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1000 Chapel St, New Haven, USA

A new lease on Claire's

06 Nov 2008

I have previously had a few experiences with Claire's that made me skeptical, and I realize that this is because to experience Claire's at it's finest, it is up to you to become a wise and skilled orderer. I recommend that everyone peek into the glass case near the registers that shows the specials of the day, and peruse the desserts and see what looks good and is vegan (in my case anyway). If they have the Shepherd's Pie (which is vegan)and the Lemon Coconut Cake (also vegan) you must not look at the rest of the menu, as this will be a perfect meal. They give you a nice portion of the Shepherd's Pie which, if it does not fill you up completely, you can eat the Cake right away, otherwise you can eat the cake later when your hunger returns. Another good choice is the Vegan Meatloaf. If meatloaf is something that appeals to you, they make a nice vegan version and serve a good portion. I heard from friends that the Arnold Palmer drink has been watered down on several occasions. I usually get hot cider which is just fine. But who needs to pay for a drink when you can just have some nice cold new haven tap water?... I've also had a couple of salads that were good featuring a good assortment of veggies and avocado and spicy soyness and they have a good tahini dressing, I usually require a double dressing because i like a lot of tahini. The bread is usually hard but it's good anyway and if you are dipping it it's no problem. They unfortunatley give out butter packets even if you order all vegan food and i'm sure this just gets thrown out so ask for no butter if you don't want it! I like the order at the counter and pay first and then sit down and they bring the food to you method because then when you are done you are free to go as soon as you clear your dishes, there is no after meal payment confusion or delay. I heard the wholegrain pancakes on weekends are really good but have yet to be in town at the right time. I don't really recommend falafel items or mexican dishes because i find that these kind of specialties usually disappoint when you order them at a restaurant that does not specialize specifically in that kind of food. If you have had a bad experience on Claire's, I recommend giving yourself another chance to improve your ordering skills, and maybe it would be a good idea to go with someone who can approve of all of your selections. I gave up on Claire's a long time ago, and friends brought me back, and now I have realized the potential.

117 Whalley Ave, New Haven, USA

Nice addition to New Haven's Restaurant Scene

18 Feb 2009

This place is nice for on the go dining, since it doesn't (yet?) have any tables for dining in. It is conveniently all vegan, and the woman at the counter, who must be Elaine, was exceptionally friendly. I had the curried "chicken" pieces with rice and beans, which was wonderfully delicious! I also tried split pea soup, which was perfect. Also on the menu is a pepper-steak option, as well as a mock-fish option, and servings come with bread, and with salad if ordering the large portion. Although the menu is now small, that makes choosing easy, and we can look forward to new additions! I'm looking forward to returning to new haven so that I can try the pepper-steak! Also, the restaurant looks quite nice, and is brightly painted a pleasant mild orange.

248 Sisson Ave, Hartford, USA

Just what Hartford needed!

27 Feb 2010

This is the best restaurant in Hartford. There is a good vibe in the dining area because there is always good reggae music playing, the walls are painted yellow/gold, with nice artwork. Christopher is the main man, and he is very friendly and enthusiastic. There is a good variety of delicious homecooked foods to choose from. So far i've had french spiced lentils, chole (spiced chickpeas), kale salad, seitan (magically flavored), sweet and sour tofu, ital stew, and several other varieties that i can't recall the names of, but the point is, everything was delicious! My ordering technique is to ask for a large combination plate, and let them put whatever they'd like on there, because i fully trust that whatever they choose will be great. They've had varied desserts as cupcakes, mixed fruit shortcake (or something similar) and carrot cake, i had the fruit one which was very good! I especially loved the french spiced lentils, and the seitan. They offer organic juices, and also smoothies. I've had the purple rain juice and the gin and tonic (no gin or tonic involved), both very good, and reasonably priced for organics. I can't imagine why I would choose a different restaurant if i'm looking to eat in hartford county. There is also a sports lounge and bar in the back if you want to hang for a bit and mingle or dance, or a more quite dining area in the front where conversation would be easier. Go check it out, and tell your friends, and support a perfect vegetarian, (all vegan!) restaurant! Also, you need not be a vegan or vegetarian to enjoy the food here, it's universally delicious.

10 Hartford Ave, Granby, USA


06 Nov 2008

This Health Food Store has a very friendly owner and employees who will most likely remember your name if you go in there more than once and chat for a bit. There is a nice all organic juice bar in the back, and you can join the "Juicy Club" Where you get a free juice after 12 paid. The cups are made of Corn and are compostable! You can also get a card the you get punched for every 10 spent in the store for a 25 dollar gift card after spending 250, which is nice of them! They have a nice variety of bulk grains, nuts, and seeds, a small but good selection of organic produce (covers what I consider the basics), a frozen section, grocery items as well as health and beauty and cleaning supplies. Some items are very expensive and some are very reasonable, depends on what you are looking for. Produce is a reasonable section indeed, as well as the juice bar, and some refridgerated items. Basically, this is a nice health food store with a friendly atmosphere and plenty to choose from yet small enough to be cozy. Check it out if you are in town!

11 calle 5-51, Zona 1, Guatemala City, Guatemala

this place is awesome!

26 Jun 2009

I ate here with some friends when we were in Guatemala for a few days. The restaurant is very bright and colorful making it a pleasure to be in the room. The food is served cafeteria style, and everything is very colorful and looks great, making it difficult to choose. They also had watermelon juice. Everything was delicious. I ordered everything that was vegan, and I took a picture of my food because it was so nice and colorful, and it was a great experience eating here! I wanted badly to return before leaving Guatemala, but it did not work out. I highly recommend this place to anyone who lives in or will be visiting guatemala city!!!!!!!!!!!! They also had a good amount of seating that was able to accomodate our large group, and it's located i think right in the center of the city, near gov't buildings, so it's convenient for tourism. Try it out and let us all know what you think! Also, I think i remember a local friend saying that the menu varies daily, so i won't recommend anything, but i'm sure it's delicious every day!

520 Capitol Ave, Bridgeport, USA

Vegan Paradise

14 Mar 2008

Shandal's is CT's best vegan restaurant, aka, best restaurant. Delicious Ital cuisine that I wish I could eat every day. There's plenty to choose from and the dishes are so wonderfully spiced that it makes other food boring. Shandal is so pleasant that it is delightful to support his establishment. My favorite dishes are the potatoes and wheat gluten (the only spicy [as in hot and spicy] dish), the lima beans and mock chicken, and the sunshine tofu, but everything is great! Go to Shandal's ASAP, fall in love with it, and tell all your friends!!!

427 Morro Bay Blvd, Morro Bay, USA

A bright spot in beautiful Morro Bay

07 Sep 2009

This is the kind of cafe that I wish could be found in the back of every health food store. From the moment I walked in I knew I was in for a treat! The atmosphere is very cozy and friendly, there's really a small town community vibe here. There's a nice variety on the menu, all of which are fresh and healthy, as well as exciting specials that along with the staples will surely keep things exciting! I ate here 4 times in 3 days (while on vacation), and was lucky enough to chat with the very nice people who run the cafe, as well as a local gentleman who frequents the cafe, and all of their company was very enjoyable! The Tempeh Rueben was very well stuffed, colorful, and tasted delicious. The salad had a creamy cilantro dressing which was very good as well! (all dressings are vegan) The next day I had the spring rolls, which exceeded my expectations! They are very light, stuffed (packed!) with very fresh veggies, tempeh, and they come with an absolutely delicious sesame ginger dip! An order comes with 3 rolls about the size and shape of a snowball, then you can luckily use remaining dressing (they provide a very satisfying amount of dressing, which is rare!) for the bed of greens that they are served on, and walk away smiling. I also had a wonderfully refreshing strawberry banana almond milk smoothie. Upon my next visit, I had no trouble deciding what to order because as soon as I walked in I was surrounded by the alluring aroma of curry, the source of which was the special of the day. I love curry, and I was very satisfied! Upon my final visit, I did the soup sandwich special, which turned out to be a great idea! The soup of the day was African Peanut Stew, and it was outrageously magnificent! It had a perfect level of heat to it, the kind that causes no suffering. The salad was as fresh as can be, and it was a work of art. All of the veggies tasted so ripe, the tomatoes especially, and it was my second experience with the sesame ginger dressing, and was indeed the salad experience of my dreams. I've been making home made lemon tahini dressing for years, as it is my life's blood, and I will now try to improve upon my long-time recipe to include ginger and hope to capture the sesame ginger perfection that I experienced at Shine Cafe. My last indulgence was a sample of an experimental flour free chocolate cake, a great way to send me on my way out of town. I consider the experiment a smashing success. I highly recommend visiting! I love Shine Cafe!

498 Salmon Brook St, Granby, USA

very delicious and very healthy!

08 Feb 2015

Those who live in the Granby area are lucky to have The Sweet Beet in town. Located on a wooded country road, it seems quite an unexpected location for such a special place to be.

I had a bowl of hot chili with cashew "sour cream" and chips, and it was excellent.

I also bought a container of beet hummus, chickpea of the sea, and original style mac and no cheese. The hummus was beautiful, as it was bright purple, and I ate it in one sitting when I got home. It was so good! The mac and no cheese was also quite good, and i'm looking forward to trying the other varieties available next time. It did not have the bogus "cheesy" flavor that some other vegan mac and cheeses have... The cheesy sauce is cashew based and is good and hearty. The chickpea of the sea salad was so good! i made sandwiches with it when I got home (Ezekiel bread, chickpea of the sea, and tomatoes) and it was delicious!

I also tried to two mini cupcakes, one was vanilla and the other was chocolate/beet, and they were both very good.

There were so many other options that I would have liked to have tried. So, i'm excited to go back and explore the variety.

There were three people working there and they were all friendly. The restaurant was very very clean and neatly organized, and the the decor was charming and old fashioned.

Next time I think i'm going to try something from the sandwich board or maybe the dish that was similar to shepherd's pie. I like that you can go in and get a hot soup and sandwich or some kind of meal to eat there, and then stock up on really fresh and high quality grab and go items to take home.

I think this might be the healthiest restaurant that I know of!!! Vegan, gluten free, organic, soy free... I think the Sweet Beet really cares about us :)

if you are from out of town you could make a plan to have lunch and then go hiking/swimming nearby such as at Ender Falls or somewhere on the metacomet trail.

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