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22 Chestnut St, Florence, USA

Awesome Desserts!!

14 Sep 2009

My husband and I visited Cafe Evolution from Connecticut after hearing about it from the Vegan Bus. We were happy to see the huge Vegan Bus parked in their parking lot! Very cool! The inside was larger and more modern-looking (versus hippy-looking) than what I had expected. We had to walk to a nearby gas station to use an ATM because I didn't realize they only take cash and local checks- what a bummer! We ordered soup, a sandwich, and nachos. I loved that the bread was really thick and homemade (bread came with the soup, too). At first we were impressed with the melted Sheese "cheese" on the nachos, but once it cooled down it was no longer good- just sort of chunky and thick. I would love to see this place try out a vegan cheese made in the USA, rather than import Sheese from Scotland. (Maybe they could use Teese made in Chicago or Dr. Cow Tree Nut Cheese made in Brooklyn.) We also got dessert and coffee. The cupcakes are so yummy- large and thickly topped with frosting! And I loved that the coffee bar offered agave as a sweetener along with many vegan creamer choices. Also, all the little details makes this place great, too: they compost your food scraps (if you even have any!), they use Dr. Bronner's soap in the bathrooms, and they have a great community bulletin board around the door frame. If we are in the area again, we will have cash on hand and just stick to the cupcakes and coffee.

1000 Chapel St, New Haven, USA


12 Oct 2009

I had gone to http://www.clairescornercopia.com/ to print out their menu prior to a trip to New Haven, CT. On the menu it states that they are open everyday at 8 am. Well, not exactly true. If I had looked at the bottom of their website, they open at 9 am on Saturdays and Sundays. I was there on a Saturday at 8 am expecting to get in, along with several other couples and passersby- they probably lost quite a bit of business that morning! I waited until they opened and ordered a vegan tofu scramble in a whole wheat wrap to-go. The wait time was 15 minutes (and I was first in line to order, but others were served first). The meal was very bland. It was basically just cubes of tofu heated with a few undercooked red onions and some spinach, and a whole lot of oil. I ate half and took the rest home to doctor it up with spices. I will give this place another try though, because I would like to experience eating at the restaurant. If I didn't have to order food to-go (due to lack of time by that point), then I would have ordered the vegan pancakes. I did attempt to return for lunch that same day, but after driving by and not being able to immediately locate any street parking and seeing the line was just out the door (this was at 3:30 pm on a Saturday), I passed. I'll post another review after giving it another chance.

8407 Broadway Ste 1, San Antonio, USA

San Antonio's newest veg heaven!

07 Aug 2011

I have had the pleasure of eating here three times in the first week that they have opened, haha! The owners- Fred Anthony and David- are very approachable, hands-on, innovative, open-minded, and open to suggestions. They have crafted a great menu full of comfort food and some really unique flavor combos. Such as the Peanut Butter & Jelly Club- chunky PB, bright green sweet pepper jelly, and vegan sausage- strangely good combo- this sandwich is 3 layers of bread and very filling. I really like their vegan sausage and hope to see it on the Saturday brunch menu soon. Speaking of brunch, the Oreo-crusted french toast will bring you right back to your childhood memories of breakfast. I am not sure what they use as the french toast batter, but it makes the bread just melt in your mouth. I have had the tamales, which are not at all like the bland vegan ones I have tried at other places. The broccoli queso tamales are my favorite so far. The coconut cilantro lime rice is also my favorite side so far. I have had several of their cupcakes- they have a great baker! The ones with fillings in the middle seem to be the most moist and fresh tasting. Try the "Death by Chocolate" cupcake!

606 Main St, Middletown, USA

Best Gourmet Restaurant in CT

17 Feb 2010

ION is the best gourmet restaurant in CT, if not one of the best in the US, and not just for vegetarians and vegans, but for anyone who enjoys fresh, local, creative meals. I love ordering off of the daily specials menu- there are some unique items that come around depending on the season. Also, if you love breakfast, you must try the Sunday brunch menu items. The atmosphere is very unique inside- there are always different local artists' work on display (and for sale). Also, in warmer weather you can be seated outside. This isn't really a place you'd take kids to- I think it has a great adult atmosphere. You definitely get what you pay for, and each penny spent at ION is well worth it!

2414A S Lamar Blvd, Austin, USA

Overwhelming amt of choices for meals & desserts!!

08 Oct 2010

I have been here twice and ordered the same thing both times (I know, not original, haha!) But I really love their Mushroom Tacos, which come as soft tacos, but I always have them make them with the crispy tacos. It is a perfect texture balance for me. The mushrooms seem a bit greasy, but not anything that makes you feel gross or heavy after eating it. I love the vegan gingerbread pig cookies, which are really cute with a raisin for the eye. These cookies are large and pretty thick, and come at a great price of just $1.55. The whole dessert case looks delicious and I really appreciate that the all desserts are well-labeled with the ingredients. The make some fancy cakes and you can even order one for a wedding or party. I will be visiting again soon, and maybe this time I will try out the buffet to expand my tastebuds beyond the Mushroom Tacos! :) Also, I love that they recycle!

606 W Cypress St, San Antonio, USA

Relaxed atmosphere with made-from-scratch food

08 Oct 2010

I just moved to San Antonio, and was happy to find this place near my neighborhood. I took an out-of-town guest (who eats meat) there because they have both meat and vegan options, and I was able to pitch it well since one of their (meat) burgers was voted #5 in the Top 50 Best Burgers by Texas Monthly magazine in 2009. In fact, the atmosphere is so unique that my guest kept asking if I knew of any place like it in our home state, even before tasting the food! The vegan menu seems to be more extensive than what is listed online because I ordered a vegan bacon cheeseburger that I found written on a vegan menu chalkboard inside the restaurant. I am really impressed that they make their own thin crispy tofu bacon, rice/bean burgers, and spicy cashew cheese- so nothing is from a package here! Also, they had big, thick vegan snickerdoodle cookies the day I went, which I was told sell fast, so be sure to order your vegan dessert when placing your meal order. Oh, and try out their homemade ginger ale- it is awesome and fresh tasting! Everything is served in plastic baskets like a diner and the whole place is just very relaxed...seems to be really popular with families with kids, and dog owners. Just be aware that when you go looking for this place, keep a look-out for a carwash! It is all connected with the restaurant, along with a laundromat, haha! I can't wait to try out the "Vegan Night" next month and hoping to meet other like-minded people there.

11410 Century Oaks Terrace Ste 112, Austin, USA

Vegan-friendly Local cafe hidden in outdoor mall

08 Oct 2010

This is a hidden gem in an outdoor mall atmosphere! The outdoor cafe was full, so we went inside and it was very soothing, with aloe plants decorating shelves, a small succulent plant on each table, and calming colors painted on the walls. The servers are very knowledgeable about food preferences/allergies and offer suggestions and substitutions once you let them know you're vegan. Also, a nice thing is that right on the menu they give you substitutions for making certain dishes vegan. They offer rice milk, almond milk, and soy milk for their drinks, and the Mexican Hot Chocolate is vegan if made with one of those non-dairy milks. They have thick hearty vegan bread and a couple sweet vegan desserts, too. Also, they make their own in-house salad dressing which is really flavorful, and almost tastes like it has sesame oil in it. The sandwich that I ordered (Ginger Tofu) was so big and thick that I had to take half of it home. The ginger tofu was marinated well and sliced thin that it almost looked like chicken. I would definitely never guess such a place could exist among the chain-restaurants and stores in this mall, but I am so happy that it does!

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