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778 Higuera St, San Luis Obispo, USA

no illusion hare

07 Oct 2012

I loved the special sauce. Not sure what it is: tamarind, cardamon, and more? I did feel cheated though. The portion of tempeh I got with my sandwich was weak considering what I paid. I am also guessing I got wheat bread, not squaw, and it was quite thin. Suppose I was hoping for homemade, and dark squaw at that. The apple/banana/kale smoothie with hemp protein was OK, but very runny, not smooth/thick, and not cold at all. Maybe that's just how they make their smoothies? But I'd call it juice, warm juice. On a warm day I'd like something cool, or cold. It was also disappointing to see a server wearing the latest trendy rooster feathers in her ears, but perhaps she doesn't know the score, or care. They do serve eggs and cheese, but rooster feathers are still in poor taste in a vegetarian restaurant (or anywhere for that matter). Nevertheless, I'd call the service just OK, and the taste/vale about the same. The bathroom could have a used a good cleaning, and a LOCK! as well.

2920 University Ave, San Diego, USA

Awesome sauce

07 Oct 2012

Definitely not "new school" as one reviewer said, but damn was it good. I had a black eyed pea, sweet potato, and squash combo, with quinoa, corn, beet, kale and some awesome sauce. The squash had a little plantain as well. It was the perfect compliment, and the rosemary was just right imo. I'll certainly be back. I actually like the evolving menu idea. They break the mold of the same stagnant menu choices, and force you to give what they have a go. I like the surprise element. I'm wondering if there is less food wasted this way as well.

2246 N Lakewood Blvd, Long Beach, USA


08 Oct 2012

By far the most value for your buck. I'll admit its not "great" in taste, but its one of the only places where I feel like I get my fill, and then some, for the money I spend. I've only been about four/five times, and I think I've had different items each time. I'll go again because I always leave more than satisfied, if not stuffed, whereas a lot of other places I feel ripped off in the protein dept. So far though, not a home run in the flavor dept, but not bad.

732 S State St, Ukiah, USA

Not bad

11 Sep 2012

Not bad, but not great either. My first choice in the City of 10,000 Buddists is closed on Tuesdays. I opted for this place because of the "vege" title or name. Think draws people in.

Mostly tofu items. The salsa was good. I also had the Rueben. I ordered it vegan and they asked if I wanted tofu spread instead of the mayo and cheese. Thank you. Wasn't bad.

Liked the glass option so I wouldn't have throw away a cup, but they brought the sandwich in a paper tray. Better than styrofoam I suppose.

I'd come back, but will try some other locations in town next time.

1227 Archer St, San Luis Obispo, USA


07 Oct 2012

The kale/fennel juice was awesome, but small considering the price. The curry lentil soup was tasty, but low on lentils/protein. We had a salad as well, but would have liked to have had more considering the price, and the fact that we didn't purchase the eggs it normally comes with. Considering the soup portion/content perhaps this is how they roll. Pleasant and nice nonetheless.

3914 30th St, San Diego, USA


07 Oct 2012

Nothing out of the ordinary. Typical Asian fare, which I'm actually getting tired of when it comes to vegan food, as its so common. The portions were fair, and the flavor as well. I wouldn't hesitate to come back. Stoked to have another option in the area. Though now its making the decision on where to go harder. But it's a nice option if my new favorite vegan place 10 steps around the corner doesn't have what I want that particular day.

1444 Linden St, Bethlehem, USA


11 Sep 2012

Happy, happy, joy, joy. Stoked to have spoiled myself here. Awesome.

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