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Lange Leemstraat 188, Belgielei, Antwerp, Antwerpen, Belgium

Tasty food

08 Dec 2011

funny restaurant (mix of cultures), but tasty falafel and hummus. If you are vegan, you have to ask for a vegan pita bread. Don't use the word vegan, they don't know what that means.

Kasteelpleinstraat 45-47, Antwerp, Antwerpen, Belgium

tasteful food

08 Dec 2011

I have been here several times. They don't have many vegan options. But it's always tasteful.
Once my friend ordered a vegetarian quiche, but there was a big piece of fish in the quiche. They gave him a new quiche.

Minderbroedersrui 52, Antwerp, Antwerpen, Belgium

Eten vol leven

08 Dec 2011

The desserts are ok.
The portions are tiny.
The salads are disappointing.
Always ask if they used honey.

Otto Veniusstraat 29, Antwerp, Antwerpen, Belgium

Bio shop

08 Dec 2011

One of the few bio stores in Antwerp.
It's a big shop and they have tasty drinks, rice ice coated with 'milk' chocolate,...
Don't ask anything to the staff , because they are incompetent (they even don't know what vegan is).

Lombardenvest 78, Antwerp, Antwerpen, Belgium

been here twice

08 Dec 2011

I have been there twice. The food was cooked green beans, little spices and a sandwich but not vegan.

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