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Recavarren 298, Miraflores, Lima, Peru

probably closed down

I went here in july by night &it was closed

cra 7 no 12-48, Cerca a Servientrega, Villa De Leyva, Colombia


I ate here last week &got night time deal of soup & main for $13000. I told here i eas vegan & asked did she have something suitable. She gave me lovely bowl of miso soup with lots of veggies. The main had nice rice & lots of veggies & she gave me soya sauce in a little bowl on the side. This place was different to other chinese i tried in south america. The food was main with love, restaurant was really cute&owner was very helpful & smiley. You could see she loved her job & she played great music too. I also had large glass of mango juice which was pure not like other places with more water than fruit. Definitely give it a go

Av. Piura 396, Mancora, Peru

good vegan breads

I ate here a few times &enjoyed it. I loved the banana bread&apple pie which were vegan. The avocado salad was good &i had lentils &other dish too which were large portions. Overall i was happy enough with menu

Humboldt 2192, Palermo Viejo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

tasteless burger

I was here in may & was disappointed with burger, not sure if it was lentil or quinoa but it was tasteless. I was disappointed as review were great. Could do with more spice or flavour. Nice restaurant&staff

Av. Larco 413, Miraflores, Lima, Peru

easy to find

I ate here 2 or 3 times, the menu looked good for vegans but it lacked taste &creativity but it was in good location&prices were ok for night time

Av. Jiminez 4-64, Bogota, Colombia

fake meat place

I went here to eat lunch but wasnt impressed as they had lots of fake meat so i went to El loto azul everyday which was nicer & very near by. The good thing about boulevard sesamo is that they had food on display so you just picked what you wanted & paid for it but i just didnt like the choices.

Gorriti 5657, Buenos Aires, Argentina

best pizza in the world

I went here several times during my stay in may 2013. They owners &staff were absolutely amazing &so welcoming &helpful. The pizza was the best vegan pizza i ever had in my life, it was so so tasty, i still crave it. The chef knows exactly how to feed a vegan. The food is very well presented & very creative with such a variety of colours. The owner spoke to me about how she &her partner learned to cook like that. I tried the nori wraps aswell with salad &they were amazing too. I wanted everything on the menu, wish i could bring chefs with me on my travels

Lucar y Torre 530, Huaraz, Peru

cool vibe

Cool place with great options. When i arrived the american owner said i might be waiting for awhile as they were busy so i said ok i will wait. I ordered burrito without cheese &i got beef burrito but they appologised as they gave it to wrong person. Eventually my burrito arrived with cheese ontop so i just took it off &ate it as i was to hungery. I just caught this place at the wrong time id say. I ordered soya latte aswell which was great&it was lovely chatting to owner at the bar.

Calle Maldonado y Rocafuerte, Banos, Ecuador

funky style in great location

I ate here a few weeks ago for dinner. It has good variety. I had burrito &asked for it without cheese&sour cream. They also had fatijas & other varities. Prices were reasonable&spoke english.

16 Lancaster Quay, Western Road, Cork, Ireland

abit dissappointing

I ate here last may &was dissappointed as they had very little choices for vegans. It is more catered for vegatarians but staff tried there best to accommadate me.

Calle Luis A. Martinez y Eloy Alfaro, Correo Central, Banos, Ecuador

nice alternative style place

i ate lunch here a few weeks ago & unfortunately they would not adapt the almurzos menú for me. It was vegetarian & not vegan so i had to eat from main menú which had great choices & was clearly labelled vegan, vegatarian etc. I ordered a salad with buckwheat or something like that. It came in a bowl & wasnt very big but was nice & filling.I tried the other restaurant aswell & it was different but i would definitely recommend trying them both.I had burrito & juice & it was lovely.

Espana 211, Salta, Argentina

absolutely brillant chef

I visited here on my travels in may & i had no spanish. The chef was so welcoming&friendly who took time out to translate the menu for me each time i went there. I loved the variety on the menu&i loved the choices i had as a vegan. The food was so yummy i just wanted to eat everything on the menu.
I went here for lunch&dinner everyday &was sad leaving salta because of this restaurant. Thank you so much for this amazing experience during my travels in south america

Carrera 10 No 10-27, Villa De Leyva, Colombia

vegan friendly

i went here to see what menu was like but unfortuately i couldnt stay to try it. I met a indian guy who was working here for the day instead of owner & he was really nice & spoke english. He took the time to talk about vegan food & raw diet aswell as yoga training in india. He had a wok full of veg of all different colours with lots of spices added & he had potatoes of other stuff in other pots which looked lovely. He said he also does yoga & meditation classes so i think this place has improved from previous review.

Calle Palacio Viejo 115, Tienda 25 Claustros de la Compania, Arequipa, Peru

well labelled for vegan/vegatarian

Lovely new restaurant in nice quiet courtyard which was easy to find. I was so happy to see how easy it was to have vegan type foods instead of asking ehat was in everything i just told them i want all vegano &i could see what the rest of the weeks menu was like too &whether i liked it or not. Definietly check this place out.

Jerusalen 408, Cercado, Arequipa, Peru

vegan options

I ate here about 3months ago at night. The menu has good variety. I got quinoa soup which was nice i also got lentil or quinoa burger which wasnt the best as it came with chips. It wasnt healthy &they were fans of fake meet in this place. It was a pity as the menu had good options but unfortunately the cook didnt know how to use the ingredents in a healthy, creative way. Also it doesnt look like photo from the outside & was abit neglected on the inside

Benigno Malo 12-27, Cuenca, Ecuador

friendly staff, good choices, cheap & clean

i ate lunch here a few weeks ago & had high expectatons after Reading the reviews but i found it was like most other almurzos menus in veg restaurants. It also had a extra option to eat from main menú which had good choices. I was happy to see chia tea on the menú which tasted great & i enjoyed dehydrated seeds & herb mix from the health store. It was vegan friendly on the day & i would definitely recommend it.

61, Ave. 6 de Agosto, Copacabana, Bolivia

very tasty food

Loved the burritos&variety on menu. Staff were good at accomadating to make meal vegan friendly. Quinoa soup was great too. I went back again the following night as it seemed to have the best menu out of all the vegan restaurants on the list. Thank you for helping me on my travels

72 Douglas St, Cork, Ireland

my favorite restaurant

I love this place, its so unusual yet so simple,delicious&creative. I love everything on menu but my favorite is definitely the pizza. Oh my god i have never tasted something as good as this especially the tomatoe sauce made with dates &tomatoes sweet &savoury wow great combination&the base was nice too&which was even better you feel fab afterwards not slugglish like you do after normal pizzas. I love the dressings in vhf, all the dishes are so yummy with the dressings. The staff are all fab too as they would give you the recipes&are delighted to give free info/education on raw food. The juices are lovely too with great combinations. The buffets are great value &very tasty. I always buy teas,dressings or berries when i am there as they sell lovely things. Whether you are vegan or not try this place as its a treat.

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