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Kanalstr 70, Lübeck, Luebeck, Germany

a nice candle-lit meal without meat!

18 May 2014

it has been some years since I found a really inviting location to enjoy veggie food so Cafe Affenbrot (Monkey Bread!) was a great surprise. The Menu included a lovely fresh pumpkin soup with wholemeal (monkey?) bread and some really yummy tempura vegetables with a delicious sauce. There is also a midday offer with a different special dish every day The candlelight made it all the more special of course. As soon as it gets warmer will be back to sit on the very inviting terrace.
Updated from previous review on Sunday May 29, 2011

Am Dobben 35, Bremen, Germany

Best Restaurant in North Germany

17 Apr 2014

The only veggie restaurant in Germany run by a chef who trained and worked in a Michelin star restaurant. And you can taste the difference.
The emphasis is on fresh, local products, always creative and always delicious. I've already been three times, and I've never enjoyed a restaurant experience so much anywhere in North Germany, A real delight! And the lovely, wonderfully attentive staff make your every wish come true. I shall be returning often.
Updated from previous review on Thursday April 17, 2014

Lessingstr. 63, Bremen, Germany

What a lovely place! Love the trifle!

02 Oct 2014

THis is THE place for a coffee and a piece of cake in Bremen. I tried a couple of desserts including a trifle - both heavenly. Great coffee and a really cosy atmosphere add to the experience. I'm not a vegan myself, but I shall definately be coming back. Lovely staff as well!

Vor dem Steintor 152, Bremen, Germany

The best gourmet veggie burgers in North Germany

01 Oct 2014

I just adore this place. I actually didn't visit it when it opened as I expected it to be just pre-packed fast food warmed up. How wrong I was!
I visited today for the first time and was almost knocked off my seat by the heavenly burger! I've tried a few good gourmet veggie burgers, including those at the Hard Rock Cafe in London and Paris, but the bacon burger I has at Tom and Karo was the best I've ever had. I told them this and they explained that everything is hand-made, and that includes the veggie patty AND the veggie bacon (which was incredibly delicious). The prices are really reasonable for gourmet burgers so I shall be returning every time I'm in Bremen. Lovely staff as well incidentally, and the apple and chocolate cake for afters was great! They also have a dish of the day with lots of vegetables, so there's something for everyone! And all of it is vegan!

Eulenstrasse 38, Hamburg, Germany

Delicious food and delightful cosy atmosphere.

28 Apr 2013

I can sincerely say that Leaf has provided me with the best meals I ever ate in Hamburg. In many ways Leaf even surpasses Terre à Terre in Brighton, England - which many regard as Europe's best veggie restaurant. Leaf is 100% vegan, so the food is even healthier, and the warm atmosphere just adds to the great experience.
Also very nice drinks and a menu in English.
If you're in Northern Germany then I can thoroughly recommend making a detour to visit this gem of a restaurant.

Markusstrasse 2, Hamburg, Germany

delicious Asian food - with fresh ingredients

29 May 2011

Chinese / Asian restaurants in Germany tend to be of very poor quality, with almost no fresh ingredients at all. But this little gem offers all the classics (the spicy soups, the spring rolls, the main courses with fried rice) but all include fresh al dente vegetables and no meat at all. Also set lunch for just seven Euros, great vegan cake for just one Euro and the most amazing homemade lemonade with fresh limes! This vegan eatery has fresh flowers on every table, soft music, and even individual hand towels in the toilets!!!!
I will definately come again!

Brüderstr.27, Hamburg, Germany

beautiful intimate atmosphere

18 May 2014

only went twice - for lunch - and everything was vegetarian. No meat at all. The food was very good - reasonably priced and the drinks available were the best we had ever seen in Hamburg. Funnily enough the service was unfriendly both times - had never experienced this before in Hamburg - so thats the reason have not been back. Otherwise it really is a gem of a restaurant.
Updated from previous review on Sunday May 29, 2011

Rathausmarkt 2, Hamburg, Germany

Tasty - but beware of coming to late!

16 Jun 2014

If you are luck enough to arrive before the hot dishes run out, then you can enjoy a pretty tasty meal here.
The choice of hot food is much more limited than it used to be in the other season location (now closed), so there were 4 hot dishes when I was there.
The problem was, two of the platters were empty, and I was told it would be a problem to bring any fresh food due to lack of staff. Despite this, they charged me full price. So Eat-as-much-as-you-can really meant "choose from the leftovers".
I guess they may get their act together sometime, so I shall test again soon. The food itself is not half as good as in the original Season and even the salad buffet is a cheapy version of the original. But still, Season is still a very centrally located veggie place in the heart of Hamburg. [edit by staff]

Am Strom 1, Bremerhaven, Germany

A lovely place right on the Dyke - superb veg food

18 May 2014

Loved this place. What a great view across the Weser estuary and the sea! It's on the first floor of an amazing futuristic Hotel in the shape a sail which is appropriate because the veggie Food will blöw you away!

The seperate veggie menu is extremely good and everything is fresh. I can, however, recommending also looking at the main menu, beacause they also have adorable veggie soups, and some of the vegetables (for example mashed pea and potatoes) are adorable and the clever staff are glad to combine them with other veggie items from the menu.

One of the best veggie meals I've ever had in a Hotel (which also has a very welcoming terrace, again with good sea views).

Try the "Shorle" ("Spritzer" = fruit juices combined with sparlinkg water) - delicious! Also very nice alcohol-free beers - Pils or half a litre of Wheat Beer ("Weizen").

Updated from previous review on Sunday May 18, 2014

Updated from previous review on Sunday May 18, 2014

Fleischhauerstr. 80, Luebeck, Germany

The most delicious veggie burger in North Germany!

01 Jun 2015

What a lovely place! Really friendly and lovely vegan food at very friendly prices! Situated in the beautiful Fleischhauer Strasse right in the city centre

I enjoyed a fantastic beetroot soup followed by the best veggie burger in North Germany! Wonderful and only 4 Euros! Also, as an added plus, it was in healthy wholemeal bread. And yes! Everything is vegan. One good reason to visit lovely Luebeck!
Updated from previous review on Monday June 01, 2015

Admiral Str. 97, Bremen, Germany

real vegan Döner Kebab carved from the skewer!

29 May 2011

a nice market stall (at various organic- markets) which no longer does Bratwurst or Currywurst,(the website is outdated) having decided to concentrate on the very good traditional meat-free Döner Kebab and a vegan dish of the day. The kebab can be seen for miles - on an enormous skewer from which it is carved - just like in a Döner Kebab eaterie - and is served traditionally in Pita bread with great sauces.
Really nice food.

Hamburger Str. 45-47, Bremen, Germany

Asian eatery

29 May 2011

I visited twice. The first time for the lunch specials. Nice decor if a little cold. Lots of green and very modern furniture which i liked. On my first visit i found the food fatty and bland.
On my second visit i was invited by a friend who wanted to try it out. It was the evening so we went
a la carte and he particularly was very dissappointed that despite lots of fake meat it was impossible to get any fresh vegetables or anything a litte bit healthy. We asked especially. A real disappointment

Updated from previous review on Sunday May 29, 2011
Updated from previous review on Sunday May 29, 2011

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