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2021 14th St, Washington, USA

busy spot but great food

I visited this location of B&P once over inauguration weekend. It was busy (a 35 minute wait), but the brunch menu offers some great selections. My husband and I are both vegan, and there are good vegan options always available.

He had the wheatberry and spinach salad, with a side of tempeh bacon. The salad was a great contrast of flavors and textures, and the bacon was nice and smokey. I tried the tempeh panini with fruit on the side. The sandwich was tasty and the fruit was fresh.

The environment here is great, and they seem to be able to handle big groups as well as just a couple people. The menu has a vegetarian and vegan selections, but is mostly meat, so this would be a good restaurant for a group where everyone will want something different.

We went back the next day, as we wanted to try something off the dinner menu, and the wait was about 90 minutes! I called the other 5th Street location, and they noted they only had a 30 minute wait. Something to keep in mind if you are hungry and/or don't want to hang out in the bookstore for a long time.

1025 5th St NW, Washington, USA

love it and hope to visit again

I ate at this location twice while in DC over the weekend. My husband and I are both vegan, so when I saw B&P mentioned on a vegan blog, I had it in the back of my mind. We ended up heading there for a late lunch. We both ordered the house salad with a scoop of vegan tuna salad. I thought the salads were delicious, but with the garbanzo beans it reminded me more of an eggless salad. The service was good, and we didn't have to wait to eat, and I could see that the menu had a number of great vegan options.

Fast forward a couple days, and we wanted to try some items on the dinner menu. We tried to hit up the 14th street location, but they had a 90 minute wait. I called 5th St and was told there was a 30 minute wait. They don't take names by phone, so we quickly headed over. It probably took us 10-15 minutes to get there, but we were seated immediately upon arrival!

Our waitress was extremely nice and apologized for a short delay in taking our order. My husband and I shared a wheatberry and spinach salad (excellent) and vegan calzone (delicious!). We ordered the coconut tofu bites as an appetizer. The taste of them was sweet toasted coconut, but they came with a savory plum sauce. I would definitely order all of these items again.

I like this location better of the two DC Busboys and Poets, because it is not as busy, so there is a shorter wait (or none) and the staff doesn't seemed stressed out. I also like the interior of the place, too.

Overall this is a good restaurant choice if your group will have meat-eaters, vegans, and vegetarians, as there is something good for everyone. The prices aren't cheap, but you get a good amount of food for the cost.

108 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Dr W, Starkville, USA

great Indian food in Starkville

My husband and I were in Starkville in the spring for an event at the University. We found out about Bombay Spice Kitchen, so we went to check it out. It was kind of disappointing that we could only have the buffet, as I usually prefer to order off a menu, but there were a number of vegetarian selections. The staff was very friendly, and the food was good. We will visit again.

2928 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, USA

My favorite restaurant in DC

I was in DC for 4 days and visited ELC three times. I loved it, and I will eat there any time I am in DC. Their menu indicates they are 100% vegan, so I think the info on HC may be outdated.

Walking into the restaurant, it isn't apparent what is supposed to happen. There are tables and chairs in the front, a register and bar behind it, and then through a walkway there is the kitchen and service counter. A friend my husband and I were meeting there had scoped it out, so she explained that you headed to the back to order your food, kind of like cafeteria-style.

It isn't entirely clear how that process is supposed to go, as there is a hot item bar that the staff serves to you, a case with a bunch of unmarked salads (info about them is listed on the menu though) that they will also serve you, and then another counter where the fried chicken sandwich and other hot items are made. It would be easier for customers if everything in the salad case had labels and if there were a few signs to say "start here" or "order sandwiches here." That part is kind of confusing, but it isn't worth worrying over. The food is great, so just fumble through it the first time.

Over the course of the three meals I ate I had the tofu manicotti (very good), broccoli (basic but tasty and a good healthy item), mac 'n' cheese (amazing!), fried chicken (YUM!), and fried chicken sandwich (another YUM!). Despite all the strong reviews here of the fried chicken sandwich, I was kind of hesitant to order it, because someone mentioned it just being breaded tofu. That isn't true at all. It looked to me to be made from dehydrated yuba (or dried beancurd sticks) that were rehydrated and then double-breaded. I never did figure out what the mac 'n' cheese was made of exactly, as it had a great cheesy taste but didn't seem like any recipes I had ever made. Both were great and I plan to order fried chicken (or the sandwich) and mac 'n' cheese every time I visit. The peanut butter shake is decadent and delicious, by the way. It was something we ordered at each meal.

I loved this restaurant, and while it isn't really near other sights, it is worth the rail/walk or bus ride. Especially if you are looking for vegan soul food at a good price. This is a great spot for tourists, as your money goes a long way, as the portion sizes are generous, the cost is low, and there won't be a wait to eat.

475 H St NW, Washington, USA

A nice enough coffee shop

This shop is in a great spot in Chinatown, so if someone is in need of coffee, this is a nice stop. They have excellent quality coffee, too.

They have soymilk available (I can't recall if it cost extra, but I think it did), but otherwise for vegan options it is nothing special; Wine/beers and baked goods aren't marked as vegan/vegan-friendly.

I thought this was the perfect spot to get high quality coffee but not really a good option for vegan baked goods.

1370 Park Rd NW, Washington, USA

not as good as I expected...

I had been looking forward to visiting Sticky Fingers for awhile (I bought the cookbook last year), and I had been hyping it up to my husband for weeks leading up to our visit to D.C. this past weekend. I actually planned our Metrorail ride from the airport so that we would head straight to Sticky Fingers for a late breakfast.

The shop itself is cute, smaller than I imagined, but the decoration is colorful and fun. The staff was nice. I was kind of unsure about ordering the savory food I had seen on their online menu, as they didn't seem to be posted up on a board, so we grabbed a buffalo chicken wrap out of a "grab and go" case. We also ordered the famous sticky bun (of course) and a pecan bourbon cookie pie (cookies with buttercream in-between them).

The sticky bun was not that exciting. It had an o.k. taste, but it wasn't something I was interested in eating again. I have had vegan cinnamon rolls locally that tasted about the same or better. The cookie tasted more interesting, as the buttercream was yummy, but again not something I would eat again; the cookies were too crunchy. The wrap was delicious and probably would be something I would have eaten again on another visit if I hadn't found two other restaurants that I liked a lot more (and ended up visiting multiple times).

I expected to get back to Sticky Fingers during the weekend to try a cupcake, but it didn't seem worth the trip. I might give them another chance on a future trip, but I think I might be better off just making the recipes fresh from the cookbook.

Overall I was disappointed, but I felt that I set myself up for it by getting so excited in advance. People who haven't eaten too many vegan sweets (like if you come from a town where you can't buy such things) will probably find it to be a nice place to visit. If you eat vegan baked goods often I would suggest not having high expectations.

303B Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Dr E, Starkville, USA

Great options with educated servers!

My husband and I ate here over the weekend while we were in town. The menu clearly notes the the items that can be veganized, and the server didn't blink when we asked for vegan versions of entrees. This is a lovely spot to eat in Starkville and is near Rick's Cafe for those going to see bands play.

6343 Summer Ave Ste 110, Memphis, USA

great people, great food!

My husband and I stopped for lunch in Memphis on a long drive home in the spring. We had heard about Two Vegan Sistas, but it was a bit out of our way since we were on the Interstate. We decided to check it out anyway. The food was healthy and delicious, and the women were very nice. After days of eating on the road, a healthy meal was so welcome.

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