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"Excellent food ! Délicieux détour végan..."
Simmersfeld, Germany on 18 Jul 2013

"Gouter le Tiramisu... "
Stuttgart, Germany on 09 Apr 2013

"Cow milk ??? WHY ? "
Dresden, Germany on 03 Nov 2013

"First contact good... second... BAD !"
Dresden, Germany on 31 Oct 2013

"Un vrai vegan, très agreable..."
Paris, France on 09 Apr 2013

"Le meilleur seitan..."
Hamburg, Germany on 09 Apr 2013

"The best choice for nice holiday..."
St Kanzian, Austria on 18 May 2013

"Vegan Fast Food... Great !!!"
Prague, Czech Republic on 09 Apr 2013

"Pour le côté pratique, magasin + restaurant..."
Prague, Czech Republic on 18 Nov 2013

"Le meilleur vegan a ce jour..."
Munich, Germany on 09 Apr 2013

"Mon vegan favori depuis plus de 10 ans !!!"
Muehlacker, Germany on 09 Apr 2013

"Un excellent restaurant vegan..."
Heilbronn, Germany on 09 Apr 2013

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