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507 Columbus, New York City, USA

Great unexpected find!

12 Apr 2013

We hadn't planned visiting this cafe last Monday but arrived really early for a talk a the nearby Hayden Planetarium and found Cafe Blossom via the HappyCow iphone app. What a gem of a place it turned out to be. I ordered the 'bacon cheese burger' and it was very tasty and filling. The fries were a little over cooked but over all the dish was great. My friend had a pasta dish which had an almond rather then cream based sauce which she was a little doubtful about when ordering but said it was really tasty and she cleared her plate. The decor was much more up market then what were expecting, very smartly dressed cafe and friendly wait staff without being too in your face. I don't get back to new york as much as I'd like but next time I'm there I'm def giving this place another try and as all the dishes I saw going to other tables looked really good.

570 Nakano-cho, Teramachi-dori, Kyoto, Japan

Great food, interesting atmosphere

08 Nov 2012

We visited this little hidden away cafe after reading a number of reviews on veggie websites. Well worth checking the directions offered in other reviews as without them we never would have found this place. When we entered we thought we'd made a mistake and walked into some womans front room. There were three old men sitting at a bar while a woman behind it cooked and no one made any move to welcome to chase us away so we walked in and attempt to sit down. We were then herded to a different end of the bar and ignored for about 10 mins. It wasn't bad, just very odd as we felt we'd interrupted the other folk. None in our group of three speaks Japanese so we just had to wait until shown the menu that really only has two options - curry or the veggie platter plate. We all ordered the platter and got to watched it being put together. We all got miso soup [best I've ever had], and brown rice and then five different sides. Everything we had was super tasty but we felt like we couldn't really talk during the meal for fear of disrupting the other people. At 1000 yen a plate we felt it was very good value but if your looking for a nice evening meal were you can chat maybe not the best choice. The decor was really interesting. While we were eating another group of Westerners arrived in but they were chased out due to the cook being out of rice....it was all very odd.

Shimogamo, Miyazaki-cho, Kyoto, Japan

Highlight of an already amazing trip

08 Nov 2012

Myself and 2 friends took the vegetarian cooking class with Taro San in October 2012 and it was simply amazing. I'm the only veggie of our group and while not vegan I don't eat eggs while one friend has food allergies and the other is diabetic so we were a motley crew going for our cooking class! He was super helpful before we even arrived fitting us in for a class when we had limited time in Kyoto. We took the class with two other people who were having the beef class but at no point was there any issue with any meat getting mixed with the veggie food, everything was clearly labeled and we used different cooking utensils. I had forgot to mention one of our party is allergic to mushrooms before the class and our main dish was meant to have mushrooms but Taro San was able to adjust the meal with no issues. Before starting cooking we had an introduction to food and cooking in Japan and a history of Kobe beef which while not something I'm ever going to eat it was interesting from the historical aspect of the farming in Japan. We all got to take part in the cooking which was great as I've taken cooking classes before were you just really watched then ate the food at the end. Here we got to slice, dice, smash and taste all the way along and at the end we sat down to a wonderful meal. We made miso soup, three side dishes and a main dish. The main dish was tofu which none of the three of us had ever been massive fans of but we all loved it and cleaned all our plates. We had an awesome few weeks traveling around Asia but this was one of the best experiences by far and highly rec for folks heading to Kyoto.

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