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428 Market St, Chattanooga, USA

First Vegan Restaurant

This was the first completely vegan restaurant I've ever been to and it was awesome. Their pricing method is very interesting, they weigh your plates after you have chosen all your food, and if the price would be over $4.99 then all you have to pay is $4.99, as far as actual payments we (two of us) spent around 8 dollars on our main meal. Which varied from corn nuts to barbecued tofu (very good). The selection seemed very adequate for a nice day on the town. And to finish us off we had some very good cheese cake (brought up our total to around $14.00). If your in town for lunch check this place out.

I don't know how much the drinks tend to cost, we drank water which was free.

2621 Willamette St, Eugene, USA

Not that great

We had a falafel and Mashed Potatoes, it tasted bad. I hope it was super healthy, but there are plenty of tastier options in the Eugene area.

5907 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, USA

Not as good as other places in the area

We tried a few vegan restaurants as we passed through LA, they were all great, except this one. Do not order the peppered steak. I was disgusted before I could finish half of it, My wife ordered the chicken, it wasn't too bad. If this place was by itself in a smaller town, I'd try it more often, but it's surrounded by many other better options so we only went here once (and it was right by our motel).

3442 30th St, San Diego, USA

Didn't care for it

We were in town and trying out a few restaurants, I ordered their big vegan burger, it wasn't that tasty and fell apart as I ate it. If it was in a smaller town as it's own vegy restaurant, I'd go back, but since there are many other options... Meh.

4449 Prospect Ave, Los Angeles, USA

Best Pizza I've ever eaten (sorry mom it's true)

Normally when I get pizza somewhere it doesn't taste as good as when I make it myself, however I could definitely could learn something from these guys. We ordered twice (Chicken Pizza), and I stole some of my wife's portions both times :)

2965 5th Ave, San Diego, USA

Almost Fast Food

There food comes quick, but probably 5 times slower than real fast food outlets. I'm ok with that because it's still probably faster than a restaurant and everything I tried was really really good. My favorite was the grilled chicken sandwich (which may just be a special but if you see it, buy it). Also a point to mention is the soft serve ice cream: it's yummy. We were here 4 to 5 times and I never got anything I didn't really enjoy. Another thing to note, the parking spots are small (and we drive a first generation insight).

2990 N Campbell Ave Ste 120, Tucson, USA

Can't do shakes

We had the good fortune to visit here twice on our trip. The first time we came through at dinner and ordered Lasagna (not the one with all the veggies). It was alright, you definitely get a lot of it (I would not order this again, cheese was too fake. The second time we chose the Route 66 Bacon Cheese Burger. These guys seriously know how to make a burger, this is probably the best food I had on my entire trip. They used Daiya, definitely a good move (Sad things is, I'll probably never try anything else on their menu if I'm ever in the area again). We got Peanut butter and Chocolate Mint milk shakes to go but they tasted too watered down (not sure how they get Peanut Butter to taste bland).

3495 Cedar Hills Blvd, Beaverton, USA


We went here just expecting a grocery store, but found an entire wall of the store devoted to their deli, which serves meat, but has many vegan options, We ordered their potatoes and tofu and rice and it was delicious, they didn't season the rice with anything (there was a choice of sauces for it but we opted away from those) however there are plenty of condiments kept in the seating area (such as soy sauce and hot sauce). We'll definitely go back to test more options, but as far as I know the vegan options were noodle soups, the tofu and rice, and a bar of veggies and such which they'll cook up in a wok for you. Also, a nice bonus was a microwave in the seating area, so if you want to you can probably buy any of the chilled vegan meats and cheeses in the store and cook them up there. It's not as good as many of the vegan restaurants I've been to, but then it's just a deli, I'm very glad it's there. Me and my girlfriend got more than enough to eat for less than ten dollars (as a useful side note, if you want water to drink, there are glasses and a faucet in the seating area, it's not with all their other beverages).

1101 N Beckley Ave, Dallas, USA

Best Dessert Ever

This place got better through out the duration of the meal. Our appetizer was the tofu scramble, it wasn't that good and if I was ever in the area I wouldn't order it again (I probably like mine more cooked than what they had). The Dinner was good, I ordered the Philly Cheese Steak but it wasn't quite up to my expectations (still 7 out of 10 though). They make up for it by having the Best Desserts I've ever tasted (from before I was vegan to now). We had the Peanut Butter Shake and some sort of ice cream with a brownie in it. mmm

10438 National Blvd, Los Angeles, USA

Good food

I really enjoyed the food here, I'm not sure if they're like the vegan house by Hollywood but a lot of the menu looked similar. I ordered some sort of chicken plate, enjoyed all of it. (they also had this cake/pie "tiramisu": boy howdy it's good).

2703 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, USA

Good food

I think the lady had trouble understanding my wife's order so it's probably not a bad idea to over clarify yourself here. Besides that the food was really good. I think this place and the Vegan Joint on National are incredibly similar. They have tiramisu which is now, possibly my favorite dessert.

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