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2425 18th St NW, Washington, USA

Best Falafel and Fries in Town

28 Jul 2008

If you're in need of a quick and simple bite, check out the Amsterdam Falafelshop. As someone else pointed out, it's just falfel and fries, a.k.a., frites (and some non-vegan brownies) and a top-your-own bar with mostly vegan toppings. The falafels are cooked fresh and are spiced just right. The frites are hot and crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The person working the fryer will ask if you want salt, but there are also alternate seasonings for your frites. Sometimes a small wheat and a small frites, which is how I place my order, is too much for me.

I'm glad I live in the area, as there is hardly any seating in the restaurant. It's easiest for me to get my falafel to go and eat it at home. If you find yourself heading to the Falafelshop a lot, get a frequent diner card--if you get eight falafels, your ninth is free.

And yes, you must pay in cash, although there is an ATM near the soda machine.

187 9th Ave, New York City, USA

Delicious upscale dining in Chelsea

16 Feb 2010

My boyfriend and I were in town for the day on our way to Upstate NYC and chose to dine at Blossom. I would come here more often but 1) we don't get to NYC nearly as often as I would like, 2) there is a plethora of options for veg*ans in NYC, and 3) it is kind of expensive. But oh, is it worth it!

We started our most recent visit with the Porcini Cigars. The cashew pesto in which they were served was divine, and I was thrilled when a pomegrante seed popped tartly in my mouth. We both got seitan for dinner; he got the Scaloppine, while I got the Port Wine Seitan. One bite of my entree, and I almost had a foodgasm, it was so good. The flavor was rich and hearty. The mashed potatoes were silky and creamy, and the spinach peeking out from underneath the potato/fried-onion construction was tender and garlicky. I tried a bite of his Scaloppine, and it was nice, but I wanted to concentrate on my dinner. For dessert, we shared the Lavendar Coconut Creme Brulee, and oh, it was heaven. Yes, I'm vegan, but I still love my desserts. I loved how the sugar crust melted on my tongue and the smooth and creamy custard was a perfect ending.

My only complaint is that it is rather dark inside. I like ambiance as much as the next person, but I also want to be able to see the beautiful presentation of the dishes. A little more light on the subject, and I would have given it five stars. Still, whether you're vegan or not, this is a perfect date-night destination if you are looking for a good, romantic meal.

8537 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring, USA

Meh--not worth the trip

27 Apr 2010

I recently went to Asian Bistro after over a year of not visiting after experiencing rude service. I wasn't crazy about the food anyway. Sadly, Asian Bistro has not much improved. I don't know what mock meats they use, but I have never been able to really get into them, and anyone who knows me knows I love my analogues. So this time I tried a tofu dish.

It's a good thing I was eating with a fork and knife, as the tofu pieces were HUGE. There were some vegetables here and there, but it was all about the tofu. I also love tofu as much as the next gal, but really, this was too much. The sauce was also, well, funny. I can't explain it, but I just didn't like the brown sauce they used.

One thing I do absolutely love here, the only thing I find consistently good, is the veggie lettuce wraps. But it's not worth a trip up to Silver Spring.

516 E 6th St, New York City, USA

Seriously awesome

03 Oct 2010

Lula's is a little gem in the Village that serves yummy vegan ice creams. The three times I've been there--and believe me, I would go more often if I lived in NYC--the majority of the flavors have been cashew-based, but they do have coconut and soy ice creams. The cashew ice creams have a delightfully creamy texture that would rival their animal-based counterparts. You can get floats, sundaes, banana splits, and "egg creams" in Lula's small but charming space.

I usually get a sundae, while my boyfriend gets the banana split. I do wish they'd serve the sundae in a bowl instead of the sundae glass for easier eating. Still, it's fun to sit on my stool (not a lot of seating there) and dig in. The whipped-cream is coconut-based but tasty. The nuts on my sundae on my most recent visit formed a nice salty counterpoint to the sweetness of my ice cream.

I do wish they offered more sauces for their sundaes and splits--they only have chocolate, hot fudge, and marshmallow. A vegan caramel and/or strawberry topping would be nice. But that's really my only complaint.

However, if you're a vegan searching for an ice cream parlor, check out Lula's. It's a fairly short walk from the 2 Avenue/Lower East Side subway station.

1020 19th Street NW, Washington, USA

A shadow of its former self

04 Oct 2009

I live in DC and used to work downtown, so I would visit Java Green as frequently as I could afford--it's always been expensive, but the food was good, the people were friendly, and you got your food fairly quickly. I also like to support all-vegetarian locations, and except for organic cows' milk as an option and some dairy cheese, you can be assured of getting a vegan meal.

In the past year or so, all that has changed. It doesn't matter if you ask that they make food milder than indicated on the menu, it won't happen. It's not unheard-of to wait over half an hour for your food, with little explanation. When I was there last, in mid-August, one person in my group waited over an hour for his sandwich, with no apology or compensation. The food is not as good as it used to be--the raw pizza which was so good the first time I had it became some mishmash of veggies, a nut cream, a nut "crust" and bitter kale chips. The food is still very expensive, but not nearly as good as it used to be.

I'm glad I discovered the orange "chicken" they use is really the VegeUSA Citrus Spare Ribs that I can buy at my local Whole Foods. I can eat that at home.

I hope they can make some changes to bring it back to where it used to be. Until they do, I probably won't be back at Java Green.

58 Ave B, New York City, USA

A cute little vegetarian place in the Village

10 Apr 2012

My boyfriend and get to New York every few months and had come up for an event over the weekend. A friend had a co-op a few blocks away so we decided to grab lunch at Kate's before running around. Funny enough, every time we've been there, they've had their brunch going on.

My boyfriend got the vegan tofu benedict while I got a Southern Fried Tofu Sandwich. The food was not spectacular--I could probably make the sandwich at home if I wanted--but the service was fairly friendly and efficient. I've been up and down with Kate's over the years, but if you're vegan and in East Village/Lower East Side, it's a great place to grab a bite to eat.

I still remember when they didn't have vegan cheese, and I'm glad to see they now offer it.

318 Delaware Ave, Delmar, USA

What a disappointment

25 Dec 2011

My boyfriend and I have been to several Loving Hut restaurants on the East Coast and decided to try Loving Cafe because it's near his mother's house. It's a nice-looking place, very casual, and I appreciate that the Supreme Master TV is not playing, but I wasn't happy about the horrific Christmas music radio station that was playing.

The main problem is the food. If you are going to try to win people over with vegan food, it had better be good. It had better be somewhat inspired. It had better be good portions at reasonable prices. I had a BBQ "chicken" dish with rice and got a ladling of morsels of almost flavorless soy "chicken" and a huge amount of brown rice. That's it. My boyfriend's veggie burger and his mom's wrap were decent, but the chips they came with were thrown on as an afterthought.

The problem is everything is microwaved. The young woman who served us was heating up everything in the microwave--our dumpligs, the spring rolls that came with no sauce, my BBQ chicken, and the other food. And it still took a little too long to come out. The only thing a microwave should be used for in a restaurant is maybe heating up a dessert; it should not be used for cooking the food.

If you are nearby, maybe it's worth it on the way to or from home, but it's certainly not worth traveling to.

348 7th Ave, New York City, USA

very small

10 Apr 2012

My boyfriend and I were in NYC for a hockey game at Madison Square Garden, and I was happy to discover that there was a Loving Hut near MSG, so we could grab a bite to eat just down the street (as arena food is notoriously awful for veg*ans). I checked the menu, and it looked pretty good, but sometimes looks are deceiving. I ordered the Vegan Joy, described as soy protein and mixed vegetable in teriyaki sauce, while my boyfriend got the Loving Hut Sandwich. I tried a bite of his, and it wasn't bad (the chipotle mayo had a kick to it). Unfortunately, my food was a pile of the soy protein pieces, some rice, and a few veggies. There was not a hint of "teriyaki" in the entire dish. The "bubble tea" we ordered was tapioca pearls tossed into iced tea. The location is also very small, with seating for maybe 10 or 12 people, but we were the only ones there, except for a woman who placed a takeout order. Service was polite and efficient. If I go to NYC, and I'm going to another event at the Garden, then I'll probably get a sandwich.

54 Irving Place, New York City, USA

My favorite place in New York

23 Oct 2007

I am not a raw foodie, but my boyfriend and I will strive to visit Pure Food and Wine when we go to New York. I recommend getting the five-course tasting menu. It begins with a little amuse bouche, plus five small courses chosen by the chef. PFW makes delicious nut "cheeses," including a firm triangle of nut cheese as part of the amuse on our most recent visit. It appears one of their signature dishes is a delicious raw lasagna. My boyfriend was thrilled with his raw "taco." This time between the entree and dessert, we got a shot glass of a grape soda with a raw ice cream as a palate cleanser that was refreshing and delicious.

We were there for about two-and-a-half hours, but it was time (and money) well spent, and I cannot recommend this restaurant strongly enough. If you have plans for the evening, this isn't the place, but if you just want a nice, long, luxurious dinner, Pure Food and Wine is the place.

1503 Columbia Pike, Arlington, USA


29 Aug 2013

Although I was introduced to Ethiopian before I went veg, it's only after I went vegan that I really appreciated it. I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to spicy food, but I love, love, love shuro watt. Dama, which is near the Air Force Memorial and what once was the Navy Annex, is a casual restaurant with excellent vegan options. They serve vegan tibs! Yay! They're little cubes of seitan, well seasoned, and delicious. The last time I went, with friends, we tore through our vegetarian platter--and still had room for dessert in the attached bakery (just ask which options are vegan).

There's not a lot of parking, and it can be tricky getting into the lot. It's also not near a Metro station, but there is a bus that goes nearby.

Still, Dama is one of my favorite places in the area to go.

618 N Thornton Ave, Orlando, USA

A Charming Jewel of a Restaurant

05 Sep 2008

I have family in Central Florida, and ever since it opened, I always ask to go to Dandelion when I visit.

The largest section is a list of salads that can also be made into a wrap. It comes with your choice of side, and a handful of pita chips. They've recently added a new quinoa of the day, and with my wrap, I had the quinoa tabbouleh. I am in love with the Stir Fresh wrap!

On my most recent visit, my mom had the Summer of Love rolls, delicious raw veggies in a rice wrap with peanut-coconut sauce. My sister had the special, a BBQ tempeh, but the texture of the tempeh was too soft, and she thought it could have used more sauce.

One thing I do like is a wide option of teas, tisanes, and elixers. The Root 66, which I had on my first visit, was sort of a flat root beer. This time, I got a tasty lemon ginger green tea (the special) sweetened with agave nectar, my liquid sweetener of choice.

One thing I don't like is there isn't much parking, and the lot seems tricky to navigate. Considering Orlando is a town where you almost must have a car, that's a bit problematic. But it shouldn't keep you from going to Dandelion. It's a clean, bright, and friendly restaurant, and they changed from counter service to table service between my two visits.

2339 E Carson St, Pittsburgh, USA

A nice option for vegans in Pittsburgh

08 Jan 2011

My boyfriend and I were in Pittsburgh for the NHL Bridgestone Winter Classic. On gameday, we drove to the Double Wide Grill for a late lunch before finding parking to get to the game. My boyfriend is vegetarian and I am vegan, so I picked this spot because it has options for us. It was a little tricky finding it--we were surprised to see 2341 before 2339, but once we found the right place, we walked in and were seated quickly. There is a separate vegetarian/vegan page on the menu, and items are clearly marked. My boyfriend and I started with the seitan "wings" in the BBQ sauce, but they were really hunks of seitan, deliciously seasoned, and almost crispy. For an entree, he got the Potato Tacos while I got the Tofu Skewers. The skewers came out slathered in BBQ sauce with rice and a green bean melange. Sadly the vegetable was forgettable, but the skewers and rice were utterly delicious. I give them extra points for not putting broccoli, a vegetable I despise, on the skewers. On my one visit, I found the service rather friendly (and we were wearing our Washington Capitals jerseys in Pittsburgh Penguins country), if a bit slow.

I will certainly recommend it to friends traveling to Pittsburgh and I will go back if I am ever in Pittsburgh again.

4659 Jonestown Rd, Harrisburg, USA

A good place for veg*ans in Hershey/Harrisburg

14 Oct 2013

My boyfriend and I came up to Hershey from Washington a few times to get our hockey fix during the NHL lockout (there's the American Hockey League Hershey Bears here). On this site I discovered El Rodeo, a decent-looking place only a few miles from the arena. It was the closest veg-friendly place to the arena, so we decided to try it.

El Rodeo has a vegetarian section on the menu, and the staff seems willing to remove the cheese and sour cream so it's vegan. I found the fried chimichangas and have stuck with them--a crispy fried packet of yummy veggies with rice on the side and a bit of lettuce for a sort of salad.

The servers have been friendly--including one young woman in training on one of our visit. We rarely have to wait too long for service or for our food or our check.

I wouldn't make a special trip there, but if you're in the area, check it out.

5809 Clarksville Square Dr, Clarksville, USA

Much, much improved

31 Oct 2010

I have been to Great Sage a number of times and seen a number of changes, including its conversion to an all-vegan menu (they used to offer dairy options), save for one or two items with honey. As it's nowhere near public transit, and I don't drive, I usually have to have someone drive me. I hosted an event for the local vegetarian society here today. The atmosphere has always been friendly and bright, but the food quality has varied. Today, the food was excellent. My boyfriend and I started with the Bavarian pretzel with dipping sauces, and it was fantastic. I got the Southwest Ranch "Bacon" Wrap (tempeh bacon) while he got the day's special, an open-faced "turkey" (crispy Tofurkey slices) sandwich with mashed potatoes and butternut squash gravy. There do seem to be a number of analogues, not that I mind, as long as there are plenty of other things to make it interesting--like a beautiful Black Beauty smoothie.

The server did an excellent job with the party, including the splitting of checks. He was friendly, attentive, and very competent.

If Great Sage were closer, I would probably want to go more often, even if it is expensive--I want to try that tofu dish. If you get up to Great Sage, don't forget to check out Roots market, Nest (a green gift store) and Bark (a green pets store) while you're there.

3287 1/2 M St NW, Washington, USA

A veg-friendly oasis in Georgetown

23 Oct 2007

Although they have good days and not-so-good days, Harmony Cafe is mostly good. Almost anything on their extensive menu can be veganized with excellent mock meats, although they do have a vegetable section. A must-have there is the Vegetarian Skewer appetizers, three kabobs of vegetables and soy puffs in a delicious peanut-sesame sauce.

I recently went with a friend who'd never been there, and while a sign said they'd open at 5:00, it was well after that when they opened. The hours can be spotty sometime, as there is only one server and (I have heard) one person doing the cooking. My friend loved the food we got and also enjoyed the atmosphere.

I wouldn't go to Georgetown just to eat there, but if you're nearby, it's a great place to grab a bite.

2101 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, USA

Decent Vegan Option

12 Sep 2011

Although I no longer live in Central Florida, I still have family there and visit periodically. I was glad to learn that there is a Loving Hut there, especially as I adored the Pittsburgh location. Every location, however, has its own menu, and this one was fairly good. My carnist sister has eaten here with me and enjoyed some of their offerings. It's not my favorite location of the four I've tried, but ity. It's also not my favorite veg restaurant in Orlando (that would be Dandelion CommuniTEA Cafe), but it is an option.

All the Loving Huts I've been to seem to favor the mock meat route. I admit I like my analogues, but sometimes I do want tofu and vegetables. At this location, I recommend getting one of the combos so you can try the appetizer, the rice, and the entree in one go. When I went on a recent trip, I had leftovers that served as a quick lunch the next day.

Another issue I have is that all Loving Huts play the Supreme Master TV, a propaganda station for Supreme Master Ching Hai (yes, the chain is a bit culty, but until there are more vegan chain restaurants, what can you do). The parking is accessed by a narrow one-lane driveway to a small parking lot in the back. In a town like Orlando, where public transit is more style than substance, this is problematic.

However, in an area with limited vegetarian options, Loving Hut is a good place to go for an inexpensive, filling meal.

2842 Rogers Dr, Falls Church, USA

If you're a hungry vegan...

24 Oct 2011

The Loving Hut is a worldwide chain of vegan restaurants. So far, I have been to four--in Pittsburgh, PA; Orlando, FL; Tampa, FL; and Falls Church, VA. Every restaurant has its own menu, which makes it feel less chain-like. However, every restaurant has Supreme Master TV playing, and while there are allegations of it being linked to a cult, at least there is a positive message behind it. It's really not much different from being in a restaurant that has a TV with a sporting event or news playing.

The Loving Hut in Falls Church is off a busy stretch of road, and if you're coming from the wrong direction, or you don't know it's there, you can easily miss it. It's on a side street behind a 7-Eleven. All the LH locations I've been to are a bit tricky to find or have really bad parking situations (like the one in Orlando). It's possible to get to this location by bus, but the crosswalk situation makes it a bit tricky. It's also relatively new, so the menu is not up on the website yet.

However, the food is tasty and you get a lot of food for your money. I mean, an order of two spring rolls or summer rolls is $2, a dish that would cost more than twice as much at most Asian restaurants, even veg*an Asian places. A large plate of Lemongrass Tofu is only $7.50 (wow). This location offers delicious bubble tea and Vegan Treats desserts.

The service is friendly, if a bit slow, and when it's time to pay, you have to go up to the register. This seems to be the case at all Loving Huts I've been to. However, if you're not too far from Falls Church, you should check it out.

5474 Campbells Run Rd, Pittsburgh, USA

A vegan gem in Pittsburgh

03 Jan 2011

My boyfriend and I were in Pittsburgh for the NHL Winter Classic (we're Washington Capitals hockey fans) and were delighted to discover that a Loving Hut was essentially right around the corner from our hotel. I heard from someone else who had been there that it had just opened, which may explain the lack of customers. Both times we went the place was practically empty. It's also in a strip mall at the top of a hill. Coupled with the lack of crosswalks, this meant it wasn't really walkable for us, so we drove.

The food, however, is delicious. It's wonderful to be in a restaurant and realize you can order anything on the menu because everything is vegan. We began with the Fresh Summer, which were tasty, but very much like rolls we get in most Asian restaurants. For an entree, I got the Grilled Sensation, a combination of savory soy protein chunks, veggies, and rice, while my boyfriend got the Ginger Tofu, with chunks that were soft without being mushy and had just the right flavor. We also got dessert, a chocolate cake with the most amazing mousse-like frosting. We enjoyed it so much we went back the second day, where I got the Coco Tofu (very interesting) and he got the Guru Fried Rice.

The service was a bit slow--perhaps that's the atmosphere, and I wasn't crazy about the Supreme Master TV playing in the background. But the restaurant was otherwise bright and roomy, and worth a trip if you're in Pittsburgh.

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