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392 Queen St W, Toronto, Canada

pretty tasty!

Yes, this place is pretty tasty and inexpensive (a good sized sandwich runs about $6 taxes in). The lemon grass tofu is really nicely flavoured and quite saucy, so if you get it without Mayo to make it vegan don't worry about it being too dry. The only downside to this place is that it is so crazy popular right now that I advise you take out. Very limited seating. There is already quite a few vegan options in the area but not as fast and inexpensive as this place :)

5 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, Canada

not sure what they are going for

I really wanted to like this place, I really did. As a bar, it's a cute and cosy local spot with fun character. Its actually a great spot to bring a friend for a pitcher of beer where you can actually have a conversation without yelling. But I find the food misses the mark. Some of the vegan options I have had are just a icky pile of salty goop. The breakfast is actually ok, but expensive at $10. their Tofu bacon is basically liquid smoke on tofu (very shoe leathery), they should really just use something pre made. I was also hoping it would be a good spot to bring non-veggie friends. But when I brought two friends with me, they both couldn't finish their burgers. I think this place could improve if they dialed back the salt, but I don't know, I feel like this will just be a spot I take friends to for a drink not dinner.

655 Bay Street, Toronto, Canada

not good at all

I was never really a fan of this place. The foods not terrible but it is waaaayyyy overpriced. I pretty much stopped eating here when urban herbivore opened up just around the corner in the Eatons centre. There you can get a fresh, massive salad for $10. At le commensal, a salad of the same size will run you almost $20... (And have been sitting out in the open for hours) Which is crazy! Charging by weight is a dated practice because it is not a good value for the consumer. Instead of waking up and changing the way they charge for their food, they added meat?!! Backwards thinking if you ask me. Also the last straw for me, I'm done, I'm never paying a stupid amount of money for mediocre food again!

160 Baldwin St Unit 1, Toronto, Canada

yeah hot beans!!!

I love hot beans, so tasty. My favourite thing to get here is the tacos. FYI, you get two tacos and they don't have to be the same thing. I like to get one of the jackfruit and one lentil. I really like the jackfruit personally, but its not to everyone's taste (pretty sweet and tangy). Also, you can usually get some tasty baked goods here like Vegan butter tarts, but they are sometimes sold out.

107 James Street North, Hamilton, Canada

great food!

I honestly must admit that the name turned me off because it sounds like fast food. But it's not. It's real tasty, good quality, authentic Mexican food. Seems like it's quite popular in the area too, quite busy at the dinner hour and I noticed a bunch of local awards in the window. I must say that it does appear like they have worked on their slow service issues that have been referred to in past reviews. Vegan options are clearly marked on the menu now (excellent) and the staff are knowledgeable and helpful. I had the tamales and they were excellent! My boyfriend had the enchiladas which he enjoyed but said he liked my tamales more. Ha! I highly recommend this place if you are in the area, definitely a satisfying meal.

1321 Dundas St W, Toronto, Canada

Cosy Atmosphere and delicious food

I really love Porter House and I think what they offer was really wanted and needed in the Vegan TO community. But you don't need my opinion on that, just come around dinner time and the line to get a table speaks for itself! So that would be my only thing to say to be mindful of, it's more of a date night or small group (4 max) kind of place. Not their fault, the space just doesn't really accommodate big group.

The food is amazing! Very creative and delicious. I have tried most of the menu by now (although it does change slightly periodically, seems like to adjust for the seasons). My hands down favourite is the ploughman's lunch. However, I recently tried the quinoa polenta and it's now a tie. I thought that was maybe just a token GF option on the menu but it's really worth trying, I have no idea how they make that polenta, I wish I could get mine half as good at home, lol!

I've tried any of the dessert options, though, as I'm always super full at the end of my meal.

It is a great place to take friends from out of town, it's my go to now. The great beer selection alway impresses!

504 Adelaide St W, Toronto, Canada

old faithful

Love Sadie's! This was one of the first places I came to when I moved to Toronto and I go here somewhat regularly. If you, like me, grew up with dinner culture then you will appreciate what they do here. Straight up dinner food veggie or veganized. The sandwiches, burgers and fries are on point. The vegan BLT is my personal go to. However, if you are looking for something a bit healthier, try one of their smoothies and opt for a salad instead of fries. They actually do a great side salad with their homemade citrus dressing and mandarin slices which I don't think gets enough love, it's very nice. If there was only one slight complaint I would have, it would be the coffee. The coffee is ok, but it could be better.

1556 Queen St W, Toronto, Canada

the best catch!

This place is the best thing I could ever hope for in a neighbourhood shop. So much is packed into such a small space. You can get everything from fair trade organic coffee beans to Eco friendly cat litter to used vinyl. The shop tries the emphasize being low impact, so you will notice not only organic/fair trade and Eco friendly options but also second hand and locally made goods. If you live in the neighbourhood, it doesn't take long to get to know everyone that works here and they really listen to their regulars as to what products they like and use their input when considering bringing in new items. Even if you are just stopping by you will find many vegan items like the Amy's soups, Daiya, vegan chocolate and every dairy substitute possible.

207 Augusta Ave, Toronto, Canada

Out of this world ;)

We have been here twice since it opened and have sampled a good chunk of their offerings. Delicious and fun! Love that there are so many options, not only having the one vegan ice cream flavour to choose from. They have some of the dreamiest cashew ice cream I've ever had and some really interesting flavours like birthday cake (try it!) and Turkish coffee. If you are splitting with someone then try the banana split for sure (great date night treat). While the focus is really on the sweets here, the savoury items are worth trying as well and they have the same fun vibe with items like Doritos crusted tofu. A welcomed addition to the neighbourhood and we will be back again for sure!

1316 Queen St W, Toronto, Canada

OK for locals

Did delivery from this place the other night. It's really awesome that there is three Vegan pizzas. We had the one with an olive oil base with spinach and veggies. It was ok but could have used some herbs or something, not very strongly flavored. We did really enjoy the crust, thick and chewy very homemade. Maybe not for everyone, if you enjoy thin crust I think they have that as an option. Basically, I found it quite filling for the price and I love that they deliver late (as not many places do in Parkdale). As a local, I will definitely order from them again but maybe not worth trekking across town for.

310 College St, Toronto, Canada

nice place!

Eat here the other day and I will definitely be back! Good quality food and I found the prices to be reasonable compared to the portions (going against TOs trend towards overpriced vegan food right now).
Had the fake chicken and pulled pork sandwiches and shared half of each. Both were real tasty, but I would say the chicken sandwich came out on top as my favourite. Real good! Had the sesame fries as the side for one and the kale salad on the other. Personally, I preferred the kale salad over the sesame fries as they got to be a bit much towards the end.
Didn't have a drink but it looks like there's lots to choose from. Fresh juices but also fancy cocktails. Will have to come back to check those out with another sandwich!

164 Ossington Ave, Toronto, Canada

nice date spot!

Went here with a small group of friends. Not a large menu in general, but that's not a bad thing! They seem to want to concentrate on making a smaller amount of dishes but doing them really well. Vegan items are mostly marked and if not the staff really know what goes into every dish (so just ask). I split a fried tofu appetizer with my boyfriend and we were both really into it. Really nice atmosphere and good drinks selection too. It's not a very big place so I would avoid coming in a large group. I would highly recommend this place if you are looking for a date spot!

27 King William Street, Hamilton, Canada

homey and inviting

A homey, inviting and Cafe with friendly staff (and owner). A great place to pop in if you want a coffee and a snack (varied vegan treats) or if you want a nice lunch.

We stopped by on a Saturday and they were doing tofu scramble as their vegan breakfast option. Now, many place offer a tofu scramble, but few make it well. Theirs was a prefect tofu scramble, I would suggest getting it if it's an option that day. I didn't get one but I did notice that they do offer bagels with vegan cream cheese (they also have soy cream for your coffee and earth balance for your toast, nice!). We grabbed some treats to go, a couple of vegan Blondies that were super tasty and some chia spiced cookies too.

They defiantly have a family friendly atmosphere and looks like they support a wide variety of live music at night judging by the small stage and posters. A great spot to hang out.

100 King St W, Toronto, Canada

Healthy in a hurry!

Nice little spot if you are looking for something healthy in a hurry. Green smoothies and sweet treats (both baked and raw options) made by local companies. Everything is very healthy and fresh and very obviously made with care. This place won't be for everyone, though, no junk food here ;)

1911 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, USA

excellent vegan menu!

Make sure to tell your server that you are Vegan and they will bring you the Vegan Menu. So many options!!!

I had the enchiladas and my boyfriend had the chimichanga (both vegan with the chorizo option). Both were excellent and filling without being too heavy. Real attention to detail and emphasis on quality food here. Friendly service and fast too.
If you are in the area, definitely stop in, I know we'll be back next time we're in town!

622 N 4th Ave, Tucson, USA

tasty and lots of options

Pretty much what the other reviews have said about this place. Lots of clearly marked vegetarian options that can easily be made Vegan by omitting the cheese. Being close to the University, I'm sure they get a lot of vegetarians and vegans so they were understanding. The foods real tasty and so many veg options I had a hard time making up my mind. I do recommend trying a glass of their lime aid with your meal

399 John St, Burlington, Canada

tasty and healthy!

Really well done, healthy and tasty. The sort of restaurant you would expect downtown a major city. Great to see passionate people bring this kind of quality to their community. Very much worth a detour for if you are anywhere near Burlington.

193 James Street N, Hamilton, Canada

coffee enthusiasts take note

Coffee snobs, this is your spot. Lol! Yeah, I'm a coffee snob and I especially like trying new places when I travel. Sometimes you try a spot that looks cool but turns out the coffee is horrible. This is not that place, they know what they are doing and they do it well. As a bonus, they have good vegan options here too. Both soy and almond milk are offered and lots of vegan baked good. Lots of seating so you can get it to stay and relax.

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