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Luis de Vargas 4, Seville, Sevilla, Spain

Healthy Yum

I went here for lunch and had the menu of the day for €9.50
There were many vegan options and a wide range of drinks. Service was with a smile. The place seated around 40 and there was only one waitress but service wasn't too slow.

There was an English menu available with a fairly big selection of dishes. I had the Cream of Vegetable soup (which was very tasty)and the Tajine (curried tofu and rice).

The presentation of the food was good. There was a nice selection of desserts and the vegan chocolate cake was very good. Mains portions could have been slightly bigger.

The atmosphere was slightly subdued, maybe due to the lighting (I personally found it a little too dark- maybe a few more of thoses eco-bulbs would've done the trick to brighten things up a bit)

There was disabled access and toilet (with baby changing facilities) however the loo access was obstructed by a fridge).
Would defo eat there again

20 Engineer's Lane, Gibraltar

Yay for real vegan options in Gibraltar!!

I loved this place. Cosy, comfy, friendly, funky. Free wifi, extensive vegan options (I had a veggie burger that was mushroom-based which was delish with nice chips and salad and great decaf). The staff were very helpful and friendly and the atmosphere was happy (seemed to be regulars coming in of all ages; all gushing about one dish or another). Decor was funky (cool lampshades) and the seats were comfy. As this is fairly newly-opened I hope that they flourish and that soon they can extend to bigger premises (and maybe open a branch down the road from me in Spain ;)

650 Christchurch Rd, Boscombe, Bournemouth, England

Friendly and Hip Veg-friendly Hang out

I was recommended the breakfast here and so ventured the 25 mins, or so walk from Bournemouth pier. I was very struck with the friendly service and their understanding of veganisation.

I had just been for a run and so was able to manage the large portion which promptly arrived. There was a sour dough toast with avocado, hummus, beans, mushroom, tomato, rocket and sauteed potatoes which I had with fresh lemon and ginger tea.

Although the venue served meat there were several vegetarian options and dishes could be customised. it was situated up away from the sea in a little towny bit but I would say well worth the visit for a great brunch.

Alameda de Hercules 85, Sevilla, Spain

Fantastic Spag bog

The place is not far from the Hercules towers and a nice evening strolling area.

I was there in January and found it a little nippy and very quiet inside. The decor was kind of trendy but I found the side wall lighting too in ya face bright.

Being unable to read the very small print of the Spanish menu, we were presented with an equally small printed English version.

The waiter had to check on vegan options and was unclear as to what vegans could and could not eat which didn't bode well. However when the food arrived (promptly) we were impressed.

Of the 3 places we ate, foodwise this was the best. I had Veggie spaghetti bolognaise and that alone would prompt me to return. There was a disabled access toilet but this was obstructed.
I would eat here again.

256 Main Street, Gibraltar, Gibraltar

Tasty veggie options just got comfier

I revisited this eatery after it's refurbishment and enjoyed eating in rather than having to take-away and eat in the nearby square. There is now seating with 7 tables and also sofas at the back. The decor reflected the newly adopted bistro status (previously take-out) with a chandelier and design reminiscent of 1920's France.

This now licensed venue with much longer opening hours still offers a good selection for both vegetarians and vegans. The A la carte menu (which changes rouchly every month) offered soups, vegetarian herbed rice with roasted vegetables and truffle oil, Vegetable tempura with sweet chilli, tagliatelli in pesto sauce. I had the tempura dish with noodles which was delicious.
The 3 course lunch and dinner menu comes to 11.90 pounds.
There are also salads, pasties, quiches, sandwiches and desserts.

The owner informed me that the chef had been hired from abroad in order to maintain the high standard of cuisine. I certainly relished the flavours of my lunch.

Bistro Madeline has an excellent location at the upper end of the main street; perfect for when you are out shopping or exploring. Definitely my preferrred lunch spot on the Rock.

Calle Las Flores, 31, Arroyo de la Miel, Arroyo De La Miel, Spain

A Gem of a Shop

This small but very well-stocked health food shop is my favourite of those in Arroyo de la Miel town, Benalmádena. Not only can I get my chilled and frozen vegan foods there (such as bacon, sausages, cream cheese, tofu, burgers etc) but I appreciate the personal attention given by the owner and her willingness to provide for her customers. If a product is not in stock, it is ordered and there by the next day. There is also a kind of loyalty scheme where you accumulate stamps per €10 spent and can then get reductions on future prchases when the slip is full.

The shop is located towards the top end of Calle Flores (with the Police station at the bottom) and is bright and filled with organic products catering to wheat free, vegan and generally health-conscious people.

There is a section for beauty, including hair dyes, face creams, shampoos, soaps... Environmentally friendly cleaning products are also available along with a cute selection of semi precious gems, lamps and jewellery.

The supplement section is extensive and there is a naturopath, massage and personalised diet service available.
Check it out!!

C/ Peregrino, 2, Malaga, Spain

A Unique Experience

This was one of the reasons I moved to Malaga. This is a mainly vegan (as far as I can tell everything except the Flan in the dessert menu) Chinese "open buffet"/eat all you can place which is family run and where food is prepared with love and spirit.

There is a wide tasty selection of dishes. I recommend the "little balls"- some made with sesame, some with soya, and the tofu dishes. I prefer the lunch experience. The staff are very attentive and if you have the pleasure of being able to communicate to the father, you won't forget it. The man is a legend- devoutly vegetarian and following the teachings of Supreme Master Ching Hai (of Suprememastertv.com) He is renowned for launching into spontaneous tai chi/martial arts poses proving the effectiveness of a vegan diet (he's into his 70's I think).

The juices are great, dishes include freshly made salads, sauces, noodles, rice, tofu dishes, spring rolls, lasagne, veg, fried battered mushrooms. All good fare. The menu (without drinks or desserts) runs at around 8€.

It is located near to the main correos/Postal office not far from the main Alameda Principal street. Check it out.

c/ Albuera, 11, Arenal, Seville, Sevilla, Spain


Although it says here not 100% vegetarian, the waiter informed me that they were proud of their ovo lacto veg menu (possibly as a defensive reaction after informing me that there were no vegan desserts).As far as I remember, I didn't see any meat or fish on the menu.

This place is only open a few days a week from Thursday.

Location-wise, it was fairly easy to find (not far from the main road parallel to the river and near the dreaded bullring).

I found the portions to be not very big for the price- Starters were about €6,90 and Mains €9. Desserts seemed to comprise of cakes. There were about 5 or 6 options for each course. I had a main meal of fried chickpeas, peppers and mushrooms which I didn't find overly exciting.

The waiter was very chatty with the customers (there seemed to be regulars) mainly about the food, and although there was no English menu, he was very forthcoming explaining the ingredients of the impressive sounding dishes in Spanish.

There were some vegan mains however no vegan dessert options.

The place was well lit despite the street facing window being frosted glass and it seated around 30. There were Moroccan lamps which I suspect were made from animal skin. There was no disabled loo as it was upstairs.

All in all I found better, more reasonably priced places to eat in Seville.

Alcazabilla, 7, Malaga, Spain


Unfortuneately I had a rather negative experience at this establishment. I ordered the Mumbai Bites which were clearly advertised as being vegan. When I double checked that the accompanying yoghurt sauce was vegan I was told that it was not as it contained dairy. I therefore refused the meal. When I made a formal complaint I was told that the waitresses were new and that they had mixed up the sauces. When I asked to see the vegan sauce I was told that it hadn't been delivered yet. I told them that they should not list the dish as being available if it wasn't fully vegan as this was false advertising and could be dangerous for people with dairy allergies. I was later informed by another member of staff that no dairy-free sauce actually existed so this was dishonesty.

My friend was also kept waiting for a long time for her meal. They were confused about the order and at the end tried to charge her for items she had not eaten.

If you are vegan and itend to eat here, double check on the ingredients of the dishes marked vegan on the menu.

178 New Cross Rd, South East London, England

Healthy, Hip and Happening

Cute shop, down a little bit on the side road by The New Cross Inn. Offers a quirky combination of outdoor plants, health foods, toiletries, snacks and records.

9 Old Dover Rd, Blackheath, South East London, England

Health Food Fit for a Queen/King at Royal Standard

Don´t do what I did and go to Blackheath Village looking for this health food shop/sports nutrition and coaching place. It´s in the Royal Standard area of Blackheath.

Just down from Blackheath Library, the shop has a good selection of health foods, supplements and toiletires and the owner is knowledgeable.

10% discount for cash/cheque purchases for holders of Vegan Society, Student or Westcombe Society Cards.

69 Western Rd, Brighton, England

Fabulous Vegan Perfumes

I love these perfumes. Many smell very similar to designer ones but minus the cruelty, parabens, artificial colours and sls. They also last like eau de parfum. Easy to find on Western Rd, Brighton and George Street in Hove.

48 Eastcastle St, London, England

Excellent service, delicious food

This was my first time here. It was easy enough to find and a short walk from Oxford Circus tube. I found the service to be excellent from start to finish with friendly and informative staff (I had questions about the "birch trees" in the cafe- discovered they were fake and part of a Birch Water advertising campaign. I liked the quirkiness of them and the atmosphere they provided).

All vegan dishes (70% of what was on offer) were clearly marked and there was a nice variety of hot and cold dishes. I went for the seitan stroganoff, a rice dish, a string bean dish and a ratatouille dish; all of which were flavoursome.

The chocolate dessert was a little dry for my liking (could have done with either chocolate chips or some sauce, I felt) but I think the price was fair for the quality of the rest of the food.

I will definitely go back and eat here when I come in to Central London. I'd be interested to see what the morning options are...

Unit 3A, Greenwich Market, Greenwich, South East London, England

Greenlands Greenwich is Good for You

Love this place! Lot of character and knowledgeable staff. It is a treasure trove of great products upstairs and down. I go there to get my chilled foods and sauces and like to spend a long time browsing the downstairs section for new beauty products. There are also loads of teas and incense and goodies.

Easily accessible from the Nelson Road Greenwich bus stop (market entrance across the road) and from Cutty Sark DLR station.

The Real Food Market, Kings Cross Square, Euston Rd, North London, England

Spicy and Filling by the Thames

I was happy to stumble upon this stall on a Friday afternoon and was very happy to discover that all three dishes are vegan (with optional yoghurt sauce). Inspired by authentic street food from India, the menu offers a healthy and lower fat alternative to the usual oil-heavy dishes which one may associate with other traditional Indian meals such as curries.

Their best seller is the filled Moong Daal Dosa but I tried the Samosa Chaat which I really enjoyed. I found the combination of samosa, spicy chickpea topping, crispy noodles and pomegranate very interesting and enjoyed eating it overlooking the Thames in the bustling cultural area that is The Southbank. I am looking forard to trying the Dosa next time.

20 College Approach, Greenwich, South East London, England

Tasty Power Boost!

If you want to give your body a boost and yet keep the ole taste buds happy, this is the place to stop off at in Greenwich.

I like the balance encountered in this place. Specialities have to be the wide variety of fresh cold-pressed juices, shakes and health-oriented items (like the energy balls) and yet the window display captivates all who pass with the tantalising display of cakes!!

Best sellers include my personal favourite the Banana Cake (vegan) the Chocolate, Coconut and Almond Fudge Cake and the Apple and Peach Crumble. Dairy-free ice-cream is also on the menu and lunch items include Lentil and Chickpea Burgers, Soup and Salads (such as the Quinoa, leek and carrot salad which I sampled and found very tasty). The Spirulina Booster Shake is amongst the most popular and there is currently an offer of Cake and a Shake for 6.90

There is a large hot drinks menu with the option of soya and almond milks and those into body building can find a good selection of protein powders, bars and powder supplements for shakes.

Treatment rooms are available upstairs with various personalised programmes available.

Vegan Society and Student Card holders receive 10% discount.

Dixon Rd, New Cross, GSU Tiananmen Bldg, The Green Room, 1st Floor, South East London, England

Sustainable Power Lunch!

When I visited Cafe Natura at lunch time, there were 2 main vegetarian hot dishes plus one vegan one and a vegan soup and the option of a baked potato with beans and salads. I had a Chickpea and Butternut Squash stew with rice and salad which was a good-sized portion, tasty but which could perhaps have been a little warmer.

Also on offer were freshly made sandwiches, toasties and all day breakfasts (I noticed a vegan one with scrambled tofu which I will go back to try).

Hot drinks-wise there was Fair trade coffee and tea (with the option of organic milk, almond or coconut milk) and a selection of herbal teas. There were fresh juices, lots of bottled soft drinks and a great selection of vegan cakes and desserts (I tried the Chocolate Cheesecake but found it a little dry).

The atmosphere is nice and relaxed with a large seating area with a variety of sofas, chairs and different sized tables as well as the most stylish disabled access ramp I have seen. The decor is also great and makes for a nice place to hang out in and have a chat over coffee or put the world to rights over a power lunch.

Having won Gold for the Green Impact Award for 3 consecutive years, this cafe, housed in Goldsmith University's Student Union, prides itself for sustainable consumption. Vegan and vegetarian catering is also offered.

The venue is easily accessible by public transport: New Cross Gate Station, Bus stop Y Marquis of Granby /Goldsmiths 136, 171, 177, 436

Get to Natura Cafe by going down Dixon Road under the purple bridge into the Student Union Building on the right, and then go left up the stairs (or in lift on the right).

C/ Lope de Vega, 7, Madrid, Spain

Great Place

Not too tricky to find (from Metro Antón Martín go down Calle Leon and hang a right), the front, decor and design were friendly and bright and the vibe inside was friendly. I went on my own and the people who came in all remarked "Where is everyone?" so I can imagine it being a popular hang-out spot.

Opening hours are Brit friendly (as in early lunches are accommodated).

I enjoyed a very tasty Seitan in mustard sauce over vegetables, amazing lemon and lime cake and proper coffee. The other desserts also sounded very creative.

There was disabled access (including toilet) and the inclusivity extended to a baby-changing station and even a step-up at the sink for youngsters in the bathroom.

A tiny bit out of my usual price range but would go again for my next visit to Madrid (and eat lots of cake :)

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