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Boria 17, Barcelona, Spain

Catbar was a welcome find in Barcelona!

We were very happy to find Catbar. Catbar is vegan and reasonably priced and the food was good. We were somewhat limited because one of us cannot have soy and they have a lot of soy in their foods, but there was enough to eat that we went there twice during our week in Barcelona. Note that despite the hours listed on Happy Cow they seem to be closed on Sundays and don't open until 8pm other days so check the hours or call before going there. They are centrally located so that helps a lot. The staff was friendly and very accommodating. They have a good beer selection too and seem to sometimes have live music and that was nice.

24 Boulevard de La Bastille, Paris, France


We really enjoyed Gentle Gourmet. We had the quinoa and lentil salad which was wonderful and a portobello dish that also had other vegetables and sweet potatoes. Even though we are not usually portobello fans we both loved it. We also had the beignets which are basically deep fried fake cheese balls. One of us (the husband) loved them because he loves cheesy things and the other (the wife) didn't - because she loves to keep things lowfat. So take it for what you will. The fake cheese they use is made of "oils" but no soy - so that was good for us because we have soy allergies - but not so good because it seemed processed (guess which of us is concerned with the processed part :)) Speaking of soy, we were a little limited on the menu because they do use a lot of soy, but there was plenty for us to eat and we were very satisfied. The atmosphere is ok but not great (could use a little lower lighting for the dinner crowd) and it is BYOB, but without a charge, so be sure to bring your own bottle of wine - or get one at the nearby grocery store if you want wine. We recommend you try Gentle Gourmet when in Paris!

6 Rue Cardinale, Paris, France

Simple and delicious!

We finally made it to Guen Mai on the next to last day of our vacation. It was such a pleasant surprise. The food is delicious and low fat (which is often hard to find in Europe or anywhere for that matter). Plenty of vegetables, beans and a juice bar. They are vegan except they serve some fish. It was also nice that very few things on the menu contained soy. We have soy allergies and generally are restricted to only a few things on the menu of European vegan restaurants but here was different. We highly recommend Guen Mai.

Just as an aside - be sure to check you receipt. She almost charged us 400 euros instead of 40 euros on accident (we do believe it was an accident - she said she couldn't see it because her eyes are no longer young) and we had to wait for 45 minutes while they figured out how to reverse the charge.

24 rue Rambuteau, Paris, France

Very French!

We ate at Potager twice during our week in France and were glad we did. The food and atmosphere are very French and we loved that. Usually (as you know if you are vegan and in France) it is very hard to eat anywhere French in Paris due to the dairy/meat problem. Le Potager du Marais is refreshing because we felt like we were getting a French experience without the troubling meat and dairy. The French Onion soup is a must. The other foods are good but not great by good vegan US standards but are definitely adequate. We should say that we were a bit limited on what we could get because we have soy allergies and much of the menu has soy. But there was enough that we could still dine there twice and be happy. The tart tartin was delicious for desert also. Be aware that, like other traditional French restaurants, the service is not fast - so be prepared to be there for 2 hours or more for a full dinner - but alas this is Paris and this is part of what we love about it so savor it if you can!

Carrer de Ferran 13, Barcelona, Spain

Great fries - but not so great falafel

We have previously had Maoz at other locations in other countries and were satisfied, but when we arrived in Barcelona starving and headed straight to Maoz we ordered falafels and loaded up on the side dishes. Both of us felt sick after eating it - probably because all of the sides were covered in oil. We later found out after eating some other places in Barcelona that they love to use a lot of oil on their foods, but Maoz really was not great for us. Even the pita was not as good as pita we have had at other European falafel places - including some in Barcelona. We would recommend that if you choose to eat there just beware of what is in the sides you put on the pita - they seem to be different than at other Maoz locations. You also might consider trying other greek places in Barcelona that are not vegetarian - their falafels seem better - try La Turca or Dionyses instead for instance. Maoz did have great fries though.

C/ Sant Antoni Abat, 52, Barcelona, Spain

Sesamo is wonderful!

We loved Sesamo. We went there twice during our stay in Barcelona and had a great time both times. Admittedly it is best for vegetarians (one of us is vegan) but they were very accommodating and what we did have was delicious. The staff was friendly and attentive. And Sesamo is where we were turned onto the apparent fancy gin and tonic trend. Definitely recommend trying a gin and tonic here - not like the one's your grandparents drank!

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