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19 S 2nd Ave, Highland Park, USA

A Better World... With Better Food

06 Nov 2010

A Better World Cafe' is a great place to have brunch/lunch. They are always trying their best to be sustainable, local and organic. The setting is comfortable and quaint. Their staff is super friendly, with awesome chefs and helpful volunteers. The food is very affordable (pay what you can, or more if you wish! And it's great that they always have Vegan items on the menu. I would recommend it to anyone!

319 W Main St Ste 4, Lansdale, USA

Raw-some food!

23 Jan 2011

Me and my boyfriend drove from central New Jersey to try this place out. We love raw vegan food, and it's really hard to find. The menu for their cafe is unique and exciting- lots to choose from. We were both very satisfied with the size and taste of our salads (Kyle's Smile Salad), and their smoothies were quite yummy! The health store had some really good stuff, and the staff was very helpful and friendly. It was definitely worth the trip!

2981 Bristol St Ste B5, Costa Mesa, USA

Deliciously Raw

06 Oct 2010

118 Degrees was one of the Vegan restaurants I had the fortune of try during my nine day stay in southern California. I even got to dine there twice! On my first visit, the restaurant was offering a $10 lunch special which included a salad, entrée and bite sized dessert (which is an excellent deal for organic raw food). Everything was delicious, although I thought the salad was a little heavy with all the oil and nuts. During my second stop at 118, I ordered the cucumber salad and a green juice. Unfortunately, they forgot the sprouted quinoa in the salad, but the server generously replaced it with the correct ingredients. He even offered a free bite sized chocolate ganache at the end of the meal! I highly recommend 118 to anyone in the area who wants fresh, healthy vegan food.

1119 State Route 35, Asbury Park, USA

Happiness in a Cup

04 May 2010

Recently, my boyfriend and I stopped in to Dean's very quickly for a juice and a meal to go. They had some good prepared Vegan options for us by the salad bar (pre-made sandwiches, salads...). And the fellow that prepared my juice was... well, quite enthusiastic about juicing, that's for sure.
I didn't get to explore the store too much, but from what I saw, they have a pretty good selection and aren't too pricey. And if you're into the raw food movement, they've got you covered too. I'd like to go back and see what other veg goodies they've got.

89 Morris St, New Brunswick, USA

Co-ops Are Great!

13 May 2010

I live up in Basking Ridge, so unfortunately, I only get to shop here once in a while. George Street Co-op has a nice selection of organic produce and bulk items. If I lived closer, I'd absolutely be a member of the co-op. The staff is very helpful as well.

17 E Front St, Red Bank, USA

Good Karma, Good Food

11 Aug 2010

The meal I had at Good Karma Cafe was very good. The quality of the food was excellent and it was quite delicious as well! I ordered the Maco Plate which consisted of brown rice, black beans, pickled veggies, a seaweed salad and sautéed tofu. The dish was very well prepared.
The cafe is on the small side, so there was a tiny bit of a wait before we got a table, but it's a nice cozy atmosphere. The prices are a little expensive, but you get quite a bit of good quality food on your plate. I'll be back again, next time I'm in the Red Bank area.

20 1st Ave, Denville, USA

Handy Health Food

14 May 2010

Grassroots Natural Market in Denville is a nice little health foods market. They have your typical health food store assortment: supplements, produce, home and body products and prepared foods. They have a juice bar and deli where you can order fresh organic juices, salads and sandwiches (some Vegan options available).
I liked Grassroots for the most part. They had a decent selection and everything seemed fresh. My only criticism is that the store was a bit cramped and busy, and that the prices were a little high. But I'd still go here over Whole Foods any day.

1890 Newport Blvd, Costa Mesa, USA

Healthy Salvation for a New Jersey Tourist

06 Oct 2010

Mother's Market was the perfect spot to pick up some fresh organic produce during my vacation in California. I was thrilled with the abundant assortment of local organic fruits and vegetables! The juice bar had some excellent choices, as well. And their salad bar and raw foods selection both get the thumbs up. So glad this market was there to provide a New Jersey tourist with some organic Vegan staple foods to last me though my stay.

2937 Bristol St, Costa Mesa, USA

Fresh and Ultra Tasty!

06 Oct 2010

On my recent vacation to southern California, I had the pleasure of trying out Native Foods for the first time (the Costa Mesa location). My boyfriend had raved about the food during his previous trip to the west coast, so I was anxious to see what all the fuss was about. To my delight, he didn't exaggerate! I loved the Ensalada Azteca, specifically... the service was top notch and speedy. During my nine day stay in Anaheim, we went to Native Foods five times! Chef Tanya knows her stuff, that's for sure.

106 Main St, Matawan, USA

Delightful Vegan Bakery

09 Apr 2010

Papa Ganache is a lovely vegan bakery with a very nice atmosphere and scrumptious vegan goodies! The quality of their baked goods is top-notch; using all natural, mostly organic and fair trade ingredients! And I was happily surprised to see they offered a variety of gluten free treats. The Green Tea Cupcake was my personal choice. I'll definitely be back for more!

1047 S Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, USA

Best Vegan Ethiopian Food

06 Oct 2010

I haven't tried a whole lot of Vegan Ethiopian food, but this is my favorite Ethiopian place so far! I was happy to see descriptions of what each dish was composed of, since it's usually a little hard to tell... For the $9 lunch buffet, you can get a good deal of food for your money! They even have gluten free injera for those avoiding gluten. It's just too bad they're only open for lunch, or I would have gone back for a second try during my vacation in California.

57 Bloomfield Ave, Denville, USA

A Convenient Chain of Vegan Restaurants

11 Aug 2010

Veggie Heaven was the first all-vegan restaurant I tried after becoming Vegan. Back then, I thought it was paradise! It was so great to have a whole menu of all natural vegan options-- including dessert! Since then, I've been to many more vegetarian/vegan restaurants, so my absolute love for Veggie Heaven has slowly dwindled.
Don't get me wrong, it's still nice to have Veggie Heaven around as an option, but I wouldn't necessarily say it's my favorite restaurant anymore. The atmosphere is sweet and relaxing, their avocado salad is quite tasty, and their juices/smoothies are pretty darn good. However, my complaint is that they have mostly fake-meat based entrees (which I don't particularly like). I'd say Veggie Heaven is one of those veg restaurants that's good for non-vegetarians that are considering becoming veg... or for vegetarians who miss eating meat. Either way, it's good to have around.

222 Main St, Madison, USA

Your average Whole Foods

04 May 2010

I used to shop here with my mom a lot. Recently, I've switched over to a local independent health food store. Whole Foods is good for introducing people to organic/natural foods, but over all, it seems as though they value quantity over quality.
While they have a huge selection (produce, groceries, body products, etc...), a lot of it is just conventional stuff you could find in any supermarket. It seems like a lot of upper class snobs and yuppies have gravitated towards shopping at Whole Foods because it's in vogue. It's great that organic is becoming more popular, but unfortunately in a place like WF, the quality has to be sacrificed to meet the demand. (On a side note: I hate walking around Whole Foods in the winter, seeing all these rich women walking around in their real fur coats. It's disgusting).
From a Vegan perspective, Whole Foods is a danger zone. Yes, they have your basic vegan options. But beware of the prepared food sections. They often label things "Vegan" but when you look into the ingredients, you'll find they use dairy products (butter or yogurt). Apparently, they aren't well informed about Veganism. This was a real disappointment.
On top of everything, Whole Foods is pretty expensive. You'd thing with such a huge stock, their prices would go down a bit. But I can buy cheaper stuff at my local natural foods store. So, if you're thinking about shopping at this Whole Foods (or any WF, for that matter), try finding an independent natural foods store near you first. If WF is your best option, go for it... but shop with care.

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