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Piazza della Passera, 1, Florence, Italy

Orinel dishes to try/Wonderful experice

This is one of teh best retaurant wehre we had our Vegatarian food. SOups are wonderful. They have prepared special herbal tea for us which was not in the menu. The food is quite orinel and you woudl not find it anywhere else in Florence.
We have took 2 meals . Very helping staff. we woudl defintely recommend everyoen hwould would like to teste their special dishes.

Via Celsa 4, Roma, Rome, Italy

Place must to eat while visiting /staying in Rome

We have taken road trip to Italy in October.
We arrive quite late to restaurnat and without any reservation.
Server and owner was very welcoming.
They have placed us with herbal tea untill one seats get availble.
We have enjoyed this waiting time ,while haveing herbal tea nad lloking at books.
The food was worth of wiating.
Food is very fresh , nicely serve.
It was one of the best vegetarian restaurant we have been in Italy.
So we have retruned every evening during our stay.
The owner have gave us parcel so that we cna have this food during our next stop on thsi road trip.
Higly recommend peopel hwol would like to teste good, freshly cooked vegan food.
Food is not so expensive as comapre to few restaurant which we tried for Vegan food.

via dei Vagellai 18r, Florence, Italy

Very dissappointed by service /and staff

During our road trip ,This is the restaurant where have been completly dissappointed by service.
First it is very difficult to find this place. Very limited seats.. It took us 30 mins to find restaurnat. finally we arrived but no seats availble in bibiliotheque. We have asked her if we can wait as it took us quite long to find and we were quite hungry.SHe did not really ask us to wait or any other help. just being busy in her stuff. We have asked he we can wait just let u sknow how long it will take. She said she do not know. finally we have decided to go and try our luck for evening.
19h00 We came back and another staff member said ohh we can not take you as we are full..
You are full allthough we have reserved in morning.
A worst service ever seen.. It seems liek they are having too much success hence they do not bother about clients.
I would not recommend anyone to try as if their is no seats you are completly stuck no nearest restaurnat can be found.
So be careful to go this resaturant.
I hope they will read this comments and try to improve their service quality.
Can't say about food as we did not even had thsi opportunity.
But not going to try it again for sure.
I woudl prefer other vegan restaurnat who were very helpful and serve good meals.
Cinq a cinq is one of them..

Via Valpetrosa 3/5, Milan, Italy

Delicious food and service

The food is very delicious and can be taken out.
We could not finish all and took out parcel for evening.
They cooked everyday new dish . Servers are very generous, polite and welcoming.
Restaurnat is nicely decorated. We have enjoyed a lot and would recommend everyone to try atleats once.

San Giacomo dell'Orio, Santa Croce, Venice, Italy

Wonderful place to have dinner

It was our last stop in Italy. Romantic city...
Teh restaurnat has wonderful location. The staff is very nice and helping. We haev arrived without any reservation but they have managed to give us the seats. Food was very nice.
You cna take away the meals.. We woudl defintely recommend thsi restaurnat to have one of teh best food not so expensive during your visit in Venice.

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