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11 Le Loi, Hue, Vietnam

Great option

01 Feb 2010

Good location, just besides the Phu Xuan bridge on Le Loi st. (Across the bridge is the Citadel Place). You need to criss-cross this area several times. This makes it a practical choice for meals. Also its close to the backpackers area auound the Nguyen Tri Phuong st. It took me about 5 min by walk from my hotel to this restaurant.

The meal is not cheap but definately not costly. The other veg restaurants in this town has a similar price. The location besides the road and the Perfume river makes it a beautiful place not just to eat but to relax. The outdoor garden seats are comfortable and clean. At about the Chinese/ Vietnamese lunch and dinner hour the restaurant is full of people. At other times there are less number of guests. But yes, I dont think the reataurant has control over any mosquitoes if you sit outdoor. (Vietnam is known for mosquitoes and its better to always carry your mosquito repellant cream) No wifi here, but I found a free wifi with weak signal from neighbourhood.

Menu does not have too many choice, but its adequate. Meals were made decently. They will pack meals for you if you want to take it out. One bamboo fry dish was really nice. Next nice thing was the soup noodles.

And a word of caution, pl bring in your dong to pay your bills. The exchange rate followed here is quite low (1 USD = 15000 dong). Hence paying in USD means loosing more money.

The girls working her may not seem as "friendly" as in a bar, but why worry, they are doing their duty effiently and my purpose there is a good veg meal in a comfortable and clean place which gets solved well.

Thus this place was my first choice for clean and decent veg meals at Hue.

506 Guoding Rd, Yangpu District, Shanghai, China

Good food, right price

28 Feb 2010

Well first of all I would state that I ate at this place in March 2009 while I was on a tour to Shanghai. I recently heard that due to certain Govt policies or political reasons, many of the "loving Hut" group of restaurants in China have either closed down or changed their names to avoid undesirable situations. I heard that this particular "loving hut" at Shanghai has change the name now. But I have not seen the same with my eyes so I cant give a 100% guarantee.

Anyway whats there in a name until the restaurant is there in the same old place and serves the same good food/s. I hope someone who has visited the place more recently can update us better about this matter.

Coming to the food now, its was good, the menu was not extensive but enough for most people. The food was fresh, cooked properly and the place is 100% veg with mock meat dishes and alcohol free beer.

The place is located just about opposite of the Fudan university. The floor area of the restaurant is small but is neatly kept. The place has a cosy atmosphere. There is also one nice sofa with soft cushions.

Though there was no wi-fi at the time I visited in Mar 2009, the owner allowed me to use his desktop to check my mails etc.

The best part was the price.All the stuffs were really very modestly priced with most dishes being about 6-8 RMB (one dollar). Maybe as its near the university it has tuned itself to a "student oriented" price.

Overall experience was good. A good option to eat out if you are in or around that address while at Shanghai.

Just to add one more line, I ate there there frequently as I was staying at a "Home Inn" group of hotel which is at walking distance from this restaurant.

144 Ly Thuong Kiet, Hoi An, Vietnam

Thanks Tam Quang

01 Feb 2010

Good place. Has choice of different Vietnamese noodles and rice dishes. Average plate of meal is 15000 dong (1 USD= 18500 dong approx). A good amount of food is given for that price. Seems to be exactly as described by the last reviewer. Location is convenient on an imp main road, in the north of the Hoi An city. Open early morning around 5-6 AM.Closes at 9PM. But due to heavy rush of customers, mostly locals, food may get over by 8PM as it happened with me on ocassions. Well as someone has said, do what the locals do and you will never go wrong. This is definately one good choice for a veg meal in Hoi An.

80 Ma May Street, Hanoi, Vietnam

My experience

01 Feb 2010

Surely a bit expensive. Average meal with a single dish will cost you 5-6 dollors. Thus a bit costly for the backpacker traveller.Food was good. Menu has a lot of choice. Place has good decor and nice Chinese Caligraphy on its walls. Opens early but closes at 10pm. Staffs understand english well. As I dont eat eggs, they took care to prepare a certain dish "egg free" for me, which was described "with egg" in the menu. Lot of foreign guests are there. Location is good, quite close to the Hoan Kiem or Sword Lake. Overall experience good.

98 Phan Chu Trinh, Hoi An, Vietnam

Additinal notes

01 Feb 2010

First and most imp, the address, pl note: its on 98, PHAM CHAU TRINH , ph:0903535143 and name is "QUAN CHAY NHAT DA" . Lack of the shop number made me to search for a long time.

Food was fresh and tasty. Both noodles or rice cost 15000 dong each. But two people needed three plates together to feel "full". (Maybe the amount in each plate should be a bit more?). Staff is friendly and has good behaviour. Although the restaurant has a small place and a thacthed roof, the feeling is still cosy and friendly. Gives green tea for free. Opens early at 6AM but closes early by 7PM.

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