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2781 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, Canada

My go-to restaurant on The Drive

My favorite is the Stella burrito, but I've pretty much tried them all.I love how you can veganize anything. It's all pretty fantastic.

I also adore their two-bite vegan brownies and I any time I see that they have their vegan apple crumble on the desert board I almost always get it.

Depending on the time of day it can get pretty busy so sometimes you'll have to wait a bit. It's worth it though because you get a great meal in a really nice atmosphere with pretty helpful staff.

274 Bernard Ave, Kelowna, Canada

A total gem!

I couldn't believe my luck when I found this place. They roast their own beans, and brew it well. I love lattes, so when I get a good one, that place is forever in my good books, and the fact that I got an exceptional almond milk latte jut added to my bliss.

Not only was the coffee wonderful but they have two different vegan goodies to choose from! A vegan brownie and, my favorite, a vegan mexican chocolate cookie which was spicy chocolaty goodness.

This place is also where I went for lunch because they had an awesome rice/tofu/veggie bowl with a sesame soy dressing. It was in their ready-made foods that you can warm up.

The place is also just the cutest. Really lovely atmosphere; brick walls, funky old furniture and nice artwork. The staff are really sweet and helpful too.

If this place was 100% vegan I might have to consider moving to kelowna.

Tuerkenstrasse 29, Munich, Germany

more than I could have hoped for!

First off, I emailed a couple days ahead and got a lovely response back. Then when we went there the woman who emailed back came out and chatted with us about how more cat cafes should be vegan and she was so nice!

We got there when they first opened so most of the cats weren't really out and about yet. Then after a little bit, after I had almost finished eating my really delicious breakfast, one of the cats came right up to me and then just started climbing up onto my shoulders. She was so sweet and cuddly I ended up staying way longer than I originally planned. One of the cats there was being super playful too.

For food I had a tofu scramble and my partner had sausages, potatoes and a pretzel. He was so happy to have a vegan pretzel in Germany, and it was really good.

It's also in a great location by other awesome vegan places like a Super Danke(juice and smoothies), and Lost Weekend(super rad vegan coffee shop).

66-443 Kamehameha Hwy, Haleiwa, USA

Great natural food store on the North shore

This place has a great selection of items I didn't really see anywhere else on the island, even Whole Foods, at fairly reasonable prices. Not to mention the best little food joint, The Beet Box Cafe, tucked in the back.

8683 10th Ave, Burnaby, Canada

Dinner and shopping

I love Choices. I don't get to go too often 'cause of the weird location that it's in. When we do go we usually plan to go for dinner at Paradise Noodle House then groceries at Choices. It has a great and varied selection at mostly reasonable prices. It's also where I discovered that tofutti cream cheese makes a french onion flavor which is now my not-so guilty pleasure with chips. There are just certain things here I can't get anywhere else or at least anywhere else locally.

3586 Fraser St, Vancouver, Canada


Port Moody finally has a vegan eatery! It's also all gluten free so, even if your not vegan but gluten intolerant, it's all safe you to eat!

Chomp has a lovely variety of western favorites veganized.

It can seem a bit pricey but it is all organic, local and gluten free. With that in mind, I still felt that I didn't really get my money's worth with the caesar salad. It was great but there wasn't much to it that felt $10 worth. The fiery thai tofu bowl has a great spicy peanut sauce, but it's alot of mostly tofu(unless you really like eating a big bowl of tofu) so next time I get it I'll probably get it with something else to share with someone. So far my favorite is the Chomp burger, which also has a really nice spicy bite to it, with the delectable wedge fries.

My fiancé said the chili wasn't so much chili as it was a nice bean stew, which is fine but we like our chili with some kick. I'm sure for those who like a mild chili it's great.

I haven't tried the coffe yet, but I did get a really cozy and creamy hot chocolate that I got made with a mix of almond and coconut milk. Really superb.

The staff are always amazingly friendly. They also have a really nice kids area and the place is always super clean and really cute.

105-810 Quayside Dr, New Westminster, Canada

Mmm..vegan crepes

I'm more of a savoury person while my fiancé is more of a sweets person, so my first expirience was by myself trying one of their many savoury vegan crepes. Really fantastic and filling; fresh veggies and melted daiya cheese wrapped in a fluffy warm and delicious crepe.

I also really loved the mango tofulatti float.

The sweet crepes did not dissapoint. They weren't too sweet(which has been my problem with sweet crepes in the past)and just as filling. I had the Yvonne while my man had the Charlotte and tasted eachothers. So good! They do put icing sugar on top so if you don't want that you could obviously request that they do not. The coffee was pretty good too.

It's also worth noting that the people there are SUPER friendly and helpful and when you order vegan crepes they'll ask if you know about the fantastic vegan store Karmavore cloe by which is just so very sweet and wonderful.

The Quay in New West is sure getting to be a go to place for vegans what with this place and the newly opened Wild Rice which I will try next time I'm there.

2239 S King St, Honolulu, USA

Best falafel I've ever had! (and I've had so many)

Not only is this truck in a nice, central location, the staff are also super friendly, everything there is made fresh and it's incredible!

Of course you have to wait a little bit while they make fresh falafels right in front of you(so cool!) but it is absolutely worth it. I practically grew up eating falafels at so many different places and this is the best I've ever had. Also with the best tahini sauce. They also have a nice slection of beverages.

Vancouver area, Vancouver, Canada

Best doughnuts and cinnamon buns in town

As of writing this you can only order their goodies online, but I hope they either get a storefront or are able to sell through others soon. Not only do they make the best doughnuts and cinnamon buns in town, but also just the best I've ever had, and I go out of my way in my travels for those kinds of baked goods.

1102 Pensacola St, Honolulu, USA

Always a pleasure

Loving hut consistantly has great food and this is no exception. Even though we went there on a night where the lady working there was unfortunately all by herself but she was very sweet and apologetic about it as out food took quite long to be ready. It was very enjoyable none the less.

The lady working there was delightful, the food was great and also it was my birthday so we all got cake(I got coconut, my parents got chocolate) and a my brother got a slice of the pumpkin pie(also very good). We also got a piece of brownie to go(when the lady found it was my birthday she insisted on giving me something for free). It was very fudgy.

Out of the two locations this one is probably better. It has way more options plus great lunch specials.

2755 Lougheed Highway, Port Coquitlam, Canada

Mixed feelings

Definitely a lot of hard to find items at seemingly totally random prices. Some are completely overpriced and some are very reasonable and the sales are always fantasticly more than reasonable. It is the only place I can get Nutritional Yeast in bulk so there is a plus.

The deli leaves something to be desired. There is maybe one vegan item when I've been there, but I have had some great vegan cookies.

106-560 Johnson Street, Victoria, Canada

A go-to place for visiting Victoria

Not only is Sarah's Place super cute with a great selection of items from snacks, to cute dresses, to useful kitchenware, cookbooks(you can purchase some of Sarah's while you're there)and more.

It's also great because there is a super handy handout that Sarah has made of all the great vegan places for grub in Victoria. Getting all that info from a local(and local celebrity) is really helpful. I'm so glad she told me about getting muffins from Green Cuisine when they open 'cause I got to have the best, most delicious fresh muffins.

If you're visiting Victoria, your first stop should be Sarah's Place.

231 Bernard Ave, Kelowna, Canada

Way better than expected

Before checking out this place I looked up their website and decided to go based on the listing of the one vegan pizza and a vegan sausage.

The also have a beautiful outdoor seating area with a view of the lake.

Their menu at the restaurant is WAY more extensinve than what they list online. They have lots of vegan options including most of their starters. I was there with my mom and we ended up getting the two vegan pizzas. So good! It ended up being a very nice evening.

2525 S King St, Honolulu, USA

Vegan heaven

I sound like the character Stefon from SNL, but, this place has everything.

Seriously amazed at the selection at this all Vegetarian Natural foods store and café. Most of the food available is vegan and it's all labeled. So many vegan baked goods too, which I always find is the hardest to find while travelling, especially in Honolulu. I don't know if it's always like this, but also all the soups in their buffet were vegan and they also have vegan cornbread!

Needless to say, I'm very impressed with this place and I will definitely frequent it.

Bonus:they have outdoor seating and free parking

42 N Hotel St, Honolulu, USA

The first place you should go to when in Honolulu

Seriously amazing.

I was able to eat here twice, first time I got the vegan Monte Cristo and the second time I got the vegan buffalo chicken(so spicy! Which I absolutely love!). I also tried the some of the food my family got. Amazing! Pretty much anything can be made vegan, even the desserts! The fritters are divine.

Super cute diner, with friendly staff and amazing comfort food. Complete with juke box and movies projected on the wall at night.

1025 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, Canada

It's all good

I've tried almost everything from the raw menu now and love it all! My favorite might be the Zughetti. The crackers and dip are also pretty fantastic. Don't forget to try the raw apple crumble!

I honestly believe whether you eat raw or not you'll love it too. My mom was hesitant to try it and ended up really liking it.

Langestraat 181 A, Brugge, Bruges, Belgium

Good fried food

If you're looking for healthy food or something quick, this might not be for you. For me I was just glad to find vegan options close by. I ate there twice and got the same thing both times.
The first time was in the evening around 8pm and it was packed(not a lot is open later, so it made sense), the second time was around 5:30 or so not long after she opened so it was not busy at all.
Also it's just the one woman working there, but when it's busy, she is pretty efficient.
I also think it's pretty cool that she goes the extra step of making her own vegan mayos for fries on top those awesome vegan burgers.

Müllerstr. 46, Munich, Germany

So nice!

A cute little bakery and shop. I got a really good vegan cookie from the bakery.

In the little grocery part there is a nice little selection of soy milk, vegan pudding, and even vegan meats.

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