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19 N University Ave, Provo, USA

Black Sheep

10 Jan 2013

I've been down to Black Sheep a few times since they've opened. The ambiance in the restaurant is really great, and they have really nice staff, but what is and isn't entirely vegan is a little bit harder to figure out. The staff isn't very competent on the subject. The Navajo Taco is really great, but you have to be sure to ask for vegan beans, the regular ones are cooked with meat. Also I have dreams about the prickly pear vinaigrette, probably my favorite thing on the menu. Prices are a little high, but are very reasonable for lunch.

500 S State St, Orem, USA

Better when it was Junkies

10 Jan 2013

A little piece of me died when Fresh Fruit Junkies turned into Cafe Fresh. The menu got much smaller with what seems like less good veg options. The service is always terrible and a really long wait. The staff is a handful of kids (probably under 18) who aren't very attentive at all. The only real good thing about this place is they have some of the best vegan cookies in the county. The pumpkin chocolate chip is my personal favorite, but they have a few other great ones. I would def recommend you stop in for a quick dessert.

1000 S Main St Unit 100, Salt Lake City, USA

I dream of Mac N Cheeze

10 Jan 2013

City cakes used to be a place I wasn't specifically fond of, but they've stepped up they're game and are a regular stop for a snack when I head up to Salt Lake. All they're pastries are great, they have a ton of different choices for milk in coffee, and they have the best quick comforting snacks around. I go out of my way to stop and get their mac n cheeze. I can never find a decent vegan mac n cheeze, but they seem to have mastered it here. The best part, you can actually buy their cheeze sauce. Stop by, the atmosphere is very laid back and a place I could spend hours in.

601-B S New York Ave, Winter Park, USA

Great Place

24 Aug 2010

I have been to a good amount of vegan restaurants, and this is by far some of the best vegan food. My favorite is "A Fungus is Among Us." Amazing and totally comforting. While I was in there I even met a couple that go there regularly for the pizza, and they aren't even veggies!

222 1st St N, Cocoa Beach, USA

Great little place!

06 Mar 2011

The first time I came here a staff member came up and greeted me, and went on to ask if I was vegan or vegetarian. I told her I was vegan and She went on to point out any non vegan items on the menu and any that could be veganized. I feel this is a rare occurrence and appreciated her guidance very much. Service was great, food was great at a good price, not to mention very charming decor. Definitely going to be back.

1796 N 950 W, Provo, USA

The best gas station dive EVER

10 Jan 2013

There aren't many veg friendly place here in UT County, but the best one has got to be MWB. They have a ton of veg options from nachos, to chimis, or classic burritos and tacos. I love the fact they have vegan sour cream and cheese. The vibe in this place is really laid back. Prices are very affordable. Go here.

234 West 900 South, Salt Lake City, USA

I heart sages

24 Aug 2010

Delicious vegan food, a little on the pricy side. Great atmosphere, this is the kind of place I want to go for a special occasion.

3 N Atlantic Ave, Cocoa Beach, USA


06 Mar 2011

The food here was ok, but something I could have easily made at home. In this area I have pretty high expectations for healthy restaurants and this one was not up to par. I also paid about 7 for a sandwich and chips...not worth it.

2280 South West Temple, Salt Lake City, USA

Best Vegan in Salt Lake!

24 Aug 2010

I love Vertical! They are inexpensive, totally vegan, and great laid back atmosphere. I would always recommend this place.

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