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711 NW 27th Ave, Miami, USA

Food for everyone

My nonvegan family has a rule if its vegan you are buying. There was 4 of them. They all got eat something they liked. Brother-in-law Breakfast for lunch, my mom a sandwich, my grandma a soup, my sister a huge salad, and I got the tuna melt. We even got cookies to go. Everyone was happy!

We had to wait for a booth.

3808 SW 8th St, Coral Gables, USA

She thinks she is your mom.

I went to this restaurant with my mom and grandmother. Both non vegans who eat vegan food when I buy. We all ordered something different. The owner tried to push the kale keish. I said I wanted the soup. She ran out and insisted on me eating that so without options I did. I didn't like it at all. I threaded dishes with my grandmother. The Soup was good. She didn't like the keish and gave it to my mom. My mom pulled out a hair from the keish. We stopped eating it.

When the owner came to pick up the food she gave me this look like I was a child who didn't finish my vegetables. She looked so hurt and disappointed. She asked if we wanted it to go. My mom said no. She asked again. My grandmother said in Spanish "for the dog?" I think the owner understood and didn't pack it up. We didn't tell her about the hair we found.

611-3, U-dong, Haeundae-gu, Busan, South Korea

A must when Traveling to Haeundae

I love this place. I love it so much that when I go to Busan I eat there so much I haven't tried too many other places. This place is big enough where we have a veggie meet up with a dozen people. Everything on the table looked good.

Fair warning if you have been veggie for a very long time you may not truly appreciate the mock seafoods. On the other hand if you have had a craving, you will be in love in a "safe place".

120-834 Changcheon-dong 33-10, Sinchon Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea

The Gateway Restaurant to becoming Vegan.

Over a year ago I found myself going to this place every week. I live over 90 minutes away. At the time I wasn't even Vegetarian. I thought it was strange that my favorite restaurant was vegan.

Honesty now it is not as good as it was a year ago. The California Rolls used to have big fresh pieces of Avocados. Now they think Spicy Protein is a Soup not Mock Chicken. It has changed to more of a Korean Loving Hut. It is less Western. Their English has gotten worse too.

This place is still great, but I miss what it used to be. It is still worthy of going, just not worthy of traveling long distances after work for dinner. I am sure the locals appreciate it more now. The place has more customers now. Maybe it is the Korean Gateway Restaurant to becoming Vegan.

I now get Sweet and Sour Vegetables and fried Mandu. If there is room, Ice Cream with a shot of espresso.

257-7 Yeonnamdong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Bakery For Vegans!

Vegans:Imagine walking in to a Bakery and being able to eat whatever you like! Trust me you won't eat the whole bakery because the astronomical price would stop you. Still, this place is awesome!

Here is my attempt to explain the directions. Please feel free to add Directions.

Hongik University Station, Exit 3
Cross the Dirt Street. Make sure you are on the right hand side of the dirt street. (*Not the the Police Station side.*)
Walk down past the Viva Apartment Buildings, till you see a GS25 make a right.(The problem was, on the other side of the dirt street there is a GS 25, as well.)
The hip looking place is the Bakery on your left.

Mapo-gu seokyo-dong 327-23, Seoul, South Korea

Tell them if you are "vegan".

This place has Falafels. They have a sign that says, "tell us if you are vegan".

I am vegan and went with Vegetarians. We pretty much got the same thing, a Falafel Wrap except they got Soup and my Wrap did not have Sauce. So tell them if you are "vegan".

I told them they should make vegan soup so I could get a set too. He said "we will try". They were very nice. We all are happy that we ate there and plan to go again. The music was very calm too.



HUMMUS 4,000

ORGANIC JUICES 3,000-4,000
BEER 6,000-8,000

1406, Oncheon-Dong, Asan, South Korea

Easy to find driving with a GPS

I am sorry I have no clue how to get here by train. But I can tell you that the Happy Cow Address is right!

I got a "Ham" Salad and a "Ham" Sandwich to go. It was not like anything I had ever had before. I thought it was a cute concept, it was apple slices, then "ham" repeated over and over again then covered with like a slaw.

They also had things on the menu that I had seen at other Loving Hut like Sweat and Sour Vegetables. You can also buy Choco Wafers and other Loving Hut Groceries.
The people were very nice. They have dogs. One is missing a foot and hops around. I am telling you just in case that is an issue. The Dogs are nice and follow Directions.

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