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Metallistrasse 9a, Zug, Switzerland

best place in the area

10 Jun 2011

Its by far the best place in the area for anything organic and vegan and the only place where you can get vegan ice cream and the non-standard ingedients for a japanese meal. Right across from Bio Veritas is an Indian shop where you can get some more exotic incredients and spices. My Saturday run usually starts with the farmers market at Kolinplatz, then Bio Veritas and the Indian shop after that.

For my favorit vegan chocolate spread I have to stop by the smaller bio shop (called Müller) by the train station in Zug

Oh and Bio Veritas also carries organic wines. Unfortunately mostof them still have some additives

Bleicherstrasse 23, Luzern, Switzerland

Limited food options

19 Oct 2011

The small restaurant has a nice, tastfully designed interior. The food was ok but the options especially for vegans were very limited. There were 3 options for the main course altogether of which 1 was for vegans. From the other 2 one was unavailable in the early evening. There was also only one vegan option for a starter but that was a very tasty pumkin soup.

A warning: Don't take the starter platter. It's basically just 2 cheeses, olives and sun dried tomatoes and horribly overprices.

The best of the entire meal was the appetizer consisting of bread and 2 extremely nice dips. One tasted like Saag and the other one was a garlicy hummus.

Lattichstrasse 3, Baar, Switzerland

great place

10 Jun 2011

This is a very cool little place with some really good vegan cakes. However since it is pretty small most of the specialties are made by order. So if you are looking for something special I would recommend to call a days beforehand.

19 Wicklow Street, Dublin, Ireland

amazing food

09 Jun 2011

Went to Dublin for a week and had food there almost every single day. They have some very good vegan options including desserts - the berry crumble is amazing ... it's just a pity that the place is so casual and not more like a restaurant... for example: when I'm over I would like to show my carnivorous friends how good vegan food can be and would like to take them out to dinner. But Cornucopia closes very early on some days and this canteen style in-eat-out atmosphere isn't the right thing for a nice dinner with friends

83 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin, Ireland

good affordable food

09 Jun 2011

I like this place. It's also one of the in-eat-out places but its really inexpensive. The constant hare krishna music is too much for me though and I think they could get a lot more people eating there by changing the music

Sihlstrasse 28, Zurich, Switzerland

good but had better

27 Jun 2011

There were some good vegan choices in the hot food section but the food all tasted more or less the same and lacked some creativity and love. The prices were very high for a canteen style restaurant which doesn't serve meat

Kollwitzstr 54, Berlin, Germany


09 Jun 2011

My husband and I spent the most evening in this small restaurant. I wasn't expecting anything spectacular as I had never heard of it before - I'm in Berlin a number of times each year visiting family. For a Saturday the place was suprisingly empty and we almost went for a different place as we made a rule a while ago never to eat in empty restaurants.

Boy, am I glad that we stayed. The place has a good vibe to it, the waiter was really nice ... and the food was so amazing it is difficult the describe. It was even hard to select anything from the menue as everything sounded so great.

The only thing I am seriously mad about is that only when ordering the dessert the waiter told me about the specials menue which for some reason was missing on our table. On this menue they had the vegan version of my favorite dish from my meat eating days - königsberger seitanklopse. I just hope they will have them again next time I am around (so far i couldnt even find a recipe for that anywhere)

Beckenhofstrasse 7/9, Zurich, Switzerland


03 Oct 2011

The little cafee has a great atmosphere to it due to the gorgeous interior and warm staff. Alone for that they would have entered my top ten. The vegan scones with the self made marmelade and the vegan cream is simply devine! Even my meat eating husband prefered my vegan scones over his selection of none vegan.

Seefeldstrasse 2, Zurich, Switzerland

Pricy and crowded but good food

19 Oct 2011

Unfortunately it's another canteen style restaurant. The food choices for vegans were clearly marked and consisted of mainly salads. There isn't much variety when it comes to hot foods.
A big plus for me is that they had vegan deserts, a mango cake and an apple pie which were both very good.
They also have a variety of fruit and veg juices. The ones I tried were extremely good.

For a canteen style restaurant it was very pricy.

At around 6 PM on a sunday the place was packed, but we got lucky and found a table right away

Pestalozzistrasse 8, Berlin, Germany

Highly recommended

03 Dec 2012

To celebrate a birthday a little differently, we spend a saturday in the restaurant brewing beer while learning about the process from the very friendly and gracious host, nibbling away and some delicious food and trying some old and some new beers. The latest one mulled beer was to die for. The Braufladen also comes highly recommended. The atmosphere is homey, the food is delicious and affordable.

Erkelenzdamm 49, Berlin, Germany

affordable, cosy place, great food

03 Dec 2012

Thursday June 09, 2011:

Viasko has been a great experience with a decent variety of
delicious food for very affordable prices. The main courses aren't fancy as many reviewers commented on. However they were very yummy nonetheless.
The desserts were to die for and you must try them if you've got a sweet tooth!!

Monday, December 3, 2012:
I went again with a group of friends last week and again I fell in love with with place. Located in a more dodgy area, people are scepical when I ask them to meet me there but again everyone was convinced it was the perfect choice. The food is prepared with a lot of love and will satisfy even meat eaters.

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