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"Unbelievable cheap and vegan!"
Madrid, Spain on 04 Feb 2013

"take away delivery"
Madrid, Spain on 04 Feb 2013

"Example how similar ethical food can start"
East London, England on 04 Feb 2013

"Excellent how to start from nothing"
Dublin, Ireland on 17 Nov 2014

"Brilliant to Bring Conventional Person"
Milton Keynes, England on 19 Oct 2014

"Raw Cakes Are Delicious"
Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica on 28 Dec 2014

"Everything vegan except 1dish"
Alajuela, Costa Rica on 23 Apr 2016

"Biggest Raw Food Business In Ireland"
Dublin, Ireland on 21 Jan 2013

"One of most Veganised buffet I've seen. also cheapest"
Vancouver, Canada on 29 Oct 2016