first review, and add that it sells individual ice creams, so on a hot summer's day you can have a cornetto like everyone else :)

Pieni Roobertinkatu 4, Helsinki, Finland


22 Aug 2011

I loved this place, had the falafel first, then went back the next day for my first ever kebab. The 'meat' was great, and everything was cooked fresh and - well, just no complaints at all. The staff were also really friendly and helpful (and spoke English). It is small and I don't think there's a loo, but it's near a pleasant square for eating your takeout in (by a Hesburger (like McDonalds) which has a toilet!). The fries were made with the potato skins on too, just the way I like them :)

Melantrichova 15, Praha 1, Czechia, Prague, Czech Republic

Glad we found it!

07 Jun 2013

I love buffet places and this had a really great selection. The salad bar was extensive and the two hot food buffets were all good and varied too. We ate here twice as it was the best vegan-friendly place we found and the flexibility/quality/value was great. Having vegan desserts as well was a treat! We don't know what they were, though, as the labelling was minimal.

The staff were friendly, and told us both days that everything they serve is vegan, and I think explained what some of the items were (but in German and I didn't quite understand). It was a very pleasant place in terms of decor too, with plenty of seating and nice loos.

Admiraal de Ruijterweg 331, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Homely and relaxed

26 Jun 2009

A little walk from Anne Frank's house but in a very pleasant area and good to see - even passed some heron on the street on the way! Cosy restaurant with more seating than you'd think; not fancy new furniture but clean and friendly. The menu might not all be available depending on what ingredients they have but there didn't seem many restrictions. Everything made fresh so the sign "no FAST food" really meant what it said - maybe a wait of 35mins for our dinner. Very worth the wait though, great food and HUGE servings.

60 bd Voltaire, Paris, France

Good vegan fast food

26 Mar 2013

Really cute little place with character; small basement for eating and only two outdoor tables, but it's a fast food place so turnaround is quick - we didn't see anyone wait. The food was really good and the fries were excellent (in pleated bags too!), although only two of the burgers were available, and only one of which was vegan. This was 4pm on a Saturday so a bit surprising. They sell Moo Free Chocolate too, but I didn't have room to try the desserts... Staff were friendly and it had wifi and a nice loo, with gentle rock music in the background. I'd definitely go back.

Narrow Quay, Bristol, England

Great take-out place

07 Mar 2009

Don't be wary of this falafel van by the waterfront - it doesn't look classy but it impressed me. The outdoor chairs/tables aren't ideal (especially as the pigeons have developed a fierce taste for the food!), but the food is amazing and great for take-away. Relatively limited selection, your standard falafel pitta options, but all really good, and cheap.

24 Boulevard de La Bastille, Paris, France

Excellent food and experience

07 Jun 2013

Like a previous reviewer, I went having read the website information and expected to be able to have a snack - coffee and croissant, probably - and arranged to meet friends there. However, on arrival we were told it was the full 28euro brunch only (it was a Sunday). We were squeezed in though despite not having made a reservation - our mistake, I didn't realise it would be so popular.

Whilst disappointed that the information hadn't been clear, we ended up happy with our error as the food was amazing! All six courses were divine, especially the cheesecake, and having my first ever vegan croissant was a treat. My non-vegan friends loved it too.

Linnégatan 21, Göteborg, Gothenburg, Sweden

Cute cafe, not sure about the food

13 Nov 2010

We found Hagabion and went in to the cafe. It was a smallish place but had a really nice atmosphere and as mentioned is part of an arthouse cinema with cheap and often short world films to see too. The coffee was the strongest I've ever had and I wouldn't say it was the best quality. I didn't notice any meals available, just pastries - maybe there's another part to the cafe we didn't see?

Fjallgatan 23 B, Stockholm, Sweden

Fantastic food, location, setting...!

07 Aug 2013

Update from August 7, 2013:
This went straight on the itinerary when I went back to Stockholm! Enjoyed it just as much this time, still more salads than hot food, but also tried desserts this time - cake, brownies, raw ice cream, all amazing and all vegan. The fact that the only non-vegan item was veggie lasagne does make me wonder why this isn't a fully vegan restaurant. but it's good to see it's getting there.

Original review on Thursday June 25, 2009:
Fantastic! A nice walk there and a lovely atmosphere in a big old building, quite rustic. Terrace seating with views on the harbour is still sheltered, but cosy back room as well where the buffet is. Great selection of food although more salad bowls than the (four?) hot dishes. All good quality food and water and tea/coffee available to help yourself to as well. Options for buffet menus (e.g. with/without dessert and extra drinks). Would definitely recommend.

Kungsportsavenyn 39, Gothenburg, Sweden

Fantastic little takeaway food place

13 Nov 2010

I loved this place, there were loads of vegan options and there was a lot of information on it on the boards around the kiosks - which is always good when you think there's so much there that's vegan that you don't quite believe it! I had the bratwurst and the regular korv (hotdog), both were excellent, the special comes with mashed potato and the owner is really friendly and said their his homegrown potatoes and even they are vegan. He speaks some English too. I went back twice and would eat there daily if I could :-)

Betlemske namesti 256/5, Prague, Czech Republic

Good for veggies, not so much for vegans

07 Jun 2013

This seemed a rather classy restaurant, with strange lights you can raise/lower over the table, interesting decor, and stone walls. The service was good, helpful English-speaking staff, but the menu wasn't great for vegans. There was a curry, but all the pasta dishes were egg pasta (the norm in the Czech Rep), and no other main was veganisable. They were happy serving the potato soup (the vegan starter) as a main, though. Small beer selection but good, and the prices were still very reasonable for what seemed like a rather sophisticated place.

Tynska ulicka 6, Praha 1, Prague, Czech Republic

Nice decor but surprisingly few vegan options

07 Jun 2013

The restaurant's on two floors and we were recommended to go downstairs as there was room. It was nice downstairs with a beautiful water fountain, but as there were three of us, we had to sit on a larger table and were told we might have to shuffle around if it got busier. Not too welcoming.

The menu was interesting, it looked varied but in fact very few dishes were vegan or veganisable, so I was quite disappointed. The labelling was good, though. The drink selection was also strange, e.g. with a couple of odd flavours of green tea but no plain green tea.

Overall, it was a nice enough place, but I'm not sure I'd go back.

Muntplein 1, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Great little take-out

26 Jun 2009

Basic choice of falafel in white or brown pitta, hummus, fries, salad. You can also have a salad box. Once they've cooked the falafel you're given it in the pitta with lettuce only and you add the extra salad bits/sauces you want. A couple of cute stall and bar to watch the street outside but not a sit-down place - but not sure which road it was, may not be the Muntplein one. Great for what it is and glad to hear it's a chain as you know what you're getting and it's good cheap fast vegan food.

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