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16563 Brookhurst St, Fountain Valley, USA

Good Service, Good Food

09 Nov 2008

We went there for an early dinner yesterday (4:00), and were greeted within a minute of walking in the door, seated immediately, and had very good service. No more waiting than is normal for any place - and they were fairly busy. The food was wonderful - we shared Spring Rolls - which were good, my wife had a great salad, and I had the hot pot with tofu and eggplant, which was wonderful. We plan to return soon and try more things.

2981 Bristol St Ste B5, Costa Mesa, USA

Great Menu, Friendly Staff

26 Nov 2009

We've been here four times and have had quite a number of the items on the menu. Almost everything has been really great. The best bet is to get several items from the "Small Plates" menu section to share, or get the Bento box for lunch. This allows you to get several dishes and enjoy the varied flavors. 118 Degrees is one of our favorite restaurants in Orange County.

Guillemard Village, 102 Guillemard Road, Central Singapore, Singapore

Great Food in Chinatown

24 Jan 2011

This is a great sit-down restaurant located in Chinatown, across from the Buddhist Temple. They have lots of vegetarian and mushroom based dishes. We really loved the olive rice, eggplant, and the monkeyhead mushroom dishes. This is a great choice for Chinese vegetarian food that is a bit more comfortable than the many hawker carts and smaller places with limited seating.

1627 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, USA

Wonderful Food, Great Atmosphere and Staff

26 Dec 2009

We went there on the spur of the moment recently with myself (vegetarian), my wife (gluten-free vegan) and two others who are meat eaters. The staff went out of their way to explain what options were best for my wife's diet.

We had a couple of appetizers and we each got something different for our entrees. I tasted all four entrees, and every one was a delight!

The atmosphere is a combination of being relaxed, but with full attention to service. It's like being laid-back, but there is some always there to refill your water, or answer a question about the menu, etc.

All four of us left very happy, very full, and hoping to return soon. This is one of our new favorites in Southern California!

206 Driveway St Ste A, Fairbanks, USA

An Oasis for Vegetarians and Vegans

04 May 2012

There's not much for vegans and vegetarians in Fairbanks, Alaska. But, Julia's Solstice Cafe is a small place that does a booming business because they provide this need, and do a wonderful job of it!

We vacationed in Fairbanks for a week and ate here three times! The food was delicious, and we had meals that were vegetarian as well as vegan and gluten-free that could have earned top reviews in any city. You order at the counter and then the food is brought to you. The wait staff were great, patiently answering all of our questions about whether this dish contained dairy or gluten, etc.

Some dishes we had were unique, such as a cross between an enchilada and lasagna one day. Everything tasted fresh and delicious.

901 W Morgan St, Raleigh, USA

Great Food and Atmosphere (but noisy)

23 May 2010

We ate at Irregardless Cafe because it's on-line menu showed that they have several vegan, gluten-free choices. The menu is clearly marked to show which items fit into these categories. We made an on-line reservation that didn't get added to their list, but they still seated us quickly (it was a busy Saturday evening). The live jazz was wonderful, the wait staff was very good, the choices were varied, and our food was delicious! We plan to come back at least once during our stay in Raleigh. The only negative was the noise level - it's a large open area with lots of tables tightly packed.

541 Orchard Rd, 05-01 Liat Towers, Central Singapore, Singapore

Great Upper Scale Chinese Restaurant

24 Jan 2011

This is a wonderful Chinese vegetarian restaurant located just off of Orchard Road and very close to the MRT station. It's on the fifth floor of the Liat Towers building, so a bit hard to find, but the food is well worth the small adventure of finding it. The menu has great photos of most of the food, so it's easy to have an idea of what you'll be getting. The hotpots are my favorite, but everything that we had was very good. The English of the staff seems a bit limited, however. This is a sit-down restaurant, and is one of the more upscale vegetarian restaurants in Singapore.

19770 Beach Blvd, Huntington Beach, USA

Great Full Service Restaurant, Great Grocery Store

26 Dec 2009

Mother's is both a full service restaurant and a grocery store and a health supplement store. Don't think it's just a deli or a juice bar. I shop there every week and eat there at least a couple of times a month.

Regarding the restaurant - they have a great selection of vegetarian and vegan meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They also have a gluten-free menu (although it's a bit limited, but so is almost everyone's). Their food is usually excellent, portions large, and their prices are very fair. The only downsides are that service can be very slow and I've had food that wasn't as hot as it should be sometimes.

Their market is good, but way too small (the aisles are very narrow, it's usually crowded, so you must have patience when shopping there). Their produce is usually well marked with green signs for organic, and yellow signs for non-organic (I wish they would do the same in the rest of the store).

The issue about bad service is true. Mother's tends to hire very nice people, but they don't seem to have experience or training in good customer service. Once you find someone available to help, they seem to try hard to help - but they are very slow and frequently don't have that much knowledge. This seems to be the case in the restaurant, in the store, and at the check-out. Sometimes the service is "normal" but usually it's pretty slow.

Mother's gets 4+ cows for their food quality and selection in the restaurant, but only 2 cows for their service.

300 Carlsbad Village Dr, Carlsbad, USA

Good Food, Nice Variety

03 Jan 2011

We ate at the Naked Cafe in Carlsbad for lunch and they had a fairly good selection of vegetarian and vegan items. My wife had the Yin and Yang without the dairy and it was great; I had the Ginger Rice and Black Beans which had some wonderful flavors. We switched plates half way through eating, and neither of us could decide which we liked more. Prices are fair. The location and atmosphere is simple and casual. Nice place, we'll eat there again.

2937 Bristol St, Costa Mesa, USA

Tasty Food, Good Service ... but the parking!

14 Sep 2013

The food at Native Foods tastes great! I've eaten there on and off for several years, and the flavors are wonderful. Except for the salads and bowls, I'm not too sure that they are healthy - but then, they aren't claiming that they are - just good, and vegan.

They've made some changes over the years - one positive one is that gluten-free items are now listed directly on their menu (you used to have to ask for a separate menu). You order at the counter, and they bring your food to you - which I don't like because I don't really like standing in line, and if I want something else, I don't want to have to go back in line, plus I never know how much to tip. Regardless, that is the routine here.

The parking used to be great, but then something happened about a year ago and now the lot is almost always full. Street parking isn't an option, so two of the last three times I've tried to eat at this shopping center, I've decided to go someplace else because of the parking.

Back to the food - most of the food here is focused on fake meats, which are in the sandwiches, salads, and bowls. They are great, but that seems to be the focus. I used to get the sandwiches a lot, but then it hit me that eating bread with tempeh isn't really very healthy - so now I get the salads or bowls - and they are great.

I just wish they could do something about that parking!

566 E Main St, Ventura, USA

It's only okay

13 Dec 2009

My wife and I ate here recently - she is vegan and gluten-free. That limits her choices anywhere, but they had a few options for her. She had vegan tacos that were incredibly bland. She gave up on them after a few bites, and I tried them and it was like eating really old boiled veggies wrapped in a corn tortilla.

My meal wasn't as bad - I had a falafel sandwich - it had way too much sauce on it, so was soggy, but the flavor was fine.

We also ordered a side of chips and guacamole. But, when they brought our order, they didn't bring them. The server seemed annoyed at our asking about them, apparently we weren't charged, so I said that I'd be happy to pay, and she took my money and brought the food. The server's attitude was a disappointment on top of the rather average food.

Diamond Hotel 2, Doha, Qatar

Good food, bad location during museum construction

02 Mar 2014

The main problem with this restaurant currently (March 2014) is that it is badly affected by the National Museum Construction. The street that it is on is closed, and you cannot see the name of the hotel it is in from the street, plus the entrance is on the side of the hotel directly next to the construction. Once we were in the neighborhood it took our taxi driver 15 - 20 minutes to find the location, even though he asked many people and called the restaurant twice!

The restaurant itself doesn't look like much. It's pretty small and very casual. We were there for lunch and they had a buffet, but we chose to order from their extensive menu. It's one of the longest and most diverse menus I've ever seen! I was unfamiliar with most of the dishes and we tried items that we've never had before.

The food itself was good Indian food. It wasn't something spectacular, but had good flavor and was satisfying. But, there are lots of Indian restaurants in Doha that have plenty of vegetarian choices that aren't as out-of-the-way, or as difficult to get to. If you want to support a vegetarian restaurant while in Doha - go here for a meal or two. But, if you are looking for a really wonderful meal, there are other good choices as well.

Rating this restaurant is difficult - I'm vacillating between three and four cows, and wish that we could pick a half-cow in our ratings.

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