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259 W 23rd St, New York City, USA

Yummy New-ish Place in Chelsea!

17 Nov 2010

So I was walking down 9th Avenue, wanting to hit Cocoa-V for some salted Caramels and I was disappointed to see they're closed until 3 PM. Imagine my delight to realize that, right next door, Blossom Du Jour was open and serving LUNCH! There are SO MANY options on the menu, it was kind of hard to choose. You can go healthy, comfort food-ish, and there are great dessert options too.

I ordered the Smokey Avocado Wrap and it was delightful! The smokey tempeh was balanced with the creamy avocado and just the perfect amount of kick in the Chipotle Aoli-- a WINNER!

My husband had the Eggplant Parm Sub Sandwich and he really liked it. His only note was that it would have been perfect if they had toasted the bread. Details, details...

We both had the Onion rings as a side and they were OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!

I treated myself to their gluten-free Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookie. It was heavenly. Exactly what I needed to round out a comforting and delicious lunch.

Having a great vegan option in a sleek modern environment in the heart of Chelsea (just 2 blocks from my office) makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I suspect I might be bringing lunch to work less often... especially because they deliver!

1595 W Highway 89A, Sedona, USA

Not Worth the Money

25 Mar 2013

Because it's the only "vegan" restaurant in town, we went for lunch on our first day, today. I say "vegan" because it's not really vegan. They put honey in a substantial amount of their foods, and they sell it by the jars. I don't know who thinks that be vomit is vegan, but it's not.

We ordered the potato soup, the combination platter, and the veggie burgers. Everything was lackluster. The presentation was nice enough, but the food was bland, unflavorful, dense, and though it said cooked, it was completely cold and felt raw. Their homemade chips were soggy or too hard. Their bread crumbled as you handled it. Everything has a slightly better taste to it. Even the chocolate, which was the size of a small thimble for $2.22 apiece, was bitter, lacking in complexity and balance. That all said, the chai tea was good. One cup of soup, one shared starter, and two veggie burgers for over $50? Outrageous. Especially when the food was this disgusting.

I really wanted to like this place. There's just no way I can. Oh, and please-SOMEBODY CHANGE THE DESIGNATION OF THIS RESTAURANT! It is NOT vegan: it is, as they say in their menu, on their website, and on their sign, VEGETARIAN!

102 Lexington Ave, New York City, USA

Superb Authentic Indian Cuisine

06 Jul 2014

We noticed that the only prior recommendation was from a native Indian vegetarian. As Caucasian American men, we thought this was utterly extraordinary food.

They have an entire menu that is listed as Vegan but are many items in the other sections of the menu that are or can be made vegan. Don't be afraid to ask. The waitstaff were extraordinarily helpful with that.

The Vegan Thalli was a lovely platter with diverse food options served with rice and bread. The Aloo Gobi was spicy but not overpowering while the sweetness of the sauce mixed well with the peppers and potatoes.

The portions are very generous, the restaurant is comfortable nicely appointed and the service was very good. This was a wonderful surprise in little India.

4148 Blvd Saint-Laurent, Montreal, Canada

Fabulous Vegan Shoppe in the Heart of Montreal

29 Aug 2011

Imagine my surprise and joy to stumble on this clean, well-stocked and nicely staffed store. From vegan marshmallows to Earth Balance, Gardein to homemade coconut ice cream- they have what you need and want.

174 Ninth Ave, New York City, USA

A Vegan Chocoholic's Paradise!

03 Mar 2010

Even though I work just two blocks from this fabulous new Chelsea Vegan hotspot, I haven't had the time to visit until this morning. I came in at opening and everyone was so sincerely warm and welcoming. All of the staff were super sweet, and super helpful. Incidentally, everyone who works there is a Vegan her/himself. I really like that.

There is SO much to choose from. SO many options. SO much temptation. (Not a place to be if you're on a strict weight-loss program!) I ordered an assortment of Chocolates-- DIVINE! You literally can NOT pick a bad one. And I treated myself to their Espresso Hot Chocolate (soymilk based) with three vegan marshmallows inside... I had to sit down and really take in the experience.

This PROVES that you can do delicious sweets and chocolates, all organic and sustainable/fair trade... and DELICIOUSLY! This is good for the earth, good for workers, good for animals and, as it makes us Chocoholics so happy, good for you! I'm sure I won't make it a week before heading back!

1236 Western Ave, Las Vegas, USA

What an awful meal

25 Dec 2012

This was truly one of the worse dining experiences I've had in my adult life. And that's saying quite a lot.

I could go on and on, but the 2500 character limit here forces me to edit myself. I won't do that. If you want to see the pictures of the food and read about our Sunday Brunch disaster, you can see/read it all here: http://travellingvegan.blogspot.com/2012/12/vegans-in-vegas.html

In short; Avoid this place like the plague. What awful food.

1125 Ashford, Condado, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Great place in Condado Beach

31 Mar 2012

We were staying at La Concha and really pleased to find this place next door to our hotel. After one lunch, we were hooked and came back each of our 3 days.

I highly recommend the Falafel Salad. Instead of traditional balls, they serve it as a thin, fried cutlet serves over a bed of salad, with a hummus/tahini dip and a balsamic dressing on the side. They also serve it with candied walnuts, which made the whole thing that much more delicious.

The last day, we opted for their traditional "Teriyaki Chicken Wrap" but asked them to substitute the dead bird flesh for their tofu-based mock-meat. It seemed the throw them-- I guess they don't get many requests to change things. Still, they did it and it was a spectacular lunch wrap which held away our hunger for hours.

There is an exhaustive list of juices and smoothies, as well. All of them can be made vegan by using soymilk, though there is no alternative available for those looking to go soy free (which, thankfully, was not an issue for us!)

The hours (11-7) really restrict this place to being a lunch spot (or, an early-bird dinner joint.) The service was friendly always, and the speed of service seems to be directly proportional to the number of patrons there. It seemed on all 3 days that there is just one chef in the kitchen, so the more customers, the longer the wait. Still, the food is so healthy and delicious, it's a godsend for vegans staying in Condado beach.

2050 Yavapai Dr, Sedona, USA

What a great little joint!

25 Mar 2013

After a revolting lunch over at ChocolaTree, we were still hungry. We went down the road to Simon's and found the cutest little hot dog stand. All of his offerings can be made with a vegan hotdog. It's pretty clear from the taste of it that he is using the Tofurky Sundried Tomato Sausage. I asked him to try the most popular one and he said, by far, it was "The Columbian". The hotdog came in a fresh better-than-typical hotdog bun, covered in crushed potato chips, chopped pineapple, and smothered in his "special sauce". The special sauce, he explained, was a mixture of Veganaise and Ketchup. It normally comes with mozzarella, and he usually has Daiya mozzarella shreds, but he was out today. Still, it made no difference. This was a delicious hotdog, served with your choice of potato chips or pickles on the side. Totally hit the spot. Really nice outdoor seating area and a bar adjacent if you want to get a beer.

Great, inexpensive option for lunch or a snack while in Sedona.

829 Fleming St, Key West, USA

This is THE Go-To Place in Key West

10 Jan 2010

So I was skeptical when I saw that they served chicken, eggs and such other items that were not vegetarian, let alone vegan. That said, I've been here every single day since coming to Key West.

They use fresh, organic ingredients, delicious healthy flavor combinations, and nearly every item on the menu can be made-to-order for vegetarians and vegan.

Their Key West Coconut Curry Nourishing Bowl was lightly flavored and has a delicious, savory combination of coconut with curry and lime. I came back for the "Korean BBQ Chicken" but had them substitute Tempeh for the Chicken (all meat items can be substituted or left out). YUMMMM!!! So filling and well spiced but not too spicy. Delicious!

Their Chocolate Buzz Smoothie was really rich in cacao and not too heavy.

I have been here every day of my vacation so far and plan to hit it a few more times before going home. I wish we had one just like this back east.

1859 Springfield Ave, Maplewood, USA

Great New Addition to the Neighborhood

28 Nov 2009

We stopped in to this great, fresh, new spot on Springfield Avenue in Maplewood and were very pleasantly surprised. They have a great juice selection and there are lots of vegetarian-friendly options. There are even vegan dessert options. I just wish they would drop the dead animal flesh from the menu, but baby-steps. I'm glad there's another place in town that isn't a pizzeria, Chinese food restaurant, or Pub/Grill.

Aguirre 1620, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mostly Vegan Gem in Palermo Hollywood

24 Feb 2011

We wanted to walk around Palermo Hollywood and then Palermo Soho, so we went to KENSHO for lunch. It was a Thursday and it was 2 PM, so things were very quiet and slow which turned out to be lovely for us.

The restaurant is a crisp, modern, minimalist space and it really has a nice, open-kitchen vibe. Everyone working there was very friendly and helpful. I'm 100% Vegan and I was impressed; Over 80-90% of the menu items are vegan. They conveniently mark items with icons for being vegan, Gluten Free, etc... which was SUPER helpful.

We ended up doing the special of the day which was an appetizer two mains and a dessert and we loved it all. Everything was very fresh and clearly tasted organic.

I think it's a pity that this is listed here at Vegetarian because that listing usually deters Vegans (like me) from thinking of it as the amazingly viable food option it is. We're here for 5 more days and hope to be back again before we leave.

27 Airport Rd, Simpson Bay, Saint Maarten

Tasty Falafel in Simpson Bay

18 Mar 2015

After finding this place extensively reviewed and recommended on Trip Advisor, we decided to try it for lunch. Centrally located just across from the Palapa Center on Airport Road in the heart of Simpson Bay, this place is cute. Made from a repurposed shipping/cargo container, they have extensive outdoor seating and parking.

This is NOT a veggie establishment; They sell Schwarma (clearly not vegan or vegetarian) and Falafel. We verified that the falafel is vegan but make sure they do NOT add the "garlic sauce" as this is not vegan; Mayo base. They use cinnamon in their falafel which was interesting and flavorful. Their veggies are fresh and vibrantly tasty. Their hummus is home-made. Fresh. Delicious.

This is well worth the trip for generous, filling portions.
Updated from previous review on Wednesday March 18, 2015

Blvd Kukulcan Km 9.5, Zona Hotelera, Cancun, Mexico

Superb Authentic Mexican Food

30 Oct 2013

We have been staying in the Hotel Zone for the past few days and decided to venture off-property. We chose Natura Restaurante because of the recent great reviews and because, unlike the all-vegan restaurant in Cancun, this one is closer. We were thrilled!

The food was utterly delicious. The Vegetarian Tacos (which are all vegan) were TO DIE FOR. Some of the best "mock meat" I've ever tasted. Anywhere.

We tried the Chilaquiles, also vegan, which are made with Tofu instead of cheese and served with a side of deeply flavorful refried beans; truly an amazing dish.

When the bill came, we were wary, given the previous comments. I'm happy to report that our bill was 100% accurate when it arrived- no issues.

If you're staying in the hotel zone in cancun, this place is a no-brainer. THE place to go for satisfying, reasonably priced Mexican vegan and vegetarian food.

1915 W State Route 89A, Sedona, USA

Great variety

25 Mar 2013

As a strict vegan, I often feel wary of traveling to towns without a Whole Foods. I have to say, this store had everything that I would ever need at my local Whole Foods, and a lot cheaper. Great selection, clean store, friendly staff.
Updated from previous review on Sunday March 24, 2013

555 S Sunrise Wy Ste 301, Palm Springs, USA

A Diamond in the Desert

22 May 2010

What a great place. What a fantastic menu. Lots of vegan-friendly options and the food all looks and smells so great.

We went shopping there this morning to get some provisions for our room as we're staying on vacation in Palm Springs for the next four days. I was impressed with their collection of raw and pre-packaged foods. I was, however, disappointed in the very low number of organic fruits and veggies available, though I realize that it might just be the day we came. (There were organic Grapefruits but the apples, oranges, bananas weren't organic.)

Still, I had the tofu scramble for breakfast and it was delicious. I tried the date shake and I will DEFINITELY be back over the next few days to have a few more. What a delicious, nutritious treat!

The Coachella valley needs more places like this.

611 S Palm Canyon Dr 6, Palm Springs, USA

Fantastic Organic Vegan-Friendly

22 May 2010

I just came back from lunch and had to write a review; This place is amazing. Super-friendly and genuinely helpful staff. The ambiance is nice, open, clean. Their menu is full of options for vegetarians and vegans. Many of the non-vegan menu items can be easily changed to accommodate vegans without ruining the dish itself. I had the salad sampler and BOY was there a lot to sample. From the Tofu "egg" salad, the sweet potato salad, the Faux "Tuna" salad... it was so delicious and filling. Their apple blueberry cobbler was great, too. We'll be back over the next few days to try out all of the amazing items.

I'll say this: Some of the previous comments on here (about it not being 100% organic or gluten free, etc...) seem highly unwarranted. They were SO careful to point out what was and what wasn't organic/gluten free. Furthermore, as a vegan, I was intimidated and leary of going because it's listed as "Veggie Friendly" but that's the understatement of the year. This place is nearly vegan for all practical purposes.

1855 Arizona 89A, Sedona, USA

Great pizza, great service

25 Mar 2013

When we asked the maître d' at the restaurant if the pizza dough had eggs in it he said it did. It turns out, he was mistaken: Only the gluten-free go has eggs. The original crust and the multigrain are both Vegan.

We had of the Asian salad: delicious! We did the "build your own pizza". My husband did a traditional tomato sauce with sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke bottoms, caramelized onions and Daiya cheese While I did a savory pizza with Indian curry sauce, dates, figs, pineapple and avocado with Daiya cheese. Everything was excellent.

Our server was so solicitous and helpful. When I asked him about the Indian curry sauce, he offered to bring the jar in from the kitchen so I could read the label.

This place is crowded, sometimes hectic, but always relaxing and fun all the same. They really hustle here and get their patrons fed and move customers along without feeling rushed.

This is a GREAT spot for vegan pizza in town.

Qanchipata 269, Barrio San Blas, Cusco, Peru

Great Little Hole-in-the-Wall Joint

29 Nov 2010

After 8 days of running around Peru and having limited vegan food options in mostly rural places, it was wonderful to find Prasada, around the corner from my hotel. The owners are lovely, friendly and can take any of their dishes and make them vegan (essentially, leaving out the cheese.) I went one night for dinner and the next day for a take-away lunch.

For dinner we had their vegan veggie lasagna and it was really good; great cheesey-texture but without any cheese or mock-cheese. We also had their Fallafel Taco. I felt that the Fallafel balls were a bit over-fried and too hard on the outside but the overall flavor was lovely and went very well with the "salad" options in the taco. Their freshly squeeze juices were great. My husband had the "Naranja" (orange juice) and I had the "Maracunya" (Passionfruit). For dessert, we tried the almond cookies which were great. All of this, combined, cost 24 Sols, which is about $8 USD. $8 for an ENTIRE, large, meal for 2 adults. Amazing.

The next day, we returned for a take-out lunch; My husband did the Fallafel sandwich this time, since he enjoyed it so much as a taco the night before and he was equally pleased. I tried the "Mexican Hamburger" which was a a lentil-burger with avocado, tomato, lettuces and served with Chinese-style crunchy noodles. Very tasty. For dessert, I tried the vegan Hallava. This tasted less like traditional Hallava which, for me, is a good thing. The crushed dates, sesame, coconut, almost and citrus rind made a delightful, palate-cleansing finale to a lovely afternoon lunch. This cost 12 Soles, which is about $4 USD. Again, amazingly inexpensive.

The restaurant is located at the address listed here on Happy Cow, though don't use the "Map" function, as it's off, by a few blocks. Just follow the numbers and you'll see it, just next to the larger "Chocolate" sign, two doors down (which, by the way, does have a FEW vegan-chocolate options worth checking out.)

I really enjoyed Prasada, as much for it's no-frills, eating-in-an-alleyway, down-to-earth vibe and the lovely, friendly owners/staff, as I did the delicious, vegan food. It's a "be sure to not miss it" place in the heart of Cusco.

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